What to give for the New year, if you’re rich

If you have carefully read our articles, which are devoted to business and career, then you went up the hill — you’ve become successful, famous and rich. If you still failed, then try more — what the hell you doing? Anyway, if you really could reach the top, I want to draw a certain line, which can serve as proof of your success. Millionaires usually do it with a special grace, namely, buying a yacht, put a gold monuments and shamelessly build huge houses that they don’t need. But we’re normal people with taste, so it is important for us to stay in the bounds of decency and to spend money not only on themselves but also on their loved ones. It is in this context, we propose to choose something worthy of the people that you love.

The clock house of the brothers of the Romanovs

With expensive things one problem. It banal to horror, but everyone knows. Expensive things, it is not strange, the road to hell. And if you buy them in stores, you can forget about healthy sleep. But there are ways to significantly reduce the final price tag of any elite product, be it decoration or a Swiss watch. One of the most effective ways is to buy things in proper and safe places. So we decided to tell you about the guys who agreed to help us with the selection.

«The clock house of the brothers of the Romanovs», as you can guess from the name, specializiruetsya on the sale and purchase of the original Swiss watches, which have powerful. They are also jewelry that will be great for us. The company employs specialists of the highest standard. If you got some old and steep (in your opinion) watch, then they can assess and offer a price. If you want to repair your Rolex, and they will help you — the company provides a workshop on repair of hours, which hides in its walls the talented watchmakers. When the watch is expensive, then pay to repair them to someone it is useless. Watch repair requires impeccable professionalism, because the case involves very complex mechanisms. Therefore it is better to refer this matter to the Romanovs, because there masters are certified professionals, trained in the Mecca of the watch world in Switzerland.

But back to our shopping. You probably ask: «why do I need to buy something for the Romanovs with me if there is a jewelry or watch shop?» There are several reasons:

a) in the «House of Romanov» has all necessary certificates of authenticity — nobody will cheat;

b) In the «House of Romanov» has its own workshop, so they give one year warranty for every product that you have to buy;

C) «House of Romanov» works with clients around the world, for which their stocks are kept large selection and hours, and jewelry. Sometimes you find something completely unique and rare;

g) and finally, watches and jewellery in the «House of Romanov» are cheaper than in the shops. Sometimes much cheaper.

In proof let us give a concrete example. There is a ring which is called Chopard Miss Happy. It is made of yellow gold, weight of ring — 4,368 G. our friends, it is with discount — 48582 rubles. We will leave you a link to it. Now get the name that rings in the search engine and find its average price in other stores. See? The difference is huge? Know that because themselves tested ten times. After all, there is no catch.

Watches and jewelry

We have selected several attractive options for gift on New year’s that you can use. They are all the result of the best watch and jewelry brands.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Manschette Rose Gold, Diamonds

The title is long, but all you need to know is the name of the company Chopard. Yes, about this company you have already heard a few moments ago. However, here we’ll present the ring and watch worth a million rubles. But don’t worry the numbers (1 278 484 rubles), because it reduced almost two times. Now the cost of these watches, which resemble a bracelet of times century of jazz 759,100 rubles. Has everything you need for picky aristocratic taste: crocodile strap, pink gold and diamonds. The clock mechanism is quartz. A decorative insert in the form of heart will unequivocally tell your friend how you appreciate it.

Pendant Chopard

But we can’t give our girls a watch without giving you a beautiful pendant. And suspension, we also found in the recesses «of the Romanovs», and again, this is Chopard. The cost of the suspension — 334,004 of the ruble. And again this jazz chic. Such jewelry could meet the girls of high society, when they were crowded into a lifeboat during the disaster of the Titanic. The era is gone, but the image remained, and this image incredibly attractive. The material of products is white gold. Great material if you want your girl look expensive, but it did not.De Grisogono Instrumento Grande Diamonds

We noticed that you only recommend one brand. We can accuse of corruption and treason, and we do not want. Fortunately, there is a watch for women from the category «luxe» and other manufacturers. Don’t be penny wise and let’s take the iconic brand De Grisogono, and specific watches Instrumento Grande Diamonds. They are gorgeous. Rose gold, leather strap and a square, which symbolizes faceted stone. This thing is not cheap, but it is designed for those whom we value most. There are such watch 1 032 376 rubles. This is a reasonable price, because they are made by the best craftsmen in Switzerland. Control over time, pure gold and stones, valued at all times.

Rolex DATEJUST II 41 mm Chocolate Jubilee

But not all girlfriends give. Sometimes I want to give something expensive and high-quality, or perhaps his father, who deserved a good watch for what you have brought up, as it should. In fact, the values of the brand Rolex you knew from childhood — Rolex wore only the coolest, dangerous, and rich guys. Even Fidel Castro wore a Rolex, despite its closeness to the people. So if we are talking about the gift the man you respect, then I suggest you this model. It is the most unusual of all the classic Rolex. Gold, steel, and luxury, chocolate color. If we talk about the mechanics, that is, self-winding movement with display of hours, minutes, seconds, date at position «3». These watches do not buy for a month — they buy for life, and it is justified.

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