What to do to the girl loved anal sex

anal sex technique

We did not have time to prepare for the opening of new sections, because the New Year. So the first question we get from our archive:


«Dude, my relationship with my girlfriend a small problem — the lack of anal sex. I can recommend what you need to do to get her to try to engage me in anal sex?»

And despite the fact that such questions are asked by pupils and the shy nerds, we decided to help him in his difficult situation in which, by the way can hit many of us. Admit it, to try with my girlfriend anal sex would be interesting. All would be interesting. Well, at least once? Moreover, not sensitive to try and immediately break off and abandon the idea, and try hard, with feeling, really, with the arrangement! Examining the wilds of the Internet we in the editorial distribute a list of tips. With the world on a string — guy anal sex with my girlfriend.

I must say that to start such experiments with a girl for one night — difficult because, firstly, there is little chance that your idea will be perceived on «hurrah», and secondly, when a strange man worse to embarrass yourself and much less clear, happy or not happy with this man. If something to do, do it thoroughly, otherwise what’s the point? Now finished with the tutorial part and go to our vital tips.

1. All girls like to be praised — so they are arranged. When you’re in bed, compliment her. Tell me how you like her ass. Big or small, matter — just make it so that she was sure her ass you like and what you have on it types.

2. Affection. So, for anal sex is also needed. During foreplay you are interested in the part of the body need to caress, kiss and all that jazz. It will help the girl feel more comfortable and less time worrying about how does anal sex and if she’ll get pleasure from it.

3. Before you proceed, we need to talk. Need an honest and, moreover, the sexual conversation that she confided in you that she felt sorry and thought that you put pressure on her. Push in any case impossible. Try to start to see erotic movies or even porn. It is necessary to approach the matter easily, without stress and pressure of painful waiting: «that’s it, now come to pass,-at!»

4. If you show that you are confident, strong and ready to meet her request, she will react to your idea positively. Do not have to shower her with rose petals, and champagne that may well create the atmosphere. In addition, if you can convince her that know their business, it will be less to worry about, that everything will go wrong. If she worries, muscles tense, and it is a huge obstacle for anal sex.

5. Pay a visit to a sex shop. Buy something: it’s full of vibrators, lubricants and other stuff. At first don’t look giant devasena or sverhsekretnye multifunctional pieces: this will only scare your friend. Regarding materials, it is not necessary desensitizing pieces because your buddy will no longer be sensitive, and the little girl will experience from your efforts. Strange thing: they are created specially for anal sex, and they ruin everything.

6. Big and bold, the prelude. You have to prepare her emotionally, you have a million of oral sex (and not to ignore your main goal), we must first deal with human vaginal sex. Most girls don’t like to go straight to the anal, and these wishes should be respected. First, you need to have to her whole body relaxed and was open to you — and there you your take.

7. To stick something through the back door should be gradual. For example, starting with a finger. And better to lubricate it or, at worst, to lick, to better included. Ask her if she likes, and again turn on the compliments. Seriously: confidence, comfort and relaxation is what you need to succeed. It is, incidentally, insecure feeling, it always need cheering up.

8. While you’re having sex, try to stick to her back door a few fingers. Slowly, very carefully. It relaxes her and helps her to get used to the idea that there may be something more fingers. Kiss her and gently put it on the abdomen or sideways — then you can use a toy that you bought the day before. Kiss her neck and slowly-slowly start to put what you need and where you want. She might want to control the process and let controls. The main thing is never be too quick to move and repeat the stunts that you see in porn. Guess why? They are engaged, I may say professionals, who have behind them the years of anal practices. Most likely, you don’t belong to them. Carefully, slowly, gradually — see and hear how comfortable and nice.

9. When I got to work in time the same toys. By the way, mind you, in your best interest to make sure she came because the orgasm relaxes the muscles.

10. And again compliments. Tell me how you like the process. Whisper in her ear. If necessary, add more lubricant and keep moving with moderate speed.

11. Remember: not everyone gets it the first time. Someone to walk this path, you need a few steps. The first time you may do nothing, but with practice it will only get better. Don’t worry if your first extravaganza will not work: here success is achieved with training, time and practice. Even porn stars with something started. Just the same.

12. Girls important impact. They need to feel that they are appreciated. It may seem strange, but compliments, flowers, chocolates, oral sex, champagne, linen — all these things are welcome. Do not say: «Thank you for anal sex» and handing her a chocolate bar, it’s not ridiculous. Just after sex it is necessary to treat — she’ll understand, don’t say a word. She needs to understand how much you appreciate her courage and openness. Ass — the kind of place that not everyone wants to bother with a visit to something from the outside, so if she agreed to it, this fact should be appreciated.

And so, condoms has not been canceled.

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