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manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_1krfmW7sZjtnVMuch has been said about beer snacks. About the aesthetics of drinking wine beverages also had a lot to say. White – fish, red – meat, port wine – fruit and champagne – caviar – sacred truth drinking grape drink familiar to many. But about the culture of drinking of spirits we have forgotten. Perfect serve as snack not crisps and apples, and… well, more about that.



«More drinking, less eating. This is the best remedy for conceit and superficial atheism.»

Venedikt ErofeevAnd that’s it! Here it is, good! Of course, no part of the Russian culture. Chacha, Grappa, raki – as it is not known what not to do, and forty-degree drink requires a special approach.

In the times, praised Soviet writers, eating vodka, as they say, than God will send. Unpretentious, searing a catalyst of human relations have zakazyvala everything from candy «pear», lying around in a dusty pocket, thick, rich soups.

Vodka can be drunk with any food except sweet dishes. He used to have the experience of drinking vodka with «Choco Pai». Trust me, dude, nothing good is not led. By the way, all this applies not only to vodka, but in other similar drinks. Same story with moonshine, Grappa, brandy… So, you already know.

For a friendly male company a good snack is a piece of transparent fat, fragrant spicy garlic and fragrant loaf of black bread. In severe cases you can even get by with one Apple on the company, but this is extreme.

By the way, connoisseurs feast share an appetizer to vodka on three types:

– nutritious meals (hot meat, grilled fish) is eaten first, their task is to remove unpleasant taste mouth, burning sensation in the throat after drinking vodka;

– enveloping dishes (salads, soups, spicy sauces) – it is better to try when it’s a bit saturated. These snacks reinforce the sense of taste, obtained in the previous step, they also allow you to quickly to get drunk. Between eating nutrient-dense and enveloping dishes, it is recommended to take a break;

– wash dishes (mushrooms, pickles, vegetable pickles) – prepare the body for the new intake of vodka, refreshing taste. Served last.

Vodka is better to start to eat a hearty hot dishes, and then gradually go to cold. Combined with the vodka a particularly good pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, mushrooms and fish. Well, vodka and hot boiled potatoes is perfect intelligent green onions and sprinkle with vinegar marinated herring. Not smoked – it is, rather, to beer. A cold piece of herring with a ring of onion on the end of the plug, and hot boiled potatoes with fresh dill stuck!.. And this eclectic hot and cold in your mouth, it’s an incredible combination after a nice burning alcohol taste makes you wince at first, and then move on to another level of bliss. And I don’t care what they do policy. You’re happy, you just fine. Your PAL becomes dearer and dearer to everyone, and you understand why abused Dovlatov and Erofeev. After this pull to become a writer or how, no scribbler.



«…man is only an intermediate link necessary for the nature to create the crown of creation: wine-glasses of cognac with a slice of lemon.»

The brothers Strugatskythe Strugatsky Brothers, of course, knew a lot about the culture of drinking, because very intelligent people. Here and ate at the old intelligentsia tradition, slices of acidic fruit. However, the «crown of creation» was not invented by them, and the Emperor Nicholas II, who, in fact, broke the cardinal rule of drinking, it can not eat. Nothing. Sharp taste and aroma of citrus mercilessly destroy the delicate bouquet of this noble drink. By the way, this appetizer for a long time called «nikolashka».

But if you can’t stand the bitterness of alcohol, for exceptions can be submitted to-drink olives, seafood, sliced pear, grapes, bitter chocolate. However, it is a perversion. If we are to have a snack, or cheese, or lemon, which is to frighten you can sprinkle sugar or coffee.

But the most sophisticated gourmets believe that excellent brandy you need to Supplement with expensive cigars and black coffee. Do not dare to argue, because, as some claim, from a real man should smell of expensive tobacco and expensive cognac. The taste and color as they say…



«Whisky is a drink which first examines. And only when tired, a SIP. As well as beautiful women.»

Haruki MurakamiWhiskey – a drink inspired by the harsh Scottish highlands, and the poems of Robert burns and the legends about William Wallace. Despite the hot temper and the simplicity of the northerners, the culture of drinking have this drink. Before feeding it is a bit of a cooling and gently shake the bottle. Drink it should SIPS, holding in the mouth for a few seconds. As snacks experts offer several variations for all tastes. Meat gourmet they recommend beef or fowl with a light smoke aroma. Fans of fish dishes will certainly appreciate a good combination of whiskey and smoked salmon or oysters. This option is more typical for Ireland, another country that claim to be the Motherland of whisky. By the way, the seafood perfectly set off some malts with herbal notes. Some prefer whiskey to eat fruits, but in the British territories, the fruit is not particularly increased. So or not to snack, or with meat and smoked fish.

