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Good day, dear editors manygoodtips.com. As one of the previous asked question, I write to you from the steppes of Kazakhstan, as well from the steppes, it is difficult to call the steppe the big city.

But here’s the thing. Just a few months I will be a quarter. His entire adult life to this suffering nonsense. Not really played sports, not strongly developed my business and communication skills, but what can I say, do not know how to cook and work with tools, somehow finished University and work in the specialty. In the end, reaching up to 25 years to work in local companies and salaries 180 thousand tenge (in your currency 36 thousand), at least in our city, this salary is considered average, believe me, it is very small and is not an indicator for adult, self-sufficient man that I wanted to be, to top it all, still live with my parents. Just six months ago, it dawned on me, and I began to change. Quit drinking on the weekends with friends, watching all sorts of TV shows, eat packs of sweets and fast food, joined the gym, went to the preparatory courses to graduate (good English I learned, one of the few of my achievements over the years), I began to read the specialized literature, has ceased to play computer games.

The question itself on my surroundings. As soon as I started changing, I realized that bogged down in some quagmire. Friends sharply negatively apprehended this change, moreover, when I offered to go with me to the gym, stop drinking alcohol and generally relax and live like cattle, they laughed and began to look for excuses like «times are not the same», «so I’m happy with my life», «too late to change», «no money for the gym» that is most interesting to drink then they have the money, etc. moreover, resent the fact that I began to spend less time, less likely to communicate. In addition to friends, parents, and the girl also doesn’t approve at least some changes. For example, they are not satisfied with what I get up at 6am to go before work to the gym, what I’m looking for a new, more promising work, go to the courses (say, studied, master’s degree plus).

Anyway, here’s my question, what do I do with its environment? Because I so hard all I’m doing now, with a serious overcome himself, his laziness and force myself to not eat unhealthy food, do not drink on the weekends and read instead of go see the show which. There are small breakdowns, the cause of which becomes my surroundings. I’m afraid that if this goes again fail and return to their previous lifestyle.

The answer

Apparently, soon it will be necessary to open a branch in Kokshetau, Taldykorgan or Zhanaozen, because as he said, Andrey Arshavin: «Demand in Kazakhstan cannot be ignored».

Well, what do you say, earthly life has passed a quarter, well, that changed his mind and is absolutely wonderful that you still began to change. We always said that we need to start to do something, and change will come. Well, if all of the above changes really helped you, worse if anything in your life, and the Outlook has not changed, and all this «healthy and right» stuff that you started to confess, you confess in vain. And then take out their comrades with stories about how awesome you are and how you wonderful. For example, if you without blueprints was really better — great, if not a glass of red at dinner will not hurt. So it is with education. And dripping to your friends and encourage them to a healthy way of life is like spit in a glass of beer. Here you are, with such changes decided to become an independent man, and they do not hover, they do so well. That’s when they will begin to oppress life when they start whining about life’s injustices and to complain of destiny, and then go with their advice. Who are for healthy lifestyle, as they say, what!

All you can do is to go to your goal, if you’re confident in it. But friends… why would they tell you? Who value you only for what you were drinking? Another thing is that you, under the yoke of change itself has changed a bit. So, I advise you to behave, not to become conceited and even occasionally to pay attention to the friends. At the same time and willpower will train — not touching alcohol drinking in company. Most importantly, don’t end up Masturbates at his own reflection Narcissus, which tells the story of his regime, and about how yesterday he didn’t eat Shawarma, then people will have no problems. If such meetings you are confusing, and you need to concentrate on myself — the Lord is with you, focus. If your communication stops, then congratulations, you had no friends and drinking companions. It happens that people disagree, get lost. To find a company that meets your new interests.

Pay attention to some strong-willed rulers who are trying to radically modernize the country. Say… Urfin jus, Karabas Barabas or the wicked witch Mug, has invaded the Kingdom of fairy tale characters. They really don’t care what accounts for the population, let it die, the main thing is not to mutiny and suffered, and bright future is very close on the horizon. Don’t like that you took yourself? Let him suffer, in any case, not the last people in your life.

And we very much hope that the chosen way will truly bring you joy, pleasure, real change and give feel like a man. Now, at an early stage, nothing is clear, everything will become clear with time. But if in a month nothing will change, will be the satisfaction, it is better to change the program. Because successful and self-sufficient becomes even those who are not involved in sports, gets up for lunch, drinks, and eats meat sandwiched between buns.

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