What to give for the New year all around. Part 1

Holiday comes to us the holiday comes to us, brings fun and invigorating taste! Do you think the New year a lot of time, but before you know it, like nearer the end of December, and gifts you haven’t bought. Always do everything at the last moment? Bad habit. No wonder stores are already armed with festive paraphernalia, it already burns our eyes with its brilliant light and inappropriate joy. All in order to prepare you in advance, otherwise you risk running into the crowd and high prices. And the choice of gift sometimes becomes the main problem during the winter holidays, which completely deprives us of the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Walking through shopping malls tiring sometimes, of course, inevitable. But, praise the Internet, you can, sitting at the computer, sipping coffee or tea easy to choose gifts for friends, relatives, friends, colleagues, superiors and everyone else.

We have reviewed a huge number of online stores and selected a few suitable products, at least tried to take into account that everyone has different tastes and requirements too. So here’s what to get for the New year:

1. Gas station for booze

We think that every man, especially in childhood wanted to be the owner of your own refills, which was stop powerful trucks to fill their tanks in the hope to continue my journey down the long highways of the country. Not everyone had his dream come true, but hope dies last. For an adult you have a great alternative with a capacity of one liter, which is perfect for long holidays.

Gas station for booze, good for single dudes, noisy and friendly company and as a non-trivial gift to a friend. Especially the fact that you can take the dispenser with two gas valves and two pumps, which undoubtedly will be able to prevent the fight because of drinking someone else’s drink. On top of that it is not necessary to pour the booze, can fill «refills» of soda or juice.

2. Monkey chocolate

Your colleagues will be very happy. First, the chocolate monkey, the symbol of this year, would be acceptable in any case, and secondly, not be a burden to purchase ten tiles to bounce off of each person you want to congratulate. Small pleasures, in addition, always raise the mood and not embarrassing the person you give something.

Chocolate bar rescue and came unexpectedly guests (such as during the holidays often), and even with children. How can one do without mandarins and chocolates?

3. Board games

Don’t know about you, but manygoodtips.com appreciates cool Board games that differ from the artificial and computer. Board games are different: for children, adults, drunk adults. So you can give to absolutely anyone, right, grandma may not appreciate it, but one can hardly refuse a good game. Therefore, we recommend you to think about what is more fun and social alternative to all those boring Christmas competitions. From myself recommend these kits, which can be called sets of a gentleman: the Mafia, Monopoly, Arkham Horror and, of course, the Imaginarium. This is a classic that is designed for different companies and at different times.

4. Cool Board

If your company or family there is a crazy dude who all day watching X-games or skate in the parks on the old humble skateboard, it is time to radically change his life, especially because the season is not far off. Transparent Cruisers Virgin look not only stylish, but also have one significant advantage over their plastic counterparts. The fact that they are very difficult to kill. They are solid, as will Mao Zedong, so the manufacturer provides them lifetime warranty. And the design is good: cool urban studies in the Californian tones. In our opinion, this is a great gift.

5. Gift for business people

But some guys don’t need frenzy and fun, some of the guys are very busy and serious for that, because you need to move up the career ladder, earn money, raise their social status and prove her that you’re a business man. Usually just remember our parents, they were tough guys who relate to life, respectively, very seriously.

If your environment is business people, and business gift would be appropriate. It can be briefcases, bags, business card holders, diaries and other business paraphernalia, without which no cost, no business man.

6. Sweets, sweets!

The girls especially like, they just remember after the holidays that summer is coming, which means a time of hard training and self-torture. Therefore it is necessary to support them, man. And what could make a girl feel better than a good portion of European sweets, you won’t be able to find it in any Russian shop? However, order foreign exotics on the site of the Sweetness of joy.of the Russian Federation.

But if your friend does not indulge yourself with sweets for the holidays, this gift will be relevant to your younger brothers, sisters, numerous nephews, and anyone who can not imagine their life without something sweet.

7. For the bearded

Do you know how to grow a beard, dude? If you think you can just not take the machine into the hands of few weeks, you are sadly mistaken! When growing a beard, it needs correct care, and you need special media: oil for the growth of beard balm and beard wax with comb for styling. It’s all there in a convenient set to grow the beardthat you can give not only to friends or relatives, but even for the New year!

Even experienced staff will assess your correct approach to a new style and way. And when else to change your style, if not for the New year?

8. Watch for those who missed the lesson

The problem with many children of the information age: they do not know how to keep track of time and do not understand its value. And why? Because modern watches are devilishly challenging to use for a child. A bunch of confusing buttons whose appointment does not guess. Even adults sometimes difficult to understand. manygoodtips.com however, concerned about the younger generation and advises to buy a gift for their children or younger relatives smart watch with a rich and useful functionality.

By and large the watch is a gift for parents that thanks to this gadget will be able to control the movement of your active child. With the help of these hours you can call and use one-way communication, if you don’t want the owner of the watch heard you. Everything else, you can configure alerts on entrance or exits a designated virtual area that you can be sure that the child really went back home and already preparing their dinner. GPS and LBS determine the location of the child and the SOS button gives parents an opportunity to learn about the danger. Believe that any caring parent just has to purchase such a gadget.

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