What to give for the New year all around. Part 2

We already wrote about Christmas gifts for themselves, friends and loved ones, but this is only a small part of a giant assortment of articles can not do. That’s basically it. Even more interesting and exciting gifts for… for whoever you want!

1. Storm glass

New year – time to make a good impression. Not everyone wants to get rid of the socks, some interesting and nice to make an unusual gift. And if he is still with use, but still with a masculine aesthetic the violent storms of distant wanderings? And where is this found? Of course, this barometer storm glass!

What view about the weather forecasts on the Internet than to stick his slobbered finger out the window, better look in the bottle. Real men for several centuries, in moments of doubt look back. And the sailors look in storm glass already in the XVIII century!

At first it may seem that this is a common bottle with smoke. It is a small glass bottle. Inside the glass is a solution in alcohol, and in strictly certain proportions of dissolved potassium nitrate, ammonia, camphor.

But how to use is a tricky thing to detect changes in the weather? It turns out that the bulb in the liquid begin to form crystals of different shapes, the liquid changes its texture. It may become cloudy or transparent, and the crystals resemble needles or stars, sometimes take the form of thorny formations threads. And each transformation can accurately predict what will soon happen with the weather. Sudden weather changes he will provide 10 minutes.

What is the relationship between the crystals and the weather is unknown to science, so we can safely put the flask in a prominent place and assure the ignorant fellow that is magic, magic Oracle, which delivered the greatest sorcerer of all time Hmayak Hakobyan.

2. The whisky stones

A real man would never be cowardly to dilute the drink of the miserable soda. The most severe ice in whiskey is not put, because I know that it is just excess water. It is better to cool the bottle in the frosty Scottish highlands. But if hills is not at hand, then come to the aid of stones for whiskey. The Internet is full of questionable stores, so it is better to buy the whisky stones are made of Karelian shungite, and not from questionable Chinese stone, tombstones uncle Shu. Shungite perfectly keeps the temperature, mineralizes the water (even industrial filtration use), and in ancient Russia, this stone is actively used in the treatment, so don’t be surprised if after drinking your favorite beverage will feel much better.

By the way, few people know that the magic cubes can be used not only for drinking but also for peaceful purposes, such as juice. But this shungit never ceases to amaze. He’s not only cool, but also warms. Shungite is kept warm, so that you can safely throw them in tea, so he quickly cooled. You can, of course, and in the soup, but honestly, once was too much.

So from 2-4 hours in the refrigerator or 20-30 seconds in the microwave – and you can safely throw into the drink. Moreover, the shelf life is not limited to: the cubes will hold the temperature until the dust will not be erased, and the rest of the time lie in his velvet pouch as part of the decor, delighting his engraving and sacred appearance.

3. Certificate

When you have nothing to give, give the certificate – you will not regret. A universal gift for funny and sad, boring and crazy, for the poor and those who have money to burn. This gift can please and surprise even the most blase life and luxury individual of either sex. The main thing – to choose a certificate. Want – hand tour of the underground bunker, I want – a master class of karting. Can things be more extreme, for example, a parachute jump, or unusual enough to produce real Italian shirts for individual drawings. The choice is yours.

By the way, in the «Fur&Pur» is a pleasant campaign, in which nearly every client can get to the new year’s table the jar of black caviar.

4. Flash drive cryptex

In order for your intimate pictures and a collection of fine pornography mixed in with important documents falling into the wrong hands, you must carefully choose the flash drive. Not the usual piece of plastic that protected only the word of honor, and a small Pentagon in your pocket – a box that can’t open nor enemies, nor friends, and even a crowbar will not help.

Fortunately, there are craftsmen who had thought to combine the cryptex Leonardo da Vinci with the people’s guardian of digital information. Flash drive cryptex, everything else, looks nice and is made of steel and leather – in the case to show off to friends. Most importantly remember your secret code shown at the end.

5. The table

We are not getting any younger, but at the heart of every adult man will forever remain a passion for passion and love for Board games. How can you resist a beautiful, realistic hockey table! Or who didn’t want a kicker to play with friends at Kasabian in between the use of well-known delicious drinks, creating the atmosphere of a real men’s night out with a British tone! Do not dissemble, all dreamed of. Like play hockey on their own aerohockey table or enjoy a breathtaking knock the balls of ping-pong, playing at the table. This is a great gift for yourself or for your little brother – in the range there are children’s tables.

6. Christmas costume

Sometimes, we give gifts not only for humans, but for themselves. Of course, your lady may like the red color of the dress of the snow maiden, but we all know that some Christmas costumes you will not wander the hallways, depicting a fabulous granddaughter and grandfather, and will arrange your fairytale for two. However, use of such a costume very, very much.

7. Home brewery

We already advised you to do home brewing. Maybe the New year is the holiday when you finally decide to buy a home brewery? Beer made with your own hands, goes in a completely different way to treat him as his own child. But if to get accustomed, it is possible to make craft beer world level and a lot raise your own credibility. Or simply revel in the pleasure, until the hops begin to sprout from the navel and ears.

In an extreme case the home brewery you can give to your beloved with the words: «Honey, I bought the thing that will make us happy!» Then see her reaction.

8. Futurama

Homemade clothing is of two types: the old, rubbed, greasy rags, which already ashamed before the people to appear, elegant, comfortable style is for those who primarily appreciate comfort and coziness. That just made futurama. Futurama is clothing for men and women who love comfort and want to look good in a home environment.

What kind of animal is this? Futurama – cool kigurumi for parties, comfortable unisex jumpsuits, and natural cotton sleepwear. The most comfortable and stylish clothes for the cold winter, because it literally covers the body from head to toe. A gift from the category of «cute and cool», and such gifts are always encouraging.

9. Collectible figurines

Any workflow moves much faster, if at you with a stern reproach watching Rick Grimes from «the Walking dead» or shining blade, another member of the assassin brotherhood. It’s not about living people and not about the poster with their favorite characters, and about collectible figurines. Some of them are realistic and some are deliberately grotesque, but nonetheless attractive. Put it on your Desk and play in my spare time. Everyone knows that love for stylish realistic «uncles» over the years. Anyway, everyone will pull his hands and enjoy his plastic beauty. There is nothing infantile, no need to be so radical. In the end, the figure of a favorite character can be the basis of a magnificent collection, which after many years can be sold for big money.

And that friend is not jealous and do not infringe and give him a figurine of your favorite character. He will appreciate, believe me.

10. Hat with beard

There are gifts that at first glance seem like a joke and even mockery, but on closer inspection, it turns out that they use no more than the Holy Grail. For example, a hat with a beard. It really looks great! It’s like his whole appearance screams: «Think about their beardless counterparts, which 25 is not growing!» At least some of the beard will be.

But seriously, this is a very useful gift. Its Creator, a professional snowboarder Jeff Phillips, during one of the competitions tied face old woolen scarf with a hole to stay warm during the rapid descent. Heartily laughed at his idiotic appearance, Jeff decided to improve his invention, and then to offer it to the public.

So feel free to give a hat not only snowboarders, but skiers who love to dissect skating on ice, polar explorers and inhabitants of the city of Anadyr, as it is incredibly warm and cozy, a person not freeze. This hat with the beard will give a person the missing comic brutality, but because the best headgear for a rollicking party just does not come up.

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