What to eat introvert and choke on

To begin with, that any psychological classification crap. They divide people into groups very clumsy, and every textbook considers it his duty to warn that «the types most often found in mixed form». In short, to row all under one comb — it’s a bad idea. However, the classification makes sense, because they facilitate our interaction with the world. This cart can be rightfully attributed to the notorious division of people into two giant halves: extroverts and introverts. If you came from another planet or the past twenty years were in suspended animation, will share valuable information: extroverts is, roughly speaking, sociable people, directing energy to the outside world, and introverts are the people uncommunicative, more interested in themselves than in your world.

Okay? Of course, what is there to understand! It turns out that a lot of things. People still live with illusions and think in stereotypes. Now we will destroy a small portion. Oh, I like to destroy!

Be shy and be an introvert are two different things

For some reason, many believe that it is one and the same. Let’s for fun compare the meanings of these two words. What do you mean «modest»? The humble man feels awkward, uncomfortable, insecure in the presence of other people and maybe even a little afraid of them. What do you mean «introverted»? This means that after a session of communication the person needs a break. Doesn’t look like synonyms, right? Shy people can be introverts, and may not be.

Introverts don’t hate people

They also have friends. And family count. And I love introverts — just like all the people on earth. They also go to parties, clubs and I love when they are praised — just like all the people on earth. However, from time to time they need to break from society. Constant external influence without a break turns into a problem — not the people, namely communication. Introverts sometimes need to be quiet or to be alone. A normal human desire.

Introverts are hostages of their mood

That is what it is. They look more in yourself than the outside world, so they better understand their emotions and feelings. These guys seem to be from difficult people, but they very well feel any slightest change.

Introverts are not always quiet people

For them, mandatory periods of silence, when they say, recharge the batteries: run, read, listen to music, go for a walk — just no one to interact with. In a society as they can behave in any way — do not have to sit as quiet as a mouse. They may cackle and shout, and hoot, if I went to a booze.

Introverts have fewer friends because they communicate less

Not because they can’t communicate. Extroverts relax by talking with others. When they are talking to someone in a bar or playing video games with friends, they spend time on people and thereby strengthen their social networks. Extroverts have more friends, well, depends what you mean by this word.

Introvert is not correct arrogance

If you’re an extrovert and you’re itching to do, better not go where you ask. There you sit quietly, not bothering anyone — what do you want? Nothing happens, so he’s not a clam, sitting in his shell and just waits for her there was vykoupeni (although not even an oyster — and not waiting). You fail to shake it, asking questions and balagura in the style of Petrosian, you will not help neither the TV nor music. Rather, you will achieve the opposite result: the man gets up and leaves the room so you don’t be rude and not to apologete.

Introverts get tired of extroverts

Because those always need a flurry of activity and attention. For some hell everything is so arranged that more people listen to whoever shouts the loudest. If it is not clear that tinned SIP does not guarantee a high level of intelligence, good skills and a developed set of feelings. Introverts resent.

Introverts know that loved ones can hurt their detachment

But I hope that my loved ones remember: introverts love them no matter what. They understand that their friends were happy to go to parties more often and hung out there longer. They feel guilty when, once again, didn’t want to go — but not over the edge. In the end, they are unlikely to dissuade friends from going to the next party. The desire to remain aloof from what happens is not dictated by the specific people and as an introvert felt in the last few minutes, hours or days. Just give the guy space if he asks about it.

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