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Hello, dear Bro! Thank you for all of the material presented on the site. You are helping a huge number of dudes, remember this.

My question: I live in a Dorm. It so happened that I recently moved to another room in which you are constantly listening to music. The sad thing is, not just listening to music, they do it through the SPEAKERS! I was asked to do easy. They did. But I’m not going to go every day and ask, saying, do, please.

Today I asked to turn it down. They did, but still the connection was very strong. The feeling as if I turned the music on in the room. I spoke to operotryada (guardians of order in the Dorm), to which I said, «man, they play the music until 23, so there’s nothing we can do.» For me it is****.

What do I do, friend?

Sincerely, Your reader.

The answer

Dear reader, for us your grateful still that cheap cigars and hair for Wolverine — attribute, without which we are not. When you stop to thank us — our journal will lose its meaning. Thanks for the support of life, dear comrade.

Well, now to your trouble. This begs the question: ain’t you got the wrong place, son? It’s a hostel — the only place where man learns of survival and interaction in the team. Are you talking about the army, life in the lap of the nature… all this nonsense. Try to live in a Dorm with four unfamiliar and unpleasant people who smell of stale socks and students.

Student — expert. Expert eating anything, coexistence and survival in poverty. He is a man trained to ignore pain and weather conditions. He trained to be unpretentious, eat such things that make you puke and pig. In the Dorm he has a goal: to manage to not sleep, not to fly after the first semester and to pass my exams with good grades to get a scholarship. Moreover, it is desirable to continue to Deplete the Treasury to the issue. And the hostel is very daunting. In conditions when it is possible to distort only in the toilet or secretly at night, it is much more difficult than at home under mommy’s side.So pull yourself together! What it is: inflated whale from a small flies! Pay attention to the Dorm room is a cell in prison with free entrance until 23:00, and if you build yourself an educated revolutionary, it will not last long — not like anywhere else. The more guys you got absolutely adequate. Off — and thank God.

In the end, what prevents you to insert in your ears headphones and listen to your own? Or your unique pattern of the ear does not tolerate the presence of foreign objects?

My friend was a neighbor. One blunt cock in the first year, which listened to three songs on repete during the year: the «Nose», «I love you, Moscow» and some Terry lezginka. All the free time he was talking to his girlfriend on Skype, trying in vain to get her to the rehearsal defloration and lisping with her until three in the morning. Buddy politely asked him to stop verbiage, when I went to bed, and politeness played a role. He stopped. But you can’t deny the guy to breed my girl to sin during working hours — it is disrespectful to his personal life. I had to endure, the benefit soon he was expelled.

Believe me, music is not so bad, much more dangerous and unpleasant neighbours, who always fart. Against this there is indeed no reception. «Espumizan» is expensive, and to evict roommate due to problems with the stomach quite hard.

If you make concessions and to insert in-ear headset you want, then use the method of Vladislav from Krasnodar.

Vladislav lived among such fans of the wrestler with black dots Yegor creed. And they loved him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clearly, if people love the delicate trills of the young peskostruya, then they are unlikely to enjoy acid mothers, Infant Anihilator, or something even tougher. When they included Egorka, Vladislav included satanic mess, hinting that also has the full right to listen to music. And if so, why he should do it in the headphones, and they’re not? He was even beaten and threatened to put the column in the place where usually all out, but eventually they agreed to listen to the music in the speakers in turn, and after zadolbalis, switched to headphones. The tense situation continued until the last days of stay, but the question of personal peace, it was decided. So you can buy column.Of course you can be rude to make a scene, threatening grandfather’s revolver, and they would almost certainly agree, but then don’t be surprised if you find in the bag of shit. You can try to make friends with the neighbors, and then maybe the music won’t distract you anymore. I will have more courage and demand to complete the disco will be easier. After all, yelling at the companions easy and fun.

In the extreme case, ask the commandant to move you from these immoral monsters, lied that they are everything else and the Satanists, alcoholics and say nasty things about Putin. It’s not very good, but manygoodtips.com concerned for his readers, especially those who are not able to communicate and insert the headphones in your ears.

Ask your question wording manygoodtips.com

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