What to expect from season 6 of «Game of Thrones»

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_gicms4BjoXEFdDon’t have time to start the season, as it is rapidly ended and threatened the nerves of their fans. But nerves, as it turned out, was not enough, and we left not only once again lament over the fate of your favorite heroes, but to ask «What the fuck is going on?» and «What’s next?». The first question has turned into a rhetorical as to not leave any fan of «Thrones» for a minute during the duration of each of the following series. And the second makes the rescue of the pharmacies and alkomarket, as according to official forecasts, the series has decided to extend to 10 seasons. And what exactly to stock, Valerian or a drunk – decide for yourself. We really thought long and hard about last season and finally decided to order the word.

In fact, we cannot say that finished the season was megapixel and almost each series was taken for a living, but because to observe all this fuss, we are accustomed to, will continue. Nevertheless, the season have something to say «thank you», and indignation, too, have something to Express. Take the same scene with a naked Lena Hidi. He gathered at the screens of thousands of lovers of these cherished forms even partly and anticipated expectations. All and Sundry are stuck on bouncy bosom heady and caught myself thinking that for her age she looks very juicy. But there it was. And all the «hegemony» became sad and started to pick up saliva and other fluids. Just a few days after the series with Elena, it was reported that the tubercles have admired the bunch of wankers, and 28-year-old understudy models. And, really, would be better if it was the most heady, which on occasion can refer to age; unfortunately, 28-year-old model to refer to. Seen can not be unseen. Live with it.

Also, as always, we were «pleased» near sudden death and a bunch of incomprehensible actions that led to universal anything. And these all hook or by crook, the season finale turned out to be extremely harsh. It seems that no one season did not end well, shit. Hence the question: what to expect from season 6 of «Game of thrones»?

The Resurrection Of Jon Snow

Pora was.kom.ua_20.07.2015_6tgI23XyCniIBDespite the copious number of events in the finale, mostly cause the death of the bastard Jon snow and the ensuing question: will it appear in the next seasons? Well, really, anywhere death is a valid reason to take a season or two, but not here – we’re about «Game of Thrones» talk, at the end of it all. Unlike many other deaths, the death of snow covered with a veil of mystery. And if only death! Good know nobody knows who he really is and what to expect from him, mere guesses. Back to his murder. Anyone who was not lazy, expressed his special «Fi» the unfortunate bastard with a knife in the stomach and went all smug. To celebrate even burn forgot. Hence the following question, whether to wait to us him as a Walker or to pay attention to the red witch, where the guy obviously liked. But here is debatable. Lady, frankly, the guy ate what he gave her in the fortress, and why she save him? Pleasant enough, so just wait. Maybe someone’s million-strong hunch about the fate of Jon snow would be a reality.

Family Starks

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_Jf7gHsdfDj5z7As for the fate of the other heroes are all pretty blurry. We can assume that season 6 will give us another couple of disabled people in the face of Sansa and Theon. But it will be overkill, so the fans of these two seem to settle down. However, it’s worth noting this act. And so Laura the courage. By the way about the disabled, about the guy-crow, too, heard nothing, he was lost in the course of season 5, and maybe we’ll see him again in 6, with new skills and grown-up. There is still absolutely incomprehensible events associated with the youngest daughter of the Starks. But here everything is so unclear, I don’t know what to expect.

Lions and Dragons

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_lE8qva0qrauHSMore or less clear with the family of the Lannisters. There is brewing something big. Queen, the lioness will show itself in all its glory, there is no doubt that she already has enough reasons not only to unleash another war, but also strangle the offenders with his own hands.

You can also not worry for the fate of Khaleesi – as we already all have long made it clear she was going to be out of any pit. The only thing that could have happened to her – to her track record will be added one post and 10 of season one its view will occupy half of screen time.

To all it

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_fBhzmawwhhJXlI would like to note that the writers of «Game of Thrones» live is clearly some kind of alternate reality and they do what they want. Therefore, millions of assumptions and expectations in a single moment can bulldoze and get us all to once again poke his nose in their everyday concerns: «What the fuck is going on?» Have to wait and hope for the best. Wait, by the way, not so long. The new season is scheduled for spring of next year. Winter is coming, and after the «Game of Thrones» again reveal to us all their cards.

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