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Will make the start for clarity. This story happened a year ago, when I had my b-day. Friend, though a friend I no longer call himself a fan of bikes. Somehow the conversation turned to the gift he decided to give me a bike for a considerable amount (21 ka), summing up the fact that I’ll see and ride around the city. I’m certainly not a fan of bikes, and I asked him several times if he decided to give me for the amount of the gift, but he replied in the affirmative.

In result I have a bike, ride a couple of times, then winter came and I scored big. Well in order to great not collecting dust, and I knew that he would stand in the spring and summer, I decided to sell it to his friend. 2-3 months after it was given to me. I may be an asshole, that did it, but I think it was the right decision. And here we come to the conclusion.A friend planned a birthday party, I think you understand what I mean. It all starts with the fact that he seemed to hint: «I gave you Velos, please me some give within such amount. At this point I snapped and hit a bunch. I wrote an angry SMS in response to his proposal that, say, I have no money and I’ll give you too, but not now. He, of course, has not stopped and every couple of months, remembered me.

Come, in General, the spring call, and I began to mow and to plan how and what can be done. Then I thought came to move in with a friend in another city and there to hang through friends. Of course, I told my young «friend». A few days later I come in the VC SMS with the condition. Since I wanted to go for a year, he wrote to me: «I was thinking… since you’re going on a long time in another city, for you I have a condition. Look, can you give 10 ka or 15 ka for choice.»

So, how do in such cases? Of course, I decided that I would not give this person anything, because it was my decision — to give or not to give, and as people for their own benefit gives gifts, and then shakes them back, this is too much. I finally asked him why he gave such a gift, and you know what I said? This is a test for a friend. I laughed so much, to be honest.At the moment I do not communicate with him and he’s trying to reestablish communication, but I have lost the desire to deal with this person.

So I want to hear your opinion about this case. And if you, dear friend, reading this post, then you’re an asshole, and I think you’ll guess who wrote it.

The answer

Well you, a pancake, give. Where are you all like friends?

Let’s start with you. Take it a rule: if you suddenly on the horizon of your life loomed another benefactor — don’t take expensive gifts to know that if you can’t give something dear in return. Otherwise there are such incidents. The giver always hopes for the symmetry in the gift, If we are not talking about your family, of course, or close friends, tested by time. Such with whom one pot went some pants wore like. Something tells me that you friendship was a level ride, fart for each other you just shy.

It is clear that I want to get an expensive gift, but see what consequences it brings? So the centuries-old society was destroyed, the war began, divorce and the like.

And most importantly. Do not hurry to get rid of given. Here you have shown yourself as an asshole. You know the saying — don’t give a gift? Behaved like some kind of huckster, sorry, the novice financier. If you have already received an expensive gift (well, you never know, the donor insisted), do not rush to get rid of him until his birthday. Now would give it to my ex (comrade, of course) and calmly, with a clear conscience ripped from her. Like, I don’t need your charity, and would give him a chocolate and a book. And now according to the laws of honor have to give something expensive. But our world ravaged many times raped. Does anyone even know what honor? Simply put, your friend is behaving like a bastard. A normal person can give a hint about an expensive gift. but to require? And God forbid. In your situation to change something is difficult, I had previously thought. Now with a clear conscience was his friend away.So sleep well. To show you he can not do anything. How would not like to give gifts to people according to our relationship to him, often have to give as much as naskrebetsya in holey pockets. If you feel uncomfortable — so uncomfortable, can’t sleep, then give this infantile animal merauder friendship gifts, 5000 rubles. A considerable sum of money, often from family give less. If you can afford it, then went to him along with a detailed description of where and how he needs to go with their requirements. Trust me, then you’ll be even, because to go into debt because of the gift only in order to please the woman he loves. And you don’t love him, it can be seen, neither in your relationship spark. And can generally give one thousand, each gives a lifting for him gifts. If he can afford 20 — it’s great. And you can’t afford more than 5 Grand (or many?), and nothing to do about it. In the Civil code not prescribed, because all he can do is to complain to the mother, to throw you the requirements and tell others about how you are dishonest. But normal people will say that he is an idiot.

In General, sleep well. On personal experience I can advise you not to accept expensive gifts. But if greed takes over, no rush to get rid of them. Remember, a gift is a voluntary donation, a symbol of friendship, and nothing for him to require not. In fact, as it is impossible to claim it back.

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