What to eat wine

We wrote about how and tasty to drink strong alcohol. And about the beer was a lot of talk. Well, what do the intelligentsia? Why wine is so terribly cost? The usual companion to wine is cheese, and very different mold, not the mold, with coal, without coal, hard, soft, smelly and odorous. We are so accustomed to high-quality cheeses, and now it turns out, there was nothing to get used to, but the wine left! What to do normal guy? Don’t suppress the wine in the net, like some Bukowski. There is decency and the culture of drinking. In General, today we will share our thoughts about what is better to drink wine when the cheese has received the status of an illegal immigrant.


Generally, all wines are divided into dry, semidry, semisweet and sweet. The wine is called dry because the sugar in its composition fermented completely. Girlfriends usually like sweet and semi-sweet, and dudes and dry rules. It’s just a note.

We can include the inner cushion experts say that any wine that is sold in our supermarkets for a couple of hundred, this is not wine at all. But this is nonsense, because each wine has its own specific purpose and a particular meaning. The impression of a good wine can be easily spoiled if not find quite the right product to him. A common mistake young couples who love to spend the evening alone with a good movie and a bottle of wine is that they combine the drinking of the drink of the God Dionysus with chocolate products. So, chocolate is not the best friend of the blame, the only exceptions are fortified wines from Muscat varieties and Traminer grapes.

Wine and food – it can be said, a kind of duet in which each partner may Supplement, reveal the taste of the other. The following are important characteristics of wine: the tartness, acidity, oiliness, intensity of flavors, level of sweetness in the taste. Food is also not so simple, important texture of the main dish (fat content, juiciness, hardness), the degree of sweetness or acidity, aroma. All of these we often ignore, but the drinking culture is invented not today and not by us, behind it many years of experience which should be taken into account. Anyway, the wine, who would not say that it is a man’s drink, and the ability to properly combine it with food – a special art. The fusion of food and wine usually builds upon the coincidence, or conversely the contrast of flavors. The main thing – to avoid taste conflicts.

White wine

Dry white

Dry white can be called a white table wine, Sauvignon Blanc, grüner Veltliner, Pinot Grigio. In General, the label information about what dry white wine must be. In addition to fish and vegetables, white dry well go dessert (not chocolate!). If the wine, is quite acidic, then it is necessary to apply more oily fish if the dish Shine their odors, the aroma of the wine should be bright. This is a General rule for all wines. The white meat is rarely recommended, but in some cases permitted the use of white meat with a dry white wine. Still, the fish will be much more pleasant addition.

Sweet white

Usually it’s a Muscat, Riesling or Malvasia. With cheese this wine would be very nice, but we have not, therefore, limited to flour products, low-fat sausages and all kinds of sweets, such as cookies, ice cream, fruit.

Just white

Without a pronounced sweetness. Chardonnay, Rosanna, Viognier and Marsala. When we talk about simple white wine, we mean exactly that. There is a General rule applicable to all wines: the finer the wine, the simpler the food should be and Vice versa. Before these wines go a variety of seafood, fish, pastry, poultry.

Red wines

Dry red

This, by the way, my favorite kind of wine our editorial team. Red wine goes with meat dishes and dry red to drink with spicy and stuffed with nuclear spice food: spaghetti, pasta, pizza – anything! Sausage will also go fried food is not an exception. Perhaps, the most unpretentious food companion wine. But the fruit is better to be careful, although some like to drink this wine with melon and peaches, but it’s a little weird. Be sure to take into account the structure of the meat. If the meat is fibrous, it is better to take a more tart wine, but if your table tender veal meat, it is better to take the wine more soft – remember that, as the laws of physics.

Sweet and dry wines

But these wines are more neutral, and therefore is so wildly popular. They do drink more frequently than all other wines, and sell them in the stores much anymore. Because of the relatively neutral taste is suitable to them large quantities of food. If we talk about the game, I’ll go rabbit, chicken, partridge, duck. With fish we have to be careful, but fatty fish, and shrimp in spicy sauces well suited to such wines. Also assume various meats.

Red sweet

It is possible to determine the port. With sweet wines, there is always a small problem in the choice of products. Appetizer for him in principle, not necessary, but you can cook something really tasty. Common dishes that is served with red sweet wines, are the following: any red fish, especially tuna, goes well with sweet wines. You can also get a spicy dry meat like products. Nuts, fruit and, of course, all kinds of sweets will go perfectly with a glass of sweet. The main thing with sugar is not to overdo it. The dish should always be more neutral in sweetness than the wine itself.


Here you advice is not needed, and so the name everything is clear. Dessert wines typically served with dessert (weird, right?). With them you can use fruits, cakes, ice cream and other pleasures of life. Especially noteworthy is their popularity as one of the main ingredients for such luxurious things, such as punch, mulled wine and a champagne cocktail. In General, always bought for the winter a couple of bottles of dessert wine and concoct a deal anything like that.

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