What to do with old junk

To things from the past we are respectful, but there comes a time in your life when they clog your whole wardrobe, all the space under the bed and all the shelves in the kitchen. You suddenly begin to turn into a prehistoric gatherer, who can not imagine another life. But unlike our ancient ancestors were very mobile, on the contrary, we lose our freedom of movement. Things wear on us, are deprived of healthy sleep, not only clutter up space in the house, but also to some extent our brains. They can say that chained us to the ground. After all, modern man must be mobile: today in Moscow, tomorrow in St. Petersburg, and the next day in Zanzibar.

On the other hand, is it right to leave? Don’t we feel a thrill when you pick up a book, which a hundred years or more, or some detail that we find in a grandfather’s attic? Teaching people to be careless. «Live one day!» I’m telling you all. But then you turn back and realize that left behind only emptiness and everything is lost. That’s all your life. Neither your old books or things that have been with you your whole childhood, and now gathering dust in museums. No one in advance knows what is valuable and what is junk forever. And in this, as it seems, the main problem of trash.

So we decided to analyze in more detail this dilemma. Specific response from us, you will not wait, but we will examine the pros and cons of each solution. And now I can remember about those things that «be sure to throw away», but to get rid of you still not solved.

The value of memories

Stored for many years

There are things, which have serious energy the power that fuels you, motivates you, makes you stronger. It can be something small the first dollar earned in a stereotypical American billionaires that they store in his youth, or some thing, which gave you a very close person, for example, present from the first (and best) friend. You need to get rid of all this? If it gives you peace and joy, why?


But it happens that things do not give you to move on. Left you a friend, and you stored years she left the junk, wash bed linen and gather at the apartment of her hair. Maybe you think that it would be better, but really it looks vile and disgusting. To hold on to the past is impossible. With it you deteriorating.

The real cost

You can predict what will happen in price through the next 20 years. A lot of our ancestors made a big mistake when they ejected, as they then seemed, garbage. Now this «junk» sold at auction at a fairly serious price. Take, for numismatics. For example, the ruble 1753 may be the price to 25 thousand. But it’s just one coin. And if we go on the sets, books, any kind boxes, music boxes?

Rarity love and collect. He was a witness to their stupidity, when you throw a couple of boxes with old games that were in Vogue 15 or 20 years ago. Now bitterly aware that collectors are buying these discs for 500-1000 rubles. But if something is very old, and expensive. Maybe you need to look in the wardrobe and look at familiar things with different eyes? For example, the books, the easiest way to realize it. Publishing houses, releasing some of the things not carry out re-printing for trivial reasons, even if the book was a success. And if some owner took apart for six months, then just after some time, its value may increase several times. If the book was a limited edition (now type a lot of 50 copies), then its value can reach several thousand. Of course, it all depends on the readers interest and uniqueness of the publication.

On the other hand, some things were as cheap and remain cheap. But how to define it, God knows.


Stored for many years

Our grandparents set a good example. Yes, they are full of shit in pantries, cupboards or sheds. But for them, every object has its own story, every detail tells its owner something unique and painful. Sometimes the old remind us of hamsters that pull into their holes as they go, but their goals are more noble. It is important to preserve its heritage, because when they’re gone, all that will be left of them, these things and the memory of loved ones. And the latter is often not as durable substance.

When he becomes old, will understand the value of it all. Will you quit moving around and settle, I will want to remember the old days and be alone with what was around you in your 20 something years. If you realize the importance of such things, then forget to clean your cabinets.


However, young life requires movement. And even if our reader can’t get the Toolbox to a new apartment, what to speak of other things? If you’re in the Prime of life, they should be able to move, to run, fast to start life anew. Or from you and wet places will not, especially in the current economic conditions. Not everyone can afford to drag in a new one-bedroom apartment-fashioned piano, because then you’ll have to sleep on the street. It’s actually not a completely healthy situation, because if, ideally, that generation needs to increase their wealth, not to start with a clean slate. And for the piano it’s a shame.

Your house

Stored for many years

If you are a happy owner of a country house or multiple residential meters, forget what we said earlier. Take inventory, sort through and take care of everything. In the United States, for example, a lot of families take in rent a small warehouse (garage), where they hold what they at the moment do not need. We have such a system is only in big cities and not very popular, but you can use the basement, attic and other places of passive activity.

Of course, it is always best to monitor stuff, and outright trash let the flies in the trash, but just stuff you can leave to posterity. Let me get around like you used to through things grandmother and grandfather, let them know how you were a man.


But not everyone is lucky. Some have to be confined to one room in a hostel or even a cardboard box on the street. It’s a shame or not, but in this case, all the extra pulls you into the abyss. Similarly, in the case if you’re always gone, and your house – room in the hotel. Save your dust collector in this case, for later. And now it is better to release my life from all the excess, so it will be much easier.

If you want to start a new life

There is no need to think – in the furnace of old things. If you start with a clean slate, let this letter be a brand new one. Down with any memory, even new clothes can be bought in different style. Give the rest to the orphanage, a shelter of some or burn it in a ritual bonfire. There are moments in life when to do otherwise impossible. At such times people change personality completely, even in the passport there is a new name.

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