What to do if you’re bald

All the dudes at least once in their life visited fear to lose your hair. Bald head — it’s such an antiquated thing! A count up, someday you might be begin to go bald. How not to unhappy about? Here’s a couple of tips from bald dudes.

1. Stickers for baldness


Of course, this option is not for every day, but for a party with friends is ideal. Someone smart came up with to glue on the bald special stickers and even produces such sets. In a set of 35 labels, which diversify the barren landscape of your (God forbid) bald head. If you’re interested, look at neatoshop.com

2. Shaggy cap

cap with hair

If someone, not pointing any fingers, were bald, but wants to serve hairy, but has invented here is a thing. Put on a head visor for Golf, which sticks out quite believable hair — and enjoy. This thing, by the way, is also sold on amazon.com.

3. Get a tattoo-hedgehog


Surely you’ve seen photo journals in a variety of interesting tattoos, including those that cover the scars. Here we found another option for tattoo applications for masking: can be quite good sattuivat the head, and around do not even realize that you were bald as a billiard ball.

4. Do bald advertising space

Fox type

In 2012, 27-year-old entrepreneur named Brandon Chicotsky launched a crazy project called «Bald logo». The essence of the project that he turns bald in a kind of billboards for advertising. Dudes that sign up for such a day to pay 320 dollars which is, incidentally, about 10 000! How are you? However, these guys need not just to hang out with the painted head, and to do this all day for people to be seen by as many people.

As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is just something created by Brandon Chicotsky after I lost hair at a very young age. «To be bald — not my choice, but at least I can make the bald spot nice for yourself», — says the businessman. First, he decided to use as the advertising platform itself, and then started a business. You won’t believe, but there is no release from advertisers! Bald guys do a temporary tattoo, and they roam the streets for six hours a day in his head. That’s the business.

5. Version of camouflage


6. Option to comb

how to comb his bald head

Here’s even a manual in the picture!

7. Do bald art object


A few years ago, a young British artist Philip Levine found that I started to go bald. He didn’t want to just shave my head to bald head looked more organic. Being a creative nature, Philip turned his head in the canvas for the realization of their creative ideas. It even gave rise to the whole direction of art — headism (from the English. Head — head). While others lament over the premature loss of hair, Levin believes that the glass is half full. The artist began his experiments in 2006, and by 2009, he became so famous thanks to the Internet that he had followers in other countries, and he even started doing shows. So I know that the artist has invented a new art form and became a style icon.

8. Funny tattoo

tattoo on bald head

9. Cap with humor

cap for Fox

The entry reads: «How I wish that there was a hair.»

10. Show me what you got hair in other places

Fox volohaty

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