What to do with coffee except drinking

manygoodtips.com_23.03.2015_F3zhquzB8UqRMCoffee is much more than a constant attribute of your morning addiction. You already know how to repurposed vodka and beer, now is the time to discover the amazing opportunities for practical coffee grounds.

1. Seasoning for steak


Add the meat a spicy flavor and a smoky taste, soak pork in marinade from a small amount of coffee grounds and cooked this dish in the oven. Believe me, pork baked in a coffee worth the effort.

2. Coffee grounds as fertilizer


Perhaps you are the proud owner of a suburban area or live in the private sector. And if your Hobbies include gardening or growing vegetables, and the last is a very useful skill in times of crisis, then you should know that the coffee grounds is a great fertilizer, stimulating the growth of flowers and some food. The sediment contains calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen, plus not smell like shit, unlike conventional fertilizer.

3. Natural insect repellant


Coffee has a smell that repels insects, including ants and mosquitoes, not allowing them to enter the house.

4. Own air freshener


Storing ground coffee in a bag in breathable fabric will help to get rid of unpleasant odors in the air and even in the refrigerator. Can throw such a container in your smelly shoes or in clothes closets. Moreover, rubbed up liquid, you instantly will get rid of the smell of garlic, onions or fish on them.

5. Disguise scratches on furniture


Coffee stained scratched the tree in a natural shade, and scratches on dark furniture will no longer be visible. For this we need to dilute the coffee with a small amount of boiling water and the resulting mixture is rubbed into the scratches. Then there will be only clean the furniture with a soft cloth and open mouthed. By the way, it’s the same trick you can do with your leather jacket.

6. A new shade for the tree


Refresh the color of any wooden surfaces simply by wiping their coffee.

7. A great tool for


Coffee grounds perfectly removes plaque on pots and pans, grease stains in the sink, both new and those that are the same age as you. Plus it perfectly captures the glass without scratching it.

8. A great tool for the face


Don’t think you’re a man, this shit don’t you. Rubbed his face with coffee grounds, you free suffering the pores of the face of the deep mud, and also be all day to enjoy your favorite fragrance that turns your nose.

9. Trap for cockroaches


Although many animals and insects are deterred by the smell of coffee, for some reason, cockroaches enjoy them in full. This is another proof that cockroaches will be our future post-apocalyptic overlords. Well, until then, you can build a cunning trap, sprinkling coffee grounds in a jar and placing it in the middle of adhesive tape.

10. Removing blockages


Add a tablespoon of coffee grounds in the drain hole in the sink. The water will go much faster.

11. Fresh breath


Hold in your mouth coffee bean, you will become the owner of pleasant breath. And, unlike the gum, you don’t need to wait seven years to rid the stomach of this thing, so if you accidentally swallow.

12. Protecting Pets from fleas


Add coffee grounds to the shampoo for your pet, and after bathing it will cease to itch like mad.

13. Wound healing


To stop the bleeding from scratches, not caused by a serious injury, examples of her rag soaked coffee grounds. Then rinse the wound with clean water.

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