By the way, it is believed that in Scotland whisky is poured into a thick glass and dilute soda. In Ireland you drink whiskey neat. Do the conclusions.


Poradi.s. ua_29.06.2015_6mKWkzuhmAqAv

«Rum – it’s not just a drink, it’s more of a friend with whom you always easy. He is changing the world. Because of his drinking.»

E. M. RemarqueFavorite drink feared pirates to the taste of many modern men. Despite his immense popularity worldwide, only a few know how to eat simply Caribbean drink. So, according to the rules laid down by the colonists, Rome is not a snack, and savor what God has sent. It is desirable, of course, that he was chilled, and even better with ice, especially for those who find it difficult to savor the pure fire water. The second common use of «pirate of refreshing» is not a pirate add rum in cocktails. Rum blends perfectly with fruit juices and coconut milk.

As already mentioned, the rum can eat. But if it is quite hard, you can have fruit. Exclusively fruit. Preferably tropical, so to speak, feel the spirit of Cuba far: slice of pineapple, avocado and papaya, sprinkled with cinnamon. And, you can prepare a light appetizer of shrimp.

Many would argue that rum is perfect for kebabs and prawns. No doubt. In General, can eat anything. But we consider solely the right options.



«The Lord has given us tequila. We made this gift.»

from the series «Concern»But how to drink tequila, you know, even those who never did.

Pour on the back of your hand a pinch of salt, slizyvat her drink the sacred muck of the Aztec gods, and sent into the mouth piece of lime. Salt and lime are some fans of tequila replaced with cinnamon and orange. But at home the drink in Sunny Mexico – few respects it’s a ritual: drink it in one gulp without all these tweaks. In a pinch washed down with sangrita – a cocktail of orange, tomato and hot peppers.

Therefore, the rules of appetizers tequila no. But fried shrimp or mussels is great and even if they are dipped in some kind of Mexican sauce. But it is a perversion. Or by the rules of the Holy Trinity cactus (lime, tequila, and Holy salt), or gulp, even sangrita – it’s like vodka to drink tomato juice. It is possible, but not kosher. Although to each his own.



«Absinthe: if you drink enough of this drink, you will see what you want to see beautiful, wonderful things…»

Oscar Wildea Magic potion, sung by van Gogh, will master not everyone, because the strength of absinth, not less than 70 degrees. Drinking it, not eating and not drinking is harder than to distinguish Vopsea from Pepsina. Very exquisite and perverted recipe that is considered a classic, in the manner beloved Griboyedov and the higher light of the 19th century Palenque, is made of brandy and rum. Proposed to put on a special spoon with holes in a piece of lump sugar and put it over an empty glass. On top of the sugar in a thin stream pour the emerald absinthe, carefully set fire to it and watched as droplets of caramel dripping down. Then, in the absinthe, add cold water in proportion 1:3. A kind of cocktail. If not holey spoon or refined, common sugar, which usually are in the economy, is diluted with water in proportion 1:2, and then the resulting syrup poured into a glass. A simpler version: mix a glass of absinthe and a glass of water in a glass and drink, there are several ways of drinking absinthe, but the most daring to drink pure. But what’s to eat? The French recommend favorite cheese, green olives, a slice of sour Apple or grapes. A cocktail with absinthe is better to offer a citrus or bitter chocolate.



«Gin from a bottle takes only one desire – to get drunk.»

AnonymousAdorable, beloved and men and women of juniper vodka with Dutch roots rarely drink what is called «filthy lucre». Just not everyone likes hot, distinctive taste. Most often interfere with a gin and tonic. This drink is like the Yin and Yang of any club menu. The recipe devised by the British colonists, vyvedshie gin to a new level and used it in such quantities that are not dreamed of Coca-Cola, which is absorbed by the dal by American soldiers during world war II.

However, if we drink gin net, you need to have a snack with olives, lemon and pickled onions. They are ideally combined with a peculiar taste.



«Your favorite liquor I don’t drink, but only smell like Cologne.»

Johnny DeppLiqueur liqueur strife. Therefore, before you start drinking, you need to carefully study the product. The product, which, by the way, love is not all because of the specific taste, cloying and sensations, comparable with the use of cough syrup.

There are liquors that snack, strictly speaking, not be. For example, Becherovka drinking, not eating, in its purest form, and added to coffee or tea. Same story with Sambucol. It is diluted with water or drink with ice, ignoring the snack. But if you’re in a bar, traditionally given «Jagermeister» or «Becherovka» a traditional slice of orange or lemon with cinnamon, do not give up. Smell, know and fight again.

In General terms snack liquors is chosen in accordance with their taste. For example, to fit cherry candied cherry, and vanilla – vanilla cookies.

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