What to do to have sex?


On the one hand, dude, who doesn’t want to have sex more often? And with another – busy schedules, busy schedules, endless days in the office literally deprive you of this opportunity. A familiar situation? And don’t lie, everyone does it. So today we will tell you what to do to rectify the situation.

If you

Go to the gym. You can Wake up and elevated the whole day to look forward to future evenings, but the whole day running back and forth, delay at work and other pleasures of modern life do their dirty work. Fatigue – the worst enemy of the world sex. It happens that at the end of the day you have no power to meet up with his girlfriend or to seek adventure. You usedona larger pleasure fell on the sofa and slept until tomorrow, right? Don’t fall for it, friend! We suggest you in this case, go to the gym. Yeah, the way it is: it just seems that you don’t have the strength to workout. It will give you a boost of energy and stimulate your libido. Magic, man.

Be creative. Maybe you have sex less because you’re bored? Of course, sex itself can not get bored, but routine. Change something, be creative. Sofa, shower, floors in the living room, kitchen floor, kitchen table – the one in your apartment lies a lot of opportunities. And if you think about places other than your house… you and I think will forget about boredom!


This is the girl? You tried the gym and changing areas, but you’re still not in a rush? Maybe you and your friend are not on the way? Sex can be anything but boring and stuffy. Hell, you can’t be the only one of the two of you who are interested! If she starts whining about «Today? With you? Um… Probably not gonna work out,» throw it to the dogs. You deserve another relationship.

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Poornima her. If she complains that tired today, offer just to hang out and stay the night. Watch a movie, drink wine. When you go to sleep, give her a hug, slide your fingers up her skin. Usually it starts with such innocent things. Snuggle with him, kiss on the neck. Kaboom! The deed is done. And maybe her mood will remain for the morning.


Give her an outright compliment. You told her a nice compliments – thanks you’ve proven yourself as a gentleman and reached first base. Big deal, by the way. Now stop being shy and give her an outright compliment. For example, say that her short dress drove you crazy all night or that you don’t unable to concentrate when she wears such tight jeans. She will probably be happy with that. And if not, then ditch her, man!

Discuss with her excuses. If you hear from her some «I’m tired» and «I Have a headache», it is worth considering. Well, it can not be so tired every day, and her head is likely in order. This is a very delicate situation, one should approach it with caution. I definitely don’t suggest you tell her something like: «Go to the gym, that’s great boosts libido». The woman under no circumstances should you send to the gym. If it is constantly stalling and finds some excuse, ask, what, in fact, the case. Explain to her that you expect her insane desire every minute, but her behavior is so ridiculous as if this is what you expected. Ask why, and if she can’t explain, it seems, is not the same girl, dude. It’s not yours.

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