What to do in order to be significant

how to stop being a nobody

Admit it: even if you aren’t a fucking egomaniac, you want to be outstanding. Even if it’s just the desire overtakes you only a few times a year when you don’t pass face control at some bar just because you sneakers and not shoes (with me as once happened — I wonder if I wear shoes that I’ve changed?). Then you for a second want to stop being a Nobody and wants Bob to be Bob places.

We all want recognition and, more importantly, respect. With age, the desire wanes, and we cease to see themselves as «nobody». Of course, you can stop being a nobody, having enough money and power, but there are ways easier.

Start small and move forward

Harmful our generation wants everything yesterday: so fast, so you don’t have to wait. No one in this world is no more patience. Everyone wants immediate recognition without any effort on their part. In fact, you will never be able to enjoy their position and appreciate it, if you were never a nobody.

If you start from the bottom? Look at everything from the bottom up is helpful: it is easier to notice the difference between themselves and others and to assess the scope of future works. Don’t kid yourself that overnight can achieve success (sometimes for a night ten years of hard work).

Young people want their own luxury home, luxury cars and chic women and does not think about who has all this in real life. Who? Summer shit — or their sons. If you’re not an old asshole and not his son, then you are not supposed to have it all. Why did you decide that you can skip in this way at least one level? For any lifting takes time.

The concept is simple, guys. All start small and gradually move to something bigger. Nothing is going to change your life in an instant. But things gradually change.

1. Money

The path to self-importance you can buy. The more money you have, the more people want to buzz around you and the more different stuff (paradox!) you get for free. I guarantee it. The surest way to get noticed is to go into the room and say, «I’m going to spend a lot of money.» But this importance is fleeting, and the cache doesn’t make you a great man.

2. Your circle

In his circle you’re always someone. A good reputation tends to spread outside of this circle, it makes you a respected person.

3. A big step

Great deeds are always noticed. Whatever it is: big, big deal or important speech — you can raise your social status quite quickly, making something that you will remember.

4. To be an expert

Constantly need to know the opinion of other people — it’s who we are. Sometimes we need to call a guy who knows what is the meaning that he gave us good advice. If we turn to someone for help, I always try to choose the best, because he knows more than others, he is more competent and you can rely on him. Instead of the glory of the lawyer, geek or scientist, try to be the best in the industry. It is necessary to have an exclusive feature, which is unique to you, and not to give a stupid look.

5. Risk

Sink or swim — sometimes in life you have to risk, because the risk pays off. There are many things that you can risk — I will not waste our time with you on their listing. Just remember, that risk can make a nondescript office plankton big man.

6. Hallmark

You want to be noticed? Want to stand out from the crowd? You have to have something unique, so that you will be remembered. Interesting hairstyle (not that brikolina bowel, be more original), the particular speech, gestures — something expressive and unique, you understand. We need you to have something that distinguishes you from others, a feature that can claim the role of your business card. This can be a thing, and something extravagant — just not stupid, I beg of you.

7. A special woman

If there are the right woman, the significance is hard to overestimate. If you’re going to have a disheveled lady in ragged jeans, which seemed just escaped from a movie about the currency — you will see how it will affect you. If you’re going to have a graceful, educated, in all senses of the classic woman with impeccable manners, to the same confident — you will straighten up and start acting confident. Interesting women are important because they can’t keep the first counter: if she’s still around, so there’s a reason.

8. Say

Communication does you no harm. The more people you know than with a large number of people you communicate with, the more doors opened in front of you. It is not necessary to impose to all and Sundry — just constantly keep in touch. Be the one who knows the right person. This is useful.

9. Power

This is the most obvious way to become someone. However, it is impossible so simply to take and get power. Official position — not the easiest, although the obvious trail. To be a CEO, a General Manager, the mayor, the Dean can all help. But you can just go up to these positions — choose path for himself. You always have to have a strategy.

There are plenty of other things that can help you. For example, to be an informal leader. This is also to some extent correlated with above mentioned things. Some ways better, some worse, but they share one thing: all this is part of a large and long-term plan.

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