What to play: Carcassonne


A big company can be hard to keep. All your friends have different interests, views on life and world. You must have noticed that all your birthday all your invitees are divided into small groups and discuss various topics. To gather all together by using exciting table games. And today is the turn of strategic economic pastime called «Carcassonne».


The name of the game was in honor of the eponymous ancient fortress in the South of France. The Creator of this game is Klaus-jürgen Wrede, who was inspired by this structure, to create one of the cult at the moment table games. Released it, by the way, was in 2000, and in 2001 was the best game in Germany and not only. During its existence it has achieved dozens of awards in different corners of our planet. Carcassonne is considered a true modern classic, along with such stars of the world game industry as Colonizers and the Alhambra.

With Carcassonne you can try on the role of the first Builder in the South of France, because there are points for constructed buildings and roads.

But about the rules later. In contrast to the modern Monopolies, and so forth, Carcassonne attracts with its medieval atmosphere. It was then that originated the jousting tournament took place the most magnificent balls and fight real warriors. To feel in a game like this, unless you have a crazy imagination — it’s real happiness for fans of intelligent entertainment.


In the game there are no complex rules, simple and logical. Playing Carcassonne is possible to build churches, FORTS, roads, and even to secure for itself the whole field.

We will examine the rules of the classic Carcassonne, which focuses on the same the South of France. It should be noted that there are many additions and varieties of this game. Not surprising, because the idea is so clear and simple that in this diagram it is possible to build many more games.

Officially the age restriction for the game is 8 years, but there are several levels of difficulty for different age groups. Estimated time for one match in the game is 30-60 minutes, which can fit from 2 to 5 players. Well, now you can move on to the rules.

Short rules of the game Carcassonne

The rules of the game, each participant plays for the feudal ruler of one of the territories of the South of France. You will have to expand their holdings by building new roads, fortresses or monasteries. In the box with the game you’ll find special squares with images of parts of the landscape that can continue each other. They are called «Tile». This may be part of a road which abuts the monastery, intersection, or just the part that will continue your path. Part of the fortress, which in the construction will get completed and allow you to get points to the player who owns this part. Or the monastery, which also brings points.

As is part of the field where you can place your men who possess them. By the way about them. They are called — «Mipla». It’s short for «My People», i.e., my people. They differ from each other only by color to easily distinguish them from each other. These men are used in order to secure for themselves a certain part of the territory and earn points. These glasses during a game or after are counted, and on a special Board with a path all players move their milami. In the end, whose mipl will make the highest number of steps wins. It’s simple.

How to count steps and points? All the rules to write will fail as for each situation there is a number of points. By the way, included with the game is full manual, which doesn’t look that difficult and it can be dealt with easily by analyzing a few examples of events.

The match the game begins with the players dismantled meeples of the same color. One need to place on the Board track, and how will those subjects that will get you points. For example, during the siege of the fortress completed, mipl automatically becomes a knight and starts to rule it. In this course you will receive 2 points for every square of its component and separately by 2 points for every shield in the city.

For each activity, mipam there is your selection of glasses. You need to consider that the subjects a limited number, so you need to properly dispose of them, carefully thinking through each move. Mipla not allowed to leave the object until it is completed. All the achievements of meeples on the unfinished structures are valued at the end of the game, so even if you were behind during the game, in the end, after counting, you can catch up or even overtake their rivals.


Carcassonne — this is a cult and of course, for this game hosts these Championships. This year is preparing the next round of this fight. It will be held in the regions at the end of August. The Russian final will be held September 24 at the festival Board games «Agrokon» in Moscow. The organizer of the championship is the Russian publisher Hobby World.

In this championship participants will have a chance to compete for unique prizes and win a trip to Germany for the world Cup, which will take place October 13-16.

Participation in the tournament is free and you only need knowledge of the rules favorite Carcassonne and desire to win. To start, of course, have regional rivalries to get a ticket first at the national competition, and then to the world. Regional Championships will be held in more than 50 cities of Russia and CIS. It is advisable to register in advance to not miss all news on this event.

The championship Board games is always a tension, but at the same time, and indescribable emotion, after playing, you will find not only new friends, but also receive positive emotions from your favorite classes.

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