What to do unemployed

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2014_d3iQlXcoHBYZjUnfortunately, unemployment is often associated with negativity, fear, sense of inferiority and stress. After you lost your job, you not feeling like you’ve lost the meaning of life. However, if you have a few days I will be without a job and not going to waste time, you will feel all the benefits of temporary unemployment.

Being unemployed find a new place for employment, just note that you’ll need time to improve their skills needed for your future career. Put all the problems and worries far away and rip it up in this short period of time when you are completely free.

1.Know thyself


We always arrive in a state of constant change. And it is quite natural that some of your interests, skills and weaknesses to develop as they get older. Therefore, a reassessment of values and change of the things are crucial if you want to progress in their careers. For this reason, take a moment to get to know yourself. Everything from skills, which you received on its previous work including errors and disadvantages. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you in solving future problems. Below are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • There is something you need to improve or learn?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Your strengths? What you valued in your last job?
  • Do you like to work in a team or do you prefer to work alone?
  • Or do you like travel internationally for business meetings?
  • It is also a great time to figure out what exactly you expect from your new job.



A programmer who knows how to handle the early 2000’s not seen as a valuable employee for the company. The purpose of this step is to upgrade current skills and obtaining new knowledge that look valuable in the eyes of the employer.

It’s just, try to subscribe to blogs, study course free trainings, read articles every day.

Use this time to search for free and paid online courses that can provide you with a certificate upon completion of the study. Add new certificate of completion in his summary, this is a great way to show your future employer your skills. The most important thing that you can do it in his favorite chair!

3.Find time to search your dream job


Stop. It is not necessary to call the first ad you saw in the newspaper. You’ll need a Notepad and pen. You have to write down the numbers of the companies that offer the most relevant jobs for you. Use multiple sites for job search. Look for a job taking into account your wishes: salary, position, location. Many of these websites show reviews, salary, and information about the history and traditions of the company, so you can find out everything you need before you choose that is best suited for you. Take your time, evaluate your skills and not sell yourself short.

4.Become a freelancer


Now your office is your computer with Internet access. If you’re a marketer, designer, web developer, copywriter, artist or editor, this is a great opportunity for you. You can work in international companies from the comfort of home. Working as a freelancer will help you pay bills while you seek your dream job.

5.Think about your favorite hobby


Everyone has at least one hobby or favorite pastime, but not everyone has time for it. Whether going to the gym, Cycling, learning martial arts. Now is your chance to grow as a person and come to grips with likes. Let your creativity flourishes, and you’ll soon find happiness where it is not expected to meet him.

6.Spend time with friends and family


We often neglect people who are important to us. Especially when you need to finish the project over the next 12 hours. Call a friend that you could not meet it all the time or relative whom you also have not seen. Take a walk, prepare meals together, just spend time together, you must have something to say to each other.

Maybe you’re left without a job, but that is no reason to despair. Every negative situation reveals something positive even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day. In the end, unemployment is temporary.

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