What to do when one makes fun of your flaws

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Hi, drugged. I write to you in anger and hatred, in so many words in the greetings will not spend. Let’s just say that you are the best guys and what a year we’ve spent together, I became a different person.

Go to the heart of the case and the reasons for my anger. My friend, whom I consider one of her best, openly, in the heap of people were making fun of my shortcomings. External. I certainly don’t like the «Satan’s sphincter», but not perfect. I hinted, they say, cut it out. He didn’t understand. Then I told him directly that he told me that he does not understand what the problem is.

In General, the question is! How to wean of from this bad habit?

To answer such assholes?

The answer

Hey, man. First, calm down, bring the nerves in order, breathe in a paper bag. On the count of three you will feel a slight-slight warmth, joy. Mama bear and drink warm milk. All, you’re not mad anymore? Then listen. Your friend — the biggest and most repulsive asshole of all that could be called your friends. Well at least he’s not fucking your girlfriend and not trying to gain the trust of your grandmother, so that she rewrote the apartment on him, not you.

Between best friends, it is quite normal to grenoside each other publicly. And it’s not limited to karmanovsky «fat», my friend calls her husband. We are talking about a higher relationship when you publicly exaggerating disappointing facts about each other, not shy to talk about what you did with mom each other. I call my friend fat bastard, he had me e…m dwarf, and we feel good. Millions of people live, and they’re happy. But this behavior is only possible if you have a sense of humor all right, and none of you is offended. Besides, when you grenoside person, quite easy to cross the line. Therefore, we must always know when to stop, and your comrade was worth the slow down. Apparently, he just stands out with your help. A man wants to be king of humor, be visible, but if underdeveloped brain, and the mind is nowhere to take, only to ridicule his neighbor. The middle is not nabyut face.

Although we, as an experienced Pinkerton, not enough facts, it may be quite innocent jokes and you just have no sense of humor? You know, there are people with a particular sense of humor that jokes do not know, but I want to. And most worryingly for you, these people are very, very much. So the urge to treat insults to your address as easy as possible. In the future will be useful.

Now as for your friend. Let’s decide what to do with him — to drown or to suffocate in silence. Better to do it as unobtrusively as possible and their hands. For example, to change the situation so that he slipped on water and fell on the neck lay the ax. Quite trivial situation, according to the NTV channel, this happens every day.

But seriously, it is published here exactly two. Write it down, they can be used quickly and cheaply to wean from bad habits.

The first is to take a position obizhenku and stop to talk to him. Silently, without tantrums, add it to a life ban, to change their minds. If does not help, if he did not think, do not fix it, apologize, or worse, after apologies and promises will continue to be bullying, it means that the animal is not worthy of friends in principle. The irony is irony, but friendship should be cherished.

Second: do not oppress him back. Preferably much harder than he hits you. To understand the reptile, as this is when your funny nose up srate comparison. This should sober up the patient and give your relationship more traditional features. You communicate like the characters in Jerome K. Jerome of «Three men in a boat not counting the dog», — stiff, politely and you. By the way, you might like to humiliate people in public, so don’t forget to stop (if your friend starts to behave).

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