What to do with the Cola than drinking?

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_VOkdNh7Ujb8fIYou already know that Cola is an ideal place to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. You can also use it to make cool alcoholic drinks like Cuba Libre or Tequila Batanga. But you may not know that one of the most common carbonated beverages helps to solve some everyday problems. This is possible thanks to the unique composition of the well-known beverage, and chemical properties of the ingredients. The important role played by the phosphoric acid contained in the soda. The options below do not mean that Cola corrodes your organs, man. So if you saw her prior to reading this text, and you’re right, throw a nice drink makes no sense.

1. Will remove blood stains

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_T1tLRk2cDuqKUSo, dude, coke removes blood stains. Pour the drink into a bloody wrench, sprinkle the powder and add a little water. Wait – then the magic works. Uspey do it before the police arrived.

2. Get rid of rust

There was rust on the bumper cars or on a Bicycle chain? Douse ‘ em with a coke and watch the phosphoric acid eats away the rust leaving the car and bike in one piece.

Tip: Use tin foil to RUB Coca Cola rust, and look how it disappears. Science is just voodoo magic, not otherwise.

3. Removes grease

If it does not help ordinary detergent for dishes, pour in the Cola, those areas that are particularly difficult for funds and leave for half an hour or so.

4. Fix a car battery

Well, not really. If in cold weather your car doesn’t want start, there is a chance that all this is due to contamination on the terminals of the battery. The acidity of coke will easily cope with this task and clean the terminals. Of course, it will not save the dead battery, but it can help to get to the garage, where you already waiting for repair.

5. Will do a real battery

In General, it is not really in power when, but you sure can make batteries for the led with the help of this drink. In this video roughly shows how.

6. Will loosen stuck bolts

Everyone who ever did repairs at home, knows that stuck the bolts may seem the most evil bastards in your way. So, you can also pour the Cola. Phosphoric acid rust corrodes and weakens those pesky bolts. After this procedure to remove them will be much easier.

7. Will help to get rid of gum in hair

When peanut butter, mayonnaise and any other stupid things you found on the Internet as a means of getting rid of gum in hair, not give results, it’s time to use Coca-Cola, which will help prevent damage of hair. In fact, it can be used to remove chewing gum from clothes, shoes.

8. Neutralizes bee stings

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_9vw22VSrFTIH1So, bees are cool and majestic creatures that give us honey. But, hell, sometimes they can strike at the most inopportune moment. Quickly pour when on the bite – it will help to neutralize the pain for a while. If you are stung by a jellyfish, the Council also operates. Of course, if bitten by a snake, sparkling water is unlikely to help.

9. Wash Windows and mirrors

Windows have a habit of getting dirty with all kinds of stuff. Sometimes regular detergent is not enough to clean that shit up. If you have any similar situation, dampen the window coke, and then wipe with a wet cloth to remove sticky residue. Yes, it works!

10. Clean the toilet

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_jk7fbkVy4rc5KYes, it’s true, man. Have you run out of detergent to wash the toilet – a can of coke can work wonders! Just pour it on dirty surfaces and pour it into the toilet. Leave in this condition for a couple of hours. Then a good clean and voila! – all clear!

11. Polish old jewelry

If you want to breathe life into old jewelry, put them in a glass of Cola and leave it for the morning. Later just clean them and things will Shine again.

12. Clean grease stains on the road in front of your house or yard

If your old car leaves a greasy oil stains, and you can’t get rid of them that you wildly annoying, you will help the nectar of the gods. Liberally apply a circle on the affected area, and after 24 hours, wash away all power of water. It is best to use the hose.

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