What to do to make you not sick of yourself

come to terms with yourselfRemember how at the end of the eleventh grade parents and klassnaja decided that it is necessary for us to remove the memorial video about our class. It showed how we are supposedly running around (of course, we ran the team), are measured by force and dream about something» (failure pseudometric shooting scenes, which I sincerely and faithfully walk). The highlight of the program — our monologues in the frame. Each of us sit in front of the camera and how many seconds expounded my plans for life. When we received the mounted masterpiece, it turned out that we each wanted to become something great: to all career plans have made this ubiquitous epithet. And who among us was! Big lawyers, the big journalists, the great engineers, the great translators (I wonder how?). In the whole class there was only one girl who just wanted to get married. The others had Napoleonic plans.

These plans, of course, fail in all directly into my eyes. Not that we did not become great — we have not learned to at least do something good. All this is because it is impossible to do something good until you consider yourself capable of it. First you need to make sure you are not sick of yourself. With this we will understand.

Make a list

In my opinion, in the modern world this is the Golden rule: going to do something — make a list. Anything. The store gathered the list (not to buy too much and don’t forget the main thing). The girl was going to leave a list (pros and cons of the decision, its advantages and disadvantages). Want to go to work — again list («for» and «against» possible options of alternative jobs). Fuck going anywhere without a list (don’t know why, probably too advise)?! In short, the list around the head.

Why is he here? To clarify for you the situation. Usually when we are angry that we leave it to the conscience of other people, forgetting that they can’t control their actions — only your reaction to them. Besides, you can usually say, «to Hell with them, with other people, I did this shit…» anyway there are things that irritate you in you. From them and need to make a list. That they do not give you to treat yourself like human beings.

Do you regret the missed opportunities? Blame yourself for the mistake? Sorry about the times when we could do anything and chose not to do anything? To the list!

We are all people with disabilities and can clean up those things that lie before us to be done today, here and now. After seeing a number of past mistakes and failures, you realize: you have no other choice but to come to terms with them, acknowledge their existence, not ever run away from them. It even helps to set goals, move forward and avoid similar mistakes in the future.


The most difficult thing. Forbid you a bearded guy with a halo writing in front of each failure surface an excuse, although this is the easiest way. Instead, you need to spend on the process, and hence himself a lot of time and work. You see before you fail. You know that could do everything differently and get a different result. You acknowledge that in all these situations that you’re not proud, you have not behaved as it should. And… put up with this shit. You stop playing in my head all sorts of alternative scenarios and vain: it already happened. In the end, you are who you are, because you have done this shit. Every wrong choice helped you carve out blocks of marble shape you today. And there is nothing to think, whoever you were and wherever you live if woulda. I personally do not believe that we can do something there to experience or to something there used to. We don’t forget. Just accept and that’s it. It depends on us only one thing: can we consider each failure as a separate burden, and it is possible to think that this kind of chapters of the book. It would seem, a hell, but in the first case from this hell you’re in pain, and the second just watching expired.

A Pact with a loved one

The brain has the following property: if it is a long time for something to fixate, and then he from time to time returns to the thoughts, even if they are supposedly irrelevant. So it will be with memories of all your posts: you think about them, not once. In this case, to conclude a contract. Every time your mind got thoughts of your failures, remember that the compensation that has spent so much time, not dire consequences of their mistakes and the subsequent disappointment. Another important part of the Treaty is to promise yourself that you will behave differently if suddenly faced with a similar problem.


We often can’t do something. We get the waiver, we reject, we reject that things can happen. In this case, there are two ways. Or do you allow that fact to devour you, or you choose yourself, if no one else you choose. Bent, Yes? It’s a way to overcome the Intrusive and insistent «nobody wants me», which sucks. Every morning I Wake up and realize that they need to himself. It requires willpower and perseverance, but it is better to try and climb out of the skin than to face their own worthlessness and with a sorrowful look to sit in the corner. Over time it will become easier, better and even some other people you will need no less than himself.


Which is not noticeable from the outside. I often hear from a friend that she does not control your mood — even a lot of people are convinced that the senses have dominion over thoughts. In such hands, the feelings, of course, out of control and do what they want because they have no guiding force. The whole point is perception. When you remember what needs to remain open and calm, and remember that he assess everything in the world becomes smaller drum.


Sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally. If the environment constantly reminds you of how you fucked up, disfigured with my life, and things not proud of, change the environment. Why not?


Papusas, one day you will suffer and begin to do something well because you don’t have obstacles. You may even change your understanding of what is good and what is worth doing well. It will be interesting from this position to assess the progress.

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