What to do with a diploma, but to put on the shelf

So, man according to our intelligence, we have collected different variations of the practical application of your favorite diploma, for which you went without sleep for five years. Something we asked a closed group, something assembled from other users of the diploma. Earlier, we wrote that you can wipe his diploma, but now manygoodtips.com sincerely convinced that it is not so absurd a thing as it seems at first glance.

1. Stand for the Cup

Fucking spot on the table! You pour your coffee, put the Cup on your computer Desk – and voila! – circular spots, which zadalbyvaet to scrub. A solution proposed by one of our readers chic: use the diploma as a stand coffee. On the table there is no spots, and your degree works for you. All was said!

2. The prop under the door

One of our readers had the following problem: the door to his room closes, then opens. Cats cohabiting with him in his house, betray this small problems the universal scope: they are constantly moving the door. It has a bad effect on the mental state of the reader. The best solution is to use the diploma as a backup under the door. In the end, the door stands in its place and the diploma was again beneficial. Way to go, cum!

3. Opener for beer

Yes, I agree, it’s uncomfortable. Much easier to use the table or a normal human can opener. But! If you don’t want to spoil smooth and well-polished cover your Desk, and a special tool for opening bottles not, the diploma may be useful in the accelerator. A little bit of practice, and now you are drinking your favorite cold beer.

4. Mouse pad

«When did you last see a mouse pad?» – ask me. To which I reply: «Yes, a lot of people, saw with my own eyes, I swear.» The original cover design of the diploma will allow you to use this paper as a mouse pad. When your friends come to your house, you will immediately see that you’re a Patriotic guy and jokes with you is bad.

5. Fly swatter

If you live on the first floor of a house, even a mosquito net or whatever you hang on the window, does not guarantee you complete freedom from the damned insects. And as for evil, flies and blood-sucking creatures arrive when you least expect it. So keep at hand a diploma that will be the last object that he saw in his life an annoying fly. 5 years of oppression, hardship and education will always be faster than any insect.

6. The method of education

Work.kom.ua_8.07.2015_4netit9CcfptIIf your dog shits once in your shoes, you can use the diploma for his training. The weight of knowledge and use, which absorbs the document must convince your dog to go to the toilet anywhere.

7. Backup for refrigerator

Although the name is almost identical to that described in paragraph 2, however, the essence is quite different. You have a new flat, with perfectly smooth floors, but you, too, old refrigerator, which for some reason are skewed in different directions. Sometimes necessary to substitute for it something that could reconcile. The ideal option may be your diploma.

PS Method also works for trim cabinets, stoves, major musical centers and other equipment.

8. «I’m in the house»

In the end, you can just hide from everyone, saying that you’re «in the house», wearing a certain way diploma on his head. Unwanted visitors, tax authorities, bailiffs and other nasty you guys get out of hell, not finding your place of stay. Function «I’m in the house», but it is worth it to get a degree.

9. Fan

Well, if you don’t have a split or fan, the diploma will again help you out (what is still a useful thing). Enough to swing them a couple of times and you will shoot a gust of air. You can, of course, to use the journal, but again, the design of the diploma is a plus, and its high cost will make sure that the air is the most special person in your life.

10. Use for grilling

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_EXXCMIW9B3fm3No, we advise you not to burn it, it would be sheer idiocy. To burn 5 years of his life – and that’s only the biggest fool. However, you can use the diploma to fan the fire. Similar to when cooking meat on the coals, the fire. So it’s a noble cause and male. Diploma again works for you!

Help you owners of the diploma to find a use for him in real life. Perhaps you have your own original thoughts on this subject.

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