What to do with myself on the way home

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2014_dFtnGpYz4v1mhLet’s say you’re daily commute from home to work and back. Imagine that you’re doing it by public transport. Let’s say you travel alone. It seems to be true? What do you usually do to pass the time?

  • Just sitting or standing.
  • Listen to the music.
  • Play games on smartphone.
  • Read.
  • Sleep.

What else could you do meanwhile?

1. If the battery in your phone is well charged live to the end of the path, you could correspond via SMS or WhatsApp with friends living in other cities. This will help you regularly read the news and not to lose contact with them. They will appreciate your efforts and will remain your friends, yourself not applying to this no effort.

2. Plug in my ear buds, but do not include music. Listen what other people say in transport. You’d be surprised how they live and what was discussed! Sometimes life stories are confusing and difficult of any of the series.

3. Consider fellow travelers. Their clothes, gestures, body language, expressions, Luggage — everything that comes to you. Try to predict their movement. Try appearance to understand what kind of people and how they live. Think about them the story. Play Sherlock! It kills time, just like any other occupation, and trains the brain.

4. Talk to a stranger, if you love to communicate. All people on the planet, and the bus is different. Do you know about this world much more if for a moment will delay the phone or close the book and begin to know him empirically. People will tell you more than Newspapers and documentaries.

5. If there is a child poborchi he faces. It will take time, but sooner or later the child will react. It’ll be fun. So usually spend time on the bus elderly people: can one follow the child and let him have fun. Parents don’t mind.

6. You can draw and write. Maybe you always dreamed to learn to draw, but you don’t have enough time? Surprise: do you have any free time in transport! Set on a convenient smartphone app with notes that it was always at hand, and write down thoughts and ideas that come to mind on the way to work and home.

7. Look out the window, look at the city, watch the scenery change each other outside the window. Willing to bet for sure on the way you will come across a house that you used to never notice, or you will see the street friend. Met a familiar face — and send the person an SMS or call me tell me that you saw him, he was glad.

8. Take a Rubik’s cube or another puzzle and practice until the bus is in traffic.

9. If traveling by bus, choose a specific brand or color of the cars and count how many times they will meet on your way.

10. Waving hand of passers-by passing by them.

11. Inspection of the salon: surely someone scrawled on chairs inscriptions and phone numbers. In winter, the same applies to glasses. Explore! In General, during journeys on public transport come to mind pleasant ideas — just like when you wash in the shower or run in the mornings. Seize the moment!

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