What to do if your friend turned gay

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_IoW0uWynonIpbReal friendship — the thing is magic. Because in itself the concept of «friend» carries more responsibility and affection than a friend for a week. The old, time-tested each much dearer and more reliable, because he knows everything about you, sometimes even more than parents, which you take to the wayside, imagines himself as an adult. Who do you complain to colleagues with whom you discuss their girlfriends, who tell about the torn frenulum, whom you use as a free taxi and a porter?

Over time your relationship starts to resemble the relations are very old, exhausted the life of a couple, who have forgotten what romance is. To live without constant girls maybe, but how to live without the person with whom you can sit, drink whiskey, and simple to remember when you are with someone you were close, which can based on many years of observations to give you clear advice and fearlessly for you in a fight even if the fight can not and the numerical advantage is not in your favor?But at one point you start to notice some behavior changes. Slippery gay jokes were in use before, but recently began to sound more often. More you began to worry him change interests: movies, clothes, sharply escalated the tolerance and position of expression, slipping out through theme. Well, kidding — come on, what’s really there, in the end, with the humor he always had problems, and gay questionable appearance it is similar since childhood.

And in your next meeting when you’re completely relaxed, teasing the moisture from the label of beer, you notice that he’s not himself, a very nervous and excited. Suddenly, his eyes downcast, he makes a confession that throws, if plucked from under the feet of the carpet. He admits that he is a homosexual. It’s hard to believe, because it seemed a very distant topic, not of this world. It seems all my life I lived with the understanding that they’re there, that they exist, but live not seen. As the creation of a brilliant other world, which occasionally make their way to the living world, put a most worthy and turn into their own kind.

And your comrade succumbed to the men’s joy and now claims that men in the sense in which to discuss this issue, not very nice, more capable than women. And in the end, it is an interesting experience that gave him new sensations and a more positive Outlook on life.

First thought after all is said: to call the exorcist to cast out a gay demon from the soul of mortal, be good to punch his face and burn everything he touched. As Obi-WAN over Anakin burnt, you stand and shout: «I loved you like a brother», knowing that better the word «love» is not used. Deep down, you make never sleep with him in the same room, or at least not to turn to the side during sleep and not to go in the shower after rocking. Although his guilty look understands that he will not attack and will not acquire you roughly on the wet shower floor. Rather, you’re just afraid to catch his eye to their hidden places and completely disappointed in someone.It is surprising to realize that this side of life, which had seemed so far away, was so close. This blamed, abused and humiliated by all the world without permission, stormed into your life and pressed on the sore. The only time you saw the living gay, you were laughing with this same friend and went joked, not noticing his eyes sparkle with lust.

You sit and wait, when he says, «okay, I’m kidding. Here moron! Did you really believe that? How could you… maybe still have sex? Joke! Joke!!!». But deep down, reigns the awareness that rebuttal is not.

Best friend! 15 years know! Why he’s not a maniac, terrorist, sectarian? Although it is not known that is worse. Your only real friend.

Gays hate more than the creators of financial pyramids, even though they cause greater harm. More than bribe officials and criminals, it is much easier to accuse them of undermining the moral foundations than to admit that they themselves are rotten and their own hands to inflict far more damage. The most interesting thing that constantly jokes about anal sex with men «potato Prince» Kharlamov also carries out a lot of propaganda. That’s life…

Are born and fears. God forbid, hang on a branch and write: «worked with gays». They are called somehow similar but very different in meaning in a word — no…for yourself. But only one of your do not like, otherwise it was not always there.

Or do you think that he was part of the trust — all this for a long time, all this friendship of a lifetime? And his part in your problems, his empathy is false in order to turn you into their own kind? Portrayed, mean, male friendship, pulled on his hump out of this mess (apparently, to feel the warmth of the body) in order to ingratiate himself, you think? Then one sucks you, and by the unprintable word that is used above, are more suitable for you. To think about friendship, stereotypes and categories ublyudstvo.

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_3Fwpsu5sWmrwuRemember how much good has he done to you, remember how you were ready to rant and rave over it. What has changed? Only that he has sexual partners. After all, he did not betray, did not disappoint. You can accuse him of cheating male and expectations of the parents, but on the other hand, mating — is simple enough, you try men’s the actions to perform. Among those of homosexuals are decent people a huge amount.

Tell me how was the song Freddie mercury and Elton John worse after they moved to the «other side»? I’ll tell you more: their hits and famous masterpieces that you’re singing along, thumping the bars, they wrote after, so to speak, of self-awareness. Nobody learned to write about love as piercingly as John, and the energy and the voice of Freddie mercury is something that defies comprehension. And by the way, because these two fags had more female than you can imagine.

Look at the phone, the one, the purchase of which he loaned you a year ago 10 thousand rubles, and you still did not give him. Now, look in the message history. You have it in the first place, with crazy and funny pictures zadalbyvaet you. And why not, because he is the only one who shares your insanity.

By the way, there are cases when gays take over straight and Vice versa. But how to prove otherwise, if you get high on Allegrova and Kirkorov, and watch the video of Azis, Zaza Napoli and Arise simply because fun and musically?

Clear. take this seriously, you need to take time for reflection. And has anything changed in his relationship to the world, to people, to your friendship?

Yes, like no. It is always fashionable to dress, but leopard leggings you won’t notice, and he’s not pierce nipples. Behaves as always, understated what is called federationist, outside. Behaves like most normal gay people — so that can not be distinguished from naturalization. So when I saw you drinking at the bar, none of you «lovebirds» will not take. Although we like to equate all homosexuals who dressed.

In General, think less about it. And that will awaken in themselves the feminine and homosexual, get drunk and start sucking face like a drunken prostitute, who crawled under the table to work bought her cocktails.

And to not be afraid of suspicions in the address (because, as they say, «a table, and a chair.» What kind of friend, like you), behave like a man. Just do not stick out the masculinity on display — it will look funny and cause great suspicion. Just do the men’s actions, more talk with the girls, walk with them, don’t dress to arouse suspicion, and don’t be messing with the guy — no need to provoke and to cause jealousy, and then you’re just like a bitch. In short, forget it and think about it less. You didn’t care what other people think of you, when you took your miserable job? Money does not smell, the work is always held in high esteem. But friendship is not less valuable — it has no color, smell, and orientation.

By the way, this friend has its advantages. Gays know how to feel better women, so you can ask him for tips on how to act, how to act and what to conquer. Always spinning around them, the crowd of girls, tired of the lustful ambitions of us straight. Gay, them, they, see, better understand. But then girls start to complain about the lack of male attention, and then, appearing on a white horse, a lady can gently catch you.

Besides, the huge amount of homosexuals came to the throne very influential positions: they are influential, wealthy and has many good connections. So now you will not have problems in order once again to settle some business with the new girlfriend (with such endings) of your partner.

In General, nothing will change, only now your gatherings, the four of us will look a bit different: you, your girlfriend, your friend and his boyfriend. All this is strange. But he will continue to complain about you to its partners, who have suddenly appeared member.Nothing can be done here. To treat this, forced to push it to girls makes no sense, to persuade, too, is meaningless. All that can be achieved is to ruin your relationship. So there is one way it is. Continue to be friends. It may seem impossible now, but the other way you have is still there, unless you want to keep your friendship.

Try to put yourself in his place. No, not in that sense! Imagine that you turn away from everything with family and ending with