What to do on the weekend #5

Why do something this weekend, if you can just do nothing? Another work week behind — time to collapse on the couch in the company of beer and chips. But then what? Monday, which will bring regret about a misspent weekend. Think ahead — make these two days more meaningful, take them with good or at least fun. Can follow our example and to choose what we want to do.

Read «Damned Days» Bunin


History of the Civil war is beginning to interest the population more and more. This field of meanings, there are many hoaxes that benefit certain groups. Fortunately, at that time lived the brilliant people who wrote down what they saw, and did it brilliantly. You can not say that they were objective in their views of objectivity, no one, even such iconic writers as Bunin.

His «Cursed Days» is not just a diary of events, a witness whom he was. It is a toxic slap in the stigma of the people who started all this fratricidal mess. Bunin — person romantic and soft, judging by his literary legacy, but his diary creates a massive conflagration, which pervades the heart and mind of everyone who will read into the written line. The basis of the work are documented days that Bunin spent in Moscow, 1918 in Odessa in 1919. The revolution, he perceives the one — sided- as a national tragedy. To read these diary entries is important for everyone who is interested in radical ideas of «change society», because of the way that offer the idealists, often leading the country to the oceans of blood. Interesting and instructive book, which contains some artistic elements.

Look «Spring Kenji»


Let’s start with the fact that among us very few fans of Japanese animation. Consider the current massive thing, which uses the same techniques and copies itself — art in it a little. Anime is hard to find something equivalent to Lynch’s films or at least films of George Romero. But sometimes I come across paintings that sink into the soul with its artistic and inner strength. For example, we are not ashamed to recommend to you «the Spring of Kenji,» which is also known as «Spring and chaos».

Drew this animation in 1996 — while the Japanese did not think to put in every anime the girls with the 5-th breast size. «Spring Kenji» tells about the hard life of a real person, a writer and poet Kenji Miyazawa. The main character, as a young guy, decides to go his own way and not in his father’s footsteps. He encouraged, thinking that a talented and looked forward to the author’s success, but it fail, he has to return home and to get a job as a rural teacher. From Kenji, is changing, dramatically transformerait his soul and values — he begins to see beauty in the simple, and the truth in hard work, which is expressed in plowing. The villagers laugh at him, because he’s from a «rich family» and his hands are not adapted to the treatment field, but Kenji, despite the repeated failures, continues to bend the line.

The plot of «Spring Kenji» multifaceted, it can be placed in one paragraph. But the main message, we think, is that this man can not break even the most terrible circumstances. Even death itself should not cause your injury. This animated film is primarily about a strong man with a unique view of the world and talent who were his contemporaries incomprehensible. If you think that the films of Hayao Miyazaki is worthy of attention, the «Spring Kenji» will be for you — there are more Mature thought, the boy difficult to understand them.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride!


With high probability, you live in the city. The city is the abode of fear, frustration and violence when you live in it for too long. One naturally wants of nature, change of scenery, travel, but he had to wait for the right moment, because there is work, school or family, which is not going anywhere».

But what’s stopping you just take the ticket and go on the road? It is a pleasure available to everyone. Some can afford to fly to Paris for the weekend, others go for a weekend in the mountains, paying only one gasoline. To travel everyone can. Look at the map of the region, to identify places that would like to visit. Sure your edge is something natural and interesting — some woods, rocks, mountains, lakes or geysers. You can bring your boyfriend or girlfriend and go to live at least one day as a man of the Earth, and not a slave to the concrete walls. What’s stopping you except your own laziness and unfeasible?

A spontaneous trip one day to a nearby semi-abandoned village with a twisted houses, old wells and in it a horse meadow can bring much more emotion than viewing these photos on instagram. Do not build grandiose plans: a floor of hour on fees and on the road.

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