What to do if your girlfriend is more manly than you

Courageous woman – it’s kind of a compliment. But a feminine man is despicable language. It’s one thing when grisebachii guy goes arm in arm with a slightly larger Madam. It’s another when the guy looks more well-groomed, well-dressed and not afraid to use such a crime for many men the word «neat». «Cock,» he would say in my area. No, it is not so simple.

A little life experience. I love cider, I love cherry beer, and other sweet-and-sour products of alcoholic fermentation. Why would I want to drink disguised as a craft beer «Bavaria», if I can buy it in the store. Went to the bar – don’t waste money on a delicious – this is my position. Or on spirits. And my girlfriend prefers to drink beer. It’s just a position preference. I’ve seen similar to Hispanic gangster dude sipping Martinis, while the accompanying Mademoiselle guzzled straight whiskey with ice. The bartender also asked the layouts. The guy just said, «Someone has to be sober».

Even if the guy likes to listen to Bob Moses and a group of «Cream» (this is not a personal example), while his girlfriend likes Manowar and Kreator, this is not an indicator. All of the above is a matter of taste, a matter of lifestyle. People are good together, their tastes don’t interfere with each other, and thank God. If you drink lattes, wear skinny jeans, but a fireman and every day after work, planed boards, while your lady just wears a black leather jacket and ankle boots, what, you’re not a man? After all, There’s about character, it is steel male character is inconvenient and not a hobby. And what do you do when your girlfriend is more manly than you? Well, about the following.

Don’t put everything on her shoulders

Courageous woman, as usual from folklore, is a strong independent personality, which a galloping horse will stop, and in a hot hut and get the court to put you away. Active, independent, decision maker, strong physically, is committed to lead in any relationship. In General, has all the qualities that used to come exclusively representative of the stronger sex.

Now all mixed up, my husband became more docile, calm, amorphous. In fact, it is very convenient to the decision-making on the shoulders of his ladies, enjoying the relative calm. «Well, figure it out,» you say to her, not taking his eyes from the monitor, on which the raging tank battles. Accordingly, the lady accustomed to the honorary role of «Winston Wolfe, who solves questions», the respect for you is lost, and the character of ladies experienced. Democracy democracy, but all the roles, including men’s, and went to her. So do not blame their duties in the second half, you’re going to expose himself, he destroyed his respect. It was one thing to blame it on such issues as the choice of design of the apartment, food, household equipment, payment of small accounts, and the rest – all vital issues.

Forbid to throw the yoke

There was a guy being happy. Life loved, was joking. Fell in love and turned sour as shit. The end.

– Folk art –Try to remember how many of your friends, the knights of St Beers, and Saturday’s revelry, died at the hands of domineering women? How many poor guys died from the endless ultimatums and demands? It doesn’t matter why they did it: out of fear to leave or because of great love, not to offend my «Kishu». The fact remains, she’s got more eggs and, apparently, brains, because she was able to build yours, not even yours, and YOUR life for themselves. At first, all starts with simple demands: «do Not drink, do not walk, belly button when I’m not poking,» and ends with catastrophic claims like the ban to communicate with old friends. I personally knew the guy or the girl forbidden to communicate with friends. Forced to live as comfortable. If he broke up with her, it would turn into something like the Gollum – creature, completely devoid of the human form.

So the time to stop any manipulations with them. It all starts with small and ends with more serious requirements. The more you comply with its requirements, the more idiotic they are, and the more her self-esteem. It’s like a voluntary surrender of the city in the hands of the enemy, like putting your head in the jaws of a lion nedressirovanny. Like, I want to make it better – do it, but not play, because if you do spoil, you’ll be miserable.

Fist on the table

Of course, there are cases when we choose a partner as «that fall». At another time we choose such that we are comfortable. Not without love, of course, though very clever and ignore Amour.

Especially courageous ladies who are looking for a scum, which is easily manipulated, but they are few. The rest of every lady dreams that one day you will say: «We’re going to Makhachkala to sell baklava, period.» She can wriggle, to say that he does not want, but one blow with his fist on the table is everything. She’s protected, and you are so strong and courageous that even to argue terrible. Most ladies want to everything is decided for them. Better that all will be not how to dream in the 8th grade, but it will be protected. If the final word is for you, you will have no problems.

Determination is everything

They go to the store. She tried on some jackets, picked one, bought it, and they went on. Now it’s his turn to buy the pants. The first store… half an hour before the hangers with jeans Pull&Bear. «A fashionable, beautifully it? But I was the same last year, maybe to buy something new» – sounding questions in his head. And then the RAID on all shops, several times to look at the same pants. Thank God, I bought. But no, here he comes and begins to Express his doubts, hoping that she would tell him: «Relax, they’re beautiful.»

In the universal sense, everything is exactly the opposite. But, unfortunately, it is increasingly common to such examples. Here comes to the fore determination. Strong Madame not to waste time on indecisive the waiter. And it concerns not only clothes, but also in other aspects. «If you doubt the pants, it is no doubt whether you are in our relations,» the logical question arises. Of course, determination without analysis – all the same what to leave on the counter with failing brakes. But the delay with simple questions is impossible. Sometimes you want to kill the friends that are two hours choose beer, and then the impatient woman.

More action and activity

Most interesting is that, living with this special, you’re going to expose yourself, just doing nothing. If your Hobbies – hits of memes, and she dreams of going to the mountains to go snowboarding and to do capoeira, warn of impending problems. It is in the strength of his character will carry out all conceived, with or without you, while you lie down and do nothing. She will work, cook, have family and you work and play. It may be quiet with a good friend, but not with strong and independent woman. She’ll get bored and just leave you. A friend of my friend this way and entered, stepping down from the lazy boy to an action-Packed testosterone parachutist, part-time biker. Still jumping, however, one found another lady with similar interests.

P. S. the role of men and women are strongly intermingled, that’s fine, but we should not forget about their own men the beginning and obligations. Nobody’s asking you to be a harsh brutal who smells of goat. No one is forcing you to beat her, if she’s in no mood. Well, if you all decide together. But if you have a maiden with eggs, you have to be a bit more of a man than is usually accepted.

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