What to give a friend on New year

One who has no friends, do not break your head over what to get for the New year. But we are confident that your environment is at least one person you can call a true friend. And real friends do not mind. Well, almost nothing.

We picked up some variants that it deems necessary, useful or just funny. You will definitely be plenty to choose from.

Backpack leather

In the pursuit of profit, big companies lose their individuality, but the worst part, when quality ceases to play for them the primary role. Another case — small cooperatives of people United by one thing, which with love to their products and invest in them all their knowledge and experience to every customer felt the owner really cool stuff.

These guys are working tirelessly in Long River — a young company that specializiruetsya in the production of leather goods. They do not only good wallets, purses and clutch bags, and large items such as backpacks and bags. For a man whose way of life connected with travelling will be pleased to receive a gift of one of their amazing suitcases, and if you have a friend who still lays out all of his stuff in the pockets of jackets and jeans, it will appreciate beautiful and durable backpack made of genuine leather, which is not ashamed to come to the meeting or go camping. The thing is truly universal and immortal.

Oil for beards


What to give to a friend or bearded bearded yourself? Previously, the answer to this question was a real headache, because no one really knew how to keep his beard in a decent, sober and noble condition. Cultural beards, we started to learn only in the beginning of the decade, and before that was the darkness of the barbed needles and the eternal shaving.

So for the beard to look after, as for any other favorite thing, like a pipe or guitar. Hair follicles require a constant replenishment to enhance their work — it is from this meager beard becomes dense and thick. And that it was thicker than Gandalf, bearded friend you need to use the oil for beards. The basis of good oil for the beard usually comes with a jojoba oil — without it in any way. For example, classical oil «Borodist» moreover, it contains jojoba oil, but it has a mix of five oils: almond, grapeseed, wheat, macadamia and kastorovoe oil. Aroma of spicy orange and chili pepper extract is the best fit to the atmosphere of a hot new year holiday. A good and inexpensive option to please the friend, brother, father or even grandfather.

Quadcopter with camera and stream


Most people think that any Quad — fun is not cheap. People who are not in the subject, I think that the product of technological revolution cannot be cheap, because a quadcopter is a real robot on the remote control that can transmit video directly to your smartphone! How much is this monster? Thirty thousand? Fifty? STO? In fact, it’s much more pleasant for your wallet — good quadrocopter can cost 13 480 rubles.We are talking about a specific model called the Hubsan X4 FPV H502S. It differs in that it has: HD 720P camera; integrated GPS; mode «Headless» and «Follow me»; built-in AV receiver, which allows even beginners to skillfully fly FPV and shoot footage of his flight. In other words, if you have a friend, colleague or even a friend who is seriously interested in the topic of drones, Hubsan X4 FPV H502S a perfect acquisition.

Leather purse

Purse is, perhaps, one of the few men’s accessories, without which it is difficult to imagine ordinary, everyday and working life. In it we store not only money but also credit cards, cards, business cards, buttons fell off the coat and ineligible phone numbers that were recorded by a female hand on a piece of paper, but we keep hoping will figure out this cipher.

In other words — need a wallet. It needs to look decent, not to seem cheap, but not cut the ear, when pronounced its price. Some wallets a hell of a road, and unnecessarily expensive. On the other hand, there are in this country good stores of men’s products like Manborothat sells products made from genuine leather handmade, and with a nice price tag. We would advise you to pay attention to a compact wallet which is quite spacious and it is almost invisible, even if you put it in a Trouser pocket. For fans of the more extensive things there is a classic small purse — it is easy to put documents, cards and money.

Holder for books

We hope that our advice will not have passed your ears, and your surroundings shape you correctly. In particular, have among their acquaintances people who read. As a rule, among the hundreds of books read, each reader is such that he values the most, blows off dust particles with them and gives people until they wash up. And yet for the reader it is very difficult to choose a gift. You can give the book but it’s a bit trite, and guessing will not be easy. And it would be a shame if you got a book that is already in his library.Such person can give the bookends. It looks very cool, powerful and will fit into any interior, wardrobe or bookshelf. The lower part is made of wood, and figures of the hydroplane is made of metal. The holder consists of two parts, between which reads your friend and will put their favorite books. It is a good gift that will surely appreciate and which will be used for the purpose.

Cuban cigar

The man who has everything? What should a man, who has nothing? They share one thing — a static position. In fact, each of us at one point or another in his life a man who has everything, and a man who had nothing. This moment is the perfect time to reflect on life, to understand its essence and to realize the purpose of its existence. But not only that you can do in those few seconds — you can also smoke a cigar that will make you feel who you really are.

The cigar is a legendary thing, the mythical and very important not so much in modern society as in a society of real men. Look for cigar lovers in their company you will not find any ordinary person: Churchill, Freud, Castro, TWAIN. It’s the people with a capital letter. And when you give a cigar a good one, you Express respect for his life, telling him that he is your friend worthy is in the company of nice men.

Shaving kit


Can long think over a gift, Islamov all their brain and destroying their nerves, and it is possible to turn to the classics that never gets old. Take, for example, shaving kit. Because it is every man’s need, especially those who decide to deal with the rage and fashion for beards and mustaches. However, the bearded man shaving kit need not less than a good beard you have to constantly level and do not always have the opportunity to go to salons for this. That is absolutely all men and a small group of bearded and mustachioed women need a shaving kit.Shaving sets contain, as a rule, not only the machine, but the shaving brush for shaving and, of course, stand. If you take the range Openrazor, you’ll see a stylish razor that are in different price segments, but they all look amazing, as if created on the personal order of an English Lord. In General, if you want to impress the boss or friend some chic, shaving kit would be the best.

