What to do with a wine bottle?

Time samodelkina on manygoodtips.com. Not long ago, I drank wine, really great wine, but way cooler was a bottle: the shape is interesting, thick glass, beautiful notch-depression on the bottom — in a word, beauty. Only here to get her in the trash was rather sad: just something good thrown away. But there’s a chance to give a second life to used bottles!

One can make glasses, vases and other interesting wares. Provided that your hands grow from where they are supposed to grow in nature.

For this simple procedure you will need the following materials.

symmetrical wine bottle;

— steklorezy (available at any hardware);

— rags or towels;

— large pot + potholder;

— candles;

— 2-3 sheets of dry or wet sandpaper, fine.

delatv stakani doma0571036970

First, you must first remove all labels and adhesive. It’s harder than it seems at first glance. For this bottle you just need to be heated to boiling in a saucepan with the water. Now take a tack the neck of the bottle and gradually remove the unpleasant adhesive layer together with the label. Now the bottle clean.

delatv stakani doma2070992342

The proposed glass cutter line, it needs to secure the bottle spinning on the surface. The cut is made, now on a well and evenly heated it on a candle. Warmed up, now, while it’s still hot, sharply pushes into the ice water. Sudden changes in temperature benefit: after a while you will hear a pop, and the workpiece is easily separated from the bottle.

delatv stakani doma0588581448

Make sure everything is straight.

delatv stakani doma0587126637

Now it’s time to make everything nice and safe. Carefully leveled sharp chips on the sandpaper so that it was impossible to cut. If you have a sandblaster, you can make it beautiful.

delatv stakani doma1031449379

Now take the sandpaper and process smaller region more thoroughly.

delatv stakani doma1824778163

You can also on the outer side to make the bumps.

delatv stakani doma0082876550

That such nonsense should get. Almost IKEA.

delatv stakani doma0596678307

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