What to do in the summer, if you rogue

manygoodtips.com_27.06.2015_lebXESsbJmaL6«Money is not the main thing,» said someone dumped glue friends to the Canary Islands. And you stayed here, in a dusty town, with a burning sun and empty pockets. Well, not everyone is destined to find a normal job and not fooling around, laying out in the office solitaire for pennies. Retribution came, and summer carelessness turned apathetic boredom, lounging on your favorite couch directly in front of the monitor. Before you know it, as the calendar will turn on the last digits of August, and the only memories of summer days will become your well-aimed spit at the ceiling. And this you call normal?

manygoodtips.com understands the importance of gold coins in his pocket, but advises not to despair in vain. There are good ways to have a great time, which will lack the financial capacity or a collateral in the form of your immortal soul.

1. Festivals/exhibitions/performances

If summer caught you in the city, and not in the center of the forest, then probably around there are many cool public gatherings. Usually, most of them are free, or demand for the input is something symbolic that can be collected from the floor of the subway car.

Try to choose a party for the soul, or, on the contrary, experiment. The name is deceptive, and even the saddest poster can hide something fun and interesting. Do not hesitate and get your ass up off the couch!

2. Flash mobs

Once you participate in the flash mob, even if you’re shy, introverted, low libido and uneven beard. Seriously, suddenly like that – addicted. New friends, nice people, common goal. A flash mob is a good opportunity not only to spend time, but to end up on YouTube.

3. Crafty party

If life has not cheated you in a place where you sit at the laptop, eat and sleep, the ability to budget, but a cool hangout you have at hand. Organize a barter party!

It’s simple. The principle of «divide and conquer» works even here. Make a long list of friends whom you can stand, and start them one by one to invite. Tell you organize the coolest party, and the only entrance fee is… Here and include your skills of diplomacy and ingenuity. What should your party? Alcohol, snacks, juices, strippers? Agree with each other and move on to the next. Duplicate order, exhort – in the end everything should work out.

4. Close travel

Confidence that not near anything of interest, is the most popular trick that we can easily swallow. All I want to sea pictures with the leaning tower or the view from the apartment of luxury hotel. Hometown zadolbali so that is a fit of despair. Therefore, travel is what you need!

To accommodate the trip at minimal costs is possible if to go somewhere close. The lore bores, it is true, but even in the close from your center of the world city is something to see. Take your friends and go on adventures. Then tell us thanks.

5. The way of the animator

When you read the poetry chair in front of a crowd of relatives and was very cool? Your exquisite chant caressed the ears, and is a brilliant wagering dramatic scenes hit right in the heart of the beholder? We hope that such skills for the implementation of public entertainment reflexes you still have. There is a great opportunity to relax and even earn.

Animators – dancers who organize all sorts of staged scenes, fun activities and unoriginal competitions. In the summer the most intelligent of them go to hell, usually on the sea to entertain there all living in hotels or camps.

If you’re not afraid of adventures start to find online these brave guys and girlfriends. Most often they simply don’t have enough people for the trip, therefore, your questionable skills can be met on hurrah. The main thing is to get them to the sea, and there…

6. Perfection is on the verge

Summer is not only fun. Maybe you’re just one of those for whom the benefit is more valuable than a one-time emotional plaque. Ably to spend hot days and cold calculation. For own flow and bring something sweet during the period of summer idleness is perfect:

  • Reading books on NLP/time management and their practical interpretation
  • Create your own blog/site/project
  • Seizure of children’s playgrounds for sports
  • Leveling skills speed reading/memory training


We suggest you to try each option. Proportions personally choose, according to their own desires and due to money opportunities. It will kind of older workout-rest: five approaches to festivals, two parties for the chest… Well, you know.

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