What to do in the first 10 minutes of work

A new day, another day in the office and the first ten minutes of the day. What to do in these ten minutes that was productive all day? There are times when you need to get all your production high, to give yourself an easy life afterwards.

There are many people that for the same working hours and have time to do much more than their counterparts. They do not have secret magical powers, their secret is more simple than it seems. Just follow only few simple steps at the beginning of the day. Then is easier to work and much nicer. Share their secrets with you, our dear man.

1. Wipe the table

And take his trash. Purity is the basis of everything, it is necessary for any production, even if it is an intellectual production. When your table’s a mess, it directly affects the performance. Spend on cleaning the first couple minutes of your stay in the workplace.

2. Gratitude

Yes, the world is a big cesspool with a variety of animals. Well, or vanilla-strawberry pie, which is always welcome. Regardless of how you feel about him and that on this account I think you would be much better if you’ll appreciate this planet at least for something. Say it, based on a study conducted at the University of Miami, which revealed an interesting pattern. People who have something to be grateful for the planet, society, country, work better, less depressing and even better feel.

3. Say Hello to colleagues

To talk about this strange, but many people do not understand the difference between a friendly greeting and nod of the head. And it is necessary to support friendly relations, even if you don’t like the people with whom you work. Positive working relationships will seriously facilitate the work. Don’t forget that you need to say Hello to everyone. «Greeting bypass» usually takes only a few minutes.

4. Write down your first three goals for the day

Office life can distract you: all these conversations, street noise, phone calls… Need to make a list of the three main or first targets on which to focus. Can attach their sticker to the monitor. When one goal was met, secertive, the second – again sakarkeli. That way, you’ll understand that time with this nonsense better not to waste, not yet executed this plan.

5. Make a to-do list

You always have to prioritize. Before you recorded three goals, but the work often consists of three positions. So write down other tasks. Try to arrange them in order of importance. It should not take a very long time.

6. Read world news

Every morning for several centuries men around the world have read the morning paper. Fleeting distraction from the work helps to distinguish between yesterday and today. If not to distract your brain so, the work usually becomes routine. So spend a few minutes to see what’s new in the world. Try to focus on positive news, news from the world of science or the world. Negative – in the furnace.

7. Write down motivating approval

It may be the opinion of some ancient philosophers and modern psychologists, public figures or rock stars. More importantly, they need to motivate and get you to think positively. Again, even these claims will always be at hand. Many people are skeptical about this psychological self-organization, but its effectiveness is sometimes surprising.

The first 10 minutes are extremely important for work. Usually we spend it on adaptation, or thinking about how good it would be at home. But it was the beginning of the work sets the pace of the day. In addition, it is always better to do everything early to spend the remaining time for elimination of minor defects.

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