What to give for the New year, if you have no idea

Unfortunately, the New year is a time of miracles just for kids. For people who stopped believing in fairy tales and sure for you too, it is accompanied by Intrusive thoughts about the gifts, and the closer the date, sudorojna begins to decline the gray matter on the question: «What do they need»? Because you, in the end, is not Santa Claus, and letters of wishes do not write. But to give something. Even if you’re terrible sociopath and give warmth and joy to anyone not willing, then at least for decency and reciprocity, alas, but some.

As always, the editors manygoodtips.com to the rescue, and so you don’t overheat your brain these damned questions, offers another life hack, which will talk about interesting ideas and stores where you can buy.

1 Cup «Drive teas»

What could be better than the tea cups for the New year? Only a Cup in the New year and something more substantial. In fact, we would not have to pay attention to this thing, if not for her original design, which fully corresponds to its name — «Drive Teas». Cup mounted on the model car, which doors are open, in principle, may be atypical and even fun gift in that case, if giving a gift to say the coveted phrase: «customized Your tea, sir.»

2 Knockout gift

Time nervous today, and designers from around the world are scratching their heads over how to save people from stress on the job. After all, the office kills: drop by drop, every day, cleaner nicotine. But our domestic designers again surpassed all. Yes, it sounds ironic, but let it sound. In General, the Russian desktop punching bag, which can peel, presenting the face of the head that can save you from some troubles and breakdowns. Tyler Durden will not lie. The present modest, but useful, and even with some stretch to say that the original. Unhappy colleagues in the office just love it.

3 Magnetic target for beer caps


Another gift from the «trifle, but nice.» What could be better than dart? Only beer caps instead. Magnetic target, which runs the beer cap is at least interesting. You can not worry about the number of «shells», because their number is determined by the bandwidth of your kidneys. In this game, maybe your points will be determined not by the number of exact hits, but the amount of alcohol consumed bottles, because the more caps, the more hits. For people who own a style «Drunken master», this gift, I think, would be appropriate.4 For true connoisseurs of wine

Everyone loves wine. Even those who refuse to admit it. After all, the wine sublime wave of eulogies to the top of the «food chain» of alcoholic beverages. And if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, who at the sight of wine, roll their eyes, then surely this gift you will be pleased or at least surprised. Thanks to a set consisting of a mechanical corkscrew, thermometer for wine and other stuff, with a passion to play professional sommelier and enjoy the entire bouquet, these «tools», they say, this is very helpful

A real sommelier would never allow the bottle to stand forlornly on the kitchen table and wait for his time. Therefore, as a complement to the set, you can buy a stand for the bottles. Its design is quite interesting. The stand is made in the form of a chain which encircles the neck of the bottle and creates a flying effect that emphasizes the magic of this drink.

5 Plaid playful pens


With the onset of cold weather and the heating season, many of us have felt again that the heating is only for utility payments were higher, not that you won’t get cold. Therefore, the blanket with sleeves is a necessary thing. Most importantly, know whom to give (in some houses, oddly enough, stoked as hell), so he just agreed.

This blanket is not to get out and engage in this form almost all the chores around the house. Created a lazy student does not want to move my hands to change channels — this thing has gained a lot of popularity. Laziness, as we know, in common. In addition, the plaid looks like attire of the Sultan, and the people who own inflated CDA will probably be ready to move in.

6 Washable world map


The so-called scratch card is a godsend for people who love travel. With a coin, erasing from this map, country by country, continent after continent, and «Stripping» it with interesting information, you can feel like a conqueror of the world, even on paper. A great thing for visual display of routes and execution of desires. Or it can be used as assistant in the closure for patients travelling. In principle, it can give to the student to expand the horizon of knowledge in geography. Besides, the thing is quite inexpensive and as an act of attention will fit perfectly.7 Cinema from your smartphone


The whole of modern culture is built on movies. We see them everywhere: in transport, at home, and some even at work. Therefore, the projector for smartphone may not be useful to everyone. Of course, a full-fledged cinema with them is not worth waiting, but it can be indispensable if you want to show another video with a cat. This projector is quite interesting from the point of view of technology used. The projector shown, you need to put it in a box with a lens increases the image of the phone’s screen. In General, geeks will definitely love it.

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