What to do with myself in traffic

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2015_FeABH1VMydY4IAnd now, man, life famously drove a country road to the bubbling track. And seems to be good, your own boss, not have to travel on public transport, because you are holding the steering wheel «Studebaker». But there is one small caveat. The machine is of course freedom, which wanted to and went. But it does not save you from traffic jams, where you’re forced to stand with his black horse. Because the tube takes a decent amount of time, and if you depict them in a diagram, that piece that displays hours spent in a constant «Babel» on the roads I would beat you so that you can immediately sell your car, and switched to the bike. But for whatever reasons, you do not, and therefore, listen to friendly advice on how to spend mirror time wisely.

1. I want you to practice your skills of deduction

Here stands before you or the side of your car. Look at it carefully. Try not to look at the driver, learn the salon, pay attention to the details. Think about who could buy such a miracle as Daewoo Matiz with interior khaki. Think what the driver is sleeping with whom,lives where he drinks. At worst,you figure it out. Maybe it sounds crazy, but will train logic, learn to pay attention to the little things, to better understand the people and most importantly — it’s really fun. Sherlock Holmes can you not be, but to try must. No matter what circle you’re mistaken. But it’s so much fun.

2. Self-development

Patrice Lumumba after his overthrow went to school. Yes, simple school, with desks and black teachers, or as is usually the case. When asked, they say, Patrice, why do you need such a pointless pastime, the African rebel, he answered simply: «I’m learning». As you understand, long standing in traffic will allow you to spend your time on self-development. Bring a book and start to learn the dialect of the people of Vanuatu. Because you always wanted to read «100 days of Sodom», right tube is the best place for this. A supporter of technology – including audiobook. In the end, driving do not always catch the meaning, after all, have time to concentrate on the road. The tube will allow you to enjoy the auditory information in full. A year in traffic jams – and you are a connoisseur of all Indian languages, connoisseur of creativity Kant and specialist from funeral services.

3. Cleaning

If you are in normal times are not much concerned about the order in the car, it’s time to bring him in. If the tube is too serious, you can even fold all that stuff that has accumulated in the trunk. If not, get at least the glove box. Take out the trash from all possible crevices. If lying around somewhere Polish, come to the question of cleaning more thoroughly. And so, you can walk down the pane with a damp cloth.

4. Health

Reveal a terrible secret, but from sitting too long in one place health does not increase, rather the contrary. Low back pain, sciatica, God forgive me, hemorrhoids, not phimosis – some sores on your driving. So, we need to freshen up. Strangling the serpent, he has not yet attacked. Today there are many gymnastic programs that include exercises that help maintain the shape of the drivers. This does not necessarily leave his steel horse as advised Alexander Nevsky (we mean the actor Kuritsyn, but not a great Russian Prince). Can be dirty on dirty doorsteps and to freak out the other participants of the camp, they say, and so I did not squeeze, and he’s still halfway collapsed. Twist the neck. to relax your eyes, do some bending and wrist work simulator. The extra muscle will not increase, but the body will be very pleased.

5. Affairs are in order

It’s time to solve the case. Plan your weekend or weekdays, take home papers and receipts. Fill them solve the problem with the choice of a trip for the summer, learn the information that I have long planned to get. Trendy gadgets to help you. Can even shave, if there is an electric razor. But this is for fans of exotic. In General, spend time on those little things and a paper receipt tape, which it don’t usually want to spend.

6. To fill the belly

You eat, and therefore I exist. You’re in the tube, and hence, nervous. Nervous, and then eat. Well, if you don’t eat, we would have. It’s time to have a bite a strategic reserve of sandwiches, nuts and water. If there is no stock, you should have. So, all the cars will be in the crumbs, but the rest of your setup you can do the third item.

7. Bonuses

Turn on the radio, because the radio times hold different contests. So you flag in hand, dozvanivayas and win prizes and sometimes useful gifts. Usually cast movie tickets.

By the way, remember that the earth is round, and send a message with information on where tube. Radio station all the information about the traffic you get just from drivers. Not yourself, people!

8. Sing and see

Cork – a place of unity equally unhappy riders of iron horses like you. In the tube are all equal. Well, if you are a mere mortal, devoid of magical glow over the roof of the car and the annoying beep. So turn the music up, open the window and start to yell, maybe someone will join!

If the lady from the next car asks you with a bat in hand to make the music quieter, as her son early to get acquainted with creativity of group «x.. forget it», then close the Windows and enjoy your favorite «Pesnyary» himself. Can also watch a movie, especially if there is no time. In the morning traffic, evening traffic, the day and the film will win.

9. Dora the Explorer

A very good way that will help in the future to avoid the treacherous crowds. Take a map, arm yourself with information from the Internet, learn which way you can drive around the treacherous traffic, what other way can lead you to the intended place without much delay and at what time of day it is better to pass. Very useful.

10. Play, sing

This option is ideal only for those who somehow loves musical instruments. I don’t mean French horn, but something less: ukulele, mouth organ, flute. You can Bang on the drum sticks to the rhythm of your favorite song. Well, if this bar is not sorry. Those who do not know how, you can start practicing. Where, as in the tube, to do this. Exciting and fun. Doody on your health, hone your skills, have fun… Just don’t get carried away, and that he will cause another deadlock. And don’t be shy, at the same time amuse people. Maybe someone will want to listen to your trills.

11. And…

You can do them. Clear the nostrils from the accumulated wealth, discourage fingers of your own unique rhythm on the steering wheel booster, stick to a charming neighbor in the traffic jam, demanding her phone his «don Juan» techniques, to talk to my mom on the phone, to make love and, most interestingly, to come up with criminal convictions and a term of punishment for those bastards, which arose damn tube.

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