What to do if your friend was drunk

drunk guy

By the way, this is a serious issue. You can dismiss him, saying: «Yes he will understand, a little something?» but before you do that, think again. A drunk man is in special danger because they do not think about the consequences of their actions. So many people driving drunk, so many are sounding somewhere in the yards – you don’t want your bro got into such trouble? Then we strongly recommend that you pay attention to this text.

Keep him under lock and key

The greatest danger facing your bro when he had a ball and went for a walk. To keep control of the guy who not in control of himself, you have all night to sit at the same table or at least in the same apartment. So he doesn’t hurt himself and others and will not make you middle of the night to rush to the other end of the city to get him out of another scrape. Remember that he loves and keep him occupied. If you can take it home (because you can’t, in the end, until the morning to jump around it), turn on his favorite movie (even better if it’s a DVD with lots of movies), his favorite game console or an album of your favorite band – even fun. That’s when you feel like a babysitter.

You buy him a drink

The more drinks your bro, the more you have to worry. Control the amount of booze he pours himself into. The best way to do this is to buy it yourself. First, skip the one extra drink: it’s easy to do because your bro is already a signature and a poor understanding of what is happening. If you know tequila, for example, he starts pestering her friends, poured him shots of water until he sees – or just order another drink, the destructive power of which is below. Tell the bartender that today you babysit it a lot to a drunk guy — maybe he’ll give you good advice and help you choose the right drink. If you’re at a house party, mix him a cocktail, which is the same alcohol as in the lap – times he is unable to understand that he’s had enough.

Make him turn on brains

Your drunken friend starts to behave more appropriately, if you force him to think. You can get him to shut up and concentrate, if you make him a puzzle or ask a question on the uptake. Ask him about the content of a movie or a book – he will think, will tell the brain to Wake up. So he will think that automatically sit in the back seat and continue his speech – and that was just at hand.

Communicate on positive topics

Your drunk friend will follow the thread of the conversation – you will just have to set the tone. Caution! It may be one of those guys who’s drunk likes to get hurt. So keep positive conversations. Be prepared for the manifestations of friendship and of the various revelations with his hand: so-so, you’re his best friend and all. He says it from the heart!

Feed and POI it

Food prevents the alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the blood, and need water because alcohol causes dehydration. The less your bro eats and drinks, the drunker he is, and Vice versa. The more water he drinks, the longer it takes to reach the condition of walking (or even real) vegetable. After every two drinks, let the drinks a glass of water – it is good. The longer he drinks, the more he will be water – and in the end he won’t notice the difference. Keep a variety of snacks in front of him, and it would be good to feed him thoroughly – pasta or something fatty and high-calorie like fastfudnyh sandwiches. These dishes are best against hangover.

Bring him home

When the time comes to leave, you’re just telling him about it and lead him home. The sooner he will be home, the sooner you can breathe a sigh of relief. Watch him, make sure he went home and closed the door. Make sure the keys to his car in a prominent place – decides to continue the feast.

You probably already noticed that taking care of a drunken second is similar to the work of the nurse – in fact, it is. Take care of him – it’s much better than in case of a tragedy (for effect, don’t think anything) regret and blame yourself that you weren’t attentive enough to this dude. One day he’ll repay you in the same coin.

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