What to do when a girl asks about the number of exes?


Every bro ever had such problems. You are lying in bed, a cigarette pull there polysexual, cuddling, or something more interesting involved (e.g., watching a good movie, it’s all positive and there is). Your sweet girl is attracted to you gentle hugs on the neck, so you’re somewhere in your heart, you begin to suspect that something is wrong. But you still fall in her trap. Passion sets you long-awaited this or not the question: «Honey, how many did you have before me?».

And what do you do, friend? Need to prepare, dude! First, listen to what we tell you on this subject say. Just take into account that the case in this article talking about a serious relationship and not light school novels and similar relations for fun.

Note that for this reason there are a few thoughts.

On the one hand, if the number of girls in your life will be in small quantities, even the most intelligent, tolerant and cool military girlfriend can be completely logical question: «why so few?» Then the girl will think, and not you, and not random, and can provide a strong shoulder, not a fool or something similar and unpleasant. Mind you, the dude that even a loving girl will immediately think that you just haven’t found someone for whom your flower grew up.» She’ll take it on the pencil.

On the other hand, a large number of ladies in your life can become much more nervous about your girlfriend. She may think you’re a fickle man that you are unreliable and can leave her for someone better. No offense to you it will be said that girl is right.

Of course you can behave like a knight and to tell the truth, and then think that if a girl you «suddenly» begin to suspect or to look at you a little better, «she’s just not like or not appreciate your honesty.» Of course, this will depend on what girl you have, but the few who should not be in the life of the thesis «trust, but verify». And this is quite reasonable. Honestly, for many guys from our office, to bring the girl help, clearly proves that you are pure in body and spirit.

Another thing is that such things as the number of girls are no «Golden mean». For one girl a lot is more than twenty girls have you ever had an erotic relationship, and for another ten, and openly enough, so it is worth considering, not goof this young man?». I knew a girl three or four girls in the life of 31-year-old boy, it was very huge amount, which means that this person is unreliable and it is necessary to look again (Chaste and prudent as that interesting happens in my life). For different people and amount (much / little totally different. One may try to deduce from this figure the mean, but it won’t work — science is a little different and numbers cannot be expressed.

Let’s say that you will remember and call all the girls that you had in your life. Suppose your passion even satisfied with the answer. But the problem is that now in the near future you have got to tell about each of them. Emotional contact was where they are now, why they broke up, how many met… Well, hemorrhoids you increase. And if you have a «friendly» talk with his ex, and you’ve had a long lasting relationship, don’t be surprised that she will be jealous. Anyway, dude, bummer!

Our advice to you, dude, first understand what kind of person your girlfriend is. If it is more or less aware of his violent past (if it was), she never put you this question: because he’s afraid to get an exact answer, then to sleep restless. The maximum number of serious relations. If the past you had a relaxed and smooth, you can try to admit it, but our advice to you, don’t lie shallow and blatantly! If you had five girls, don’t say that it was «three with you.» Volunteered to say it. And don’t exaggerate, it’s somehow not Mature, agreed. Besides, if you lied the first time, and then said the exact number, don’t think your girlfriend won’t notice — they are great notice.

Best advice — answer evasively in the spirit of: «What’s the difference, darling. Most importantly, I am clean and body and soul, and now I have you. And don’t worry!». After these words can safely bring her a certificate from the dermatovenerologic dispensary, and put in a harsh embrace.

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