IQ Puzzle

You probably have friends who can’t live without good puzzles. They love puzzles, I love puzzle games, and if you crash the computer, only for those games where you have to try on the role of detectives. Such people are difficult to please, because the usual gifts make them sleep soundly sleep. They need to give something that will be food for their brain. It is for this and created puzzles.

They are different, but we focused on puzzles. Not the usual, and the puzzles IQ. They have three levels of difficulty: easy puzzles, less easy puzzles and hard puzzles. In fact, even easy puzzles can get you a lot of intellectual problems, and this is a big plus. And if you take complex puzzles, such as «plane», «Egyptian pyramids» or «maple leaf», the tower completely off. So take a few sets IQ Puzzle and Ogareva their smart and not so smart friends.

3D pen

If you haven’t heard about 3D printing, you are either very old, or far from all of these new technologies. Nevertheless, we simply must introduce you to one of the types of 3D printing available to everyone. We are talking about 3D pens. They appeared almost together with 3D printers, but unlike the latter, are much cheaper, and to master them.

To give it not just the younger generation, but in General all creative people. Inside the handle are located the heating elements and the mechanism for collection and delivery. In case dressed with a plastic thread, and out of the nozzle in the lower part is already melted plastic. To burn will not work — the body is practically not heated. The handle is designed to quickly and easily create a variety of models — most importantly, to adapt to the speed of curing plastic and a bit to pump dexterity and precision of movement. You can even watch video tutorials on YouTube and there to take a look at the stunning sculptures, which makes people with the help of 3D pens, it’s really impressing.

By the way, the 3D pen be useful not only in work but also in work — for example, if you need to quickly show your idea or draw something volumetric, it will be simply irreplaceable. Plastic for the handles is different — transparent, colored, glow in the dark, and special, to create a very durable and sturdy structures. Children will also love it — that’s not the only way to permanently take the child, but also to reveal him as an artist, and maybe even future 3D-designer. By the way, if you want to gift a 3D pen a book with stencils, when you order, add it to your cart and enter promo code «manygoodtips.com» the book will be yours free of charge, most importantly, to do it before the New year.

Figures of the characters

Computer games and cinema — one of the largest industries. Films have become an important part of our lives since the middle of last century, and games are becoming more interesting, interactive, and will soon become as realistic as movies. Designers, artists and Directors create for us beautiful worlds in which we immerse ourselves in the head, and some people become devoted fans of the known universes.

Among your friends, certainly there are such people. If you want to please the other, then we have a great idea for this — give him figures of popular charactersthat you can buy in the store Red Panda Shop. Store created by fans for fans — here you can find a cool figurines and Souvenirs from different game universes and movies. We loved figures of vault boy from the Fallout universe — would have ordered all at once, but there are also heroes from Dota, League of Legends, StarCraft, and even Overwatch, which was released recently.

But if you yourself are an avid gamer, then I strongly advise you to look more often in this shop, as the guys constantly replenish its range. By the way, don’t forget to join their group in the VC to be updated with new arrivals and competitions, which are constantly carried out of the store.

Business bag

If your friend has everything goes wrong and all the cards, keys, and paper he keeps in the inner pocket of his jacket, then we know how you can help him — buy him a business bag. How is it different from usual? Of its kind, which provides a strict work dress code that is very difficult to move, if you belong to a subspecies of the office person. This kind of bag is necessary for everyone, who every morning puts on a shirt and pants, and then works 8 hours a day.

But you have to remember is that generic bags does not happen. Especially when we are talking about the present. The Council have such. Look at the person you want to give the bag. Check out his wardrobe and choose, for example, from the collection Lakestone something suitable temperament and style of the person. About the quality can not worry — at Lakestone it’s great.


The head should be cold, but in winter it is better not to freeze. Many people want to show off their hair, and you definitely have a friend like that, but hypothermia of the head can lead to something not very good. Therefore, a great gift and act of caring will be a good warm hat.If your friend wears a head covering for reasons of style, let him not to worry. Caps are different in design and color. You need to be a little creative and choose one that will blend with the dresses as your friend. For example, look great caps, beanie, and some will suit even the hat with POM-poms. Look at the model Flexfit Long Beane and Skills — in recent years they have become very popular. But if your friend prefers the Park’s other kinds of winter clothes, you can give him a funny hat with pampushkas, like TrueSpin Native.

Anyway, the choice is yours. Just turn on your imagination and imagine what hat would suit your friend. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell him why to go without a hat in winter is not the best idea.

Bow tie

The attributes of clothes, as a rule, give much more attention to perception than the clothing itself. One of such accessories is the bow tie. First worn by French aristocrats, but over time the detail of an image firmly entrenched in fashion. When I see a man with a bow tie, just want to walk up to him, shake his hand and discuss the intricacies of the wines of Dom Perignon 96 crop year.

We honestly don’t know why bow ties work for mysterious ways cognitive for people to mundane, but as a gift this accessory fits perfectly. And to give it not only the guy but the girl. In addition to style, butterfly gives +69 to sexuality for a friend and +42 intellect for a friend.

Of course, dress her up better on the shirt or Polo, so remember who of your friends wear them. So, if you purchase to say the promo code «manygoodtips.com» it will give -10% to the cost of the butterfly, don’t you forget it!

If you want to please someone this gift, then ordered the bow-tie is handmade. They are a bit more expensive, but are made from natural fabrics and quality accessories that will surely appreciate the gift recipient.

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