What to play over the holidays

We all have new year holidays big plans: someone is going to go to the mountains, someone in the village to relatives, and someone, if not strange, to work, to do business. But even the busiest people will make a break for 2-3 days to meet relatives and friends and have a good time. There is nothing that attracts and unites as an interesting Board game. Personally we have in manygoodtips.com no corporate event is complete without them, do not get tired to talk about it.

So if you decided to also have fun in the company of family and Monopoly to play already tired, here’s a list of the most entertaining and popular games. By the way, you can get the game for free if you participate in the Christmas promotion with the logical name «Want a gift«.

1 Spyfall 2 / find for the spy 2

The second part of the legendary party game that conquered the world. «Spyfall 2 / find for the spy 2» — a game that will complement the occasion and will give a lot of great emotions to all the participants in the process. Now you need to calculate not one, but two spies, who, in turn, tries to understand which of the plurality of locations are the players. Spyfall the holidays is a great idea for fun.

2 Epic fight battle mages 2

The fun continues: now all the excesses of the battlemages are happening in the Castle Sproutable. Add to your cocktail Christmas mood epic confrontation and hilarious mayhem. The task is simple — try on the role of one of dizzy wizards, create and combine spells and win the title of the great and terrible wizard of all times and peoples.3 Munchkin Steampunk

What is New year without a loved one «Munchkin»? That’s right, no. «Munchkin Steampunk» combines the tenacity of underground adventure and the incomparable charm of the Victorian era. Forward, towards the dungeons, clothes and treasures. Armored Leviathan and Satan-machines mad scientists, steam irons melee armor and corsetry with the crinoline in his March to the tenth level you have never been so elegant and handsome!

4 Small World

What are the holidays without the magic and fantasy? Spend new year holidays in the company of orcs, skeletons, vampires, and giants, wizards and elves, who live in a magical world. Ask where to find them? In one of the most popular Board games — Small World. Manage the fantastic characters and lead them to the conquest of the territory of «Small world».

5 Soobrazhenij Two!!

Continuation of the famous party super hit add new year’s eve more fun and drive! To enjoy the game Think Twice!! highly recommended to all age generations, no exceptions. The game has a lot of funny tasks and prank, and the basic rules will allow you to start playing in a minute!6 Bang!

How about to feel a real cowboy? «Bang«is the most popular Western table, which is played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The game allows to plunge into the special atmosphere of the Wild West and become one of the legendary characters. What role will be: Sheriff, his assistant, a gangster or a renegade? For each role – its the goal of the game.

7 Batch

What else can you do in the holidays? As a variant — to take over the world! But alone to make it not come — to win in a big Batch, need someone to unite. For example, pirates and ninjas, robots and zombies, aliens and wizards. Pick two factions, sameshima their cards in one cool deck and defeat your rivals! Each time you can capture the world in new ways.

8 Master of Orion

Dreamed of if you ever conquer distant galaxies, or even whole universes? This dream can become a reality thanks to the iconic Board strategy game Master of Orion. Lead one of the space peoples and go down in the confrontation over universal domination. But if you decided to go the path of creation, control the weather, Bud kosmoflot, develop the production, attack on alien planets, train spies. In any case, do all you can to become Emperor on the galactic Council.9 Catan

We cannot just pick up and play in the world famous economic Board game Catan (settlers of Catan). She retains the title of one of the most popular games in the world. Players the settlers will have to explore the territory of the island of Catan, produce raw materials, to pave roads and to build towns, trade or fight with the robbers. The main goal is to create a powerful state.

10 koordinate of wonders

Would you like to celebrate New year’s at Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands? And maybe in Rotterdam or in the Serengeti National Park? No problem! If in the most amazing corners of our planet, travel, sitting at the festive table. And all thanks to the game «koordinate of wonders«.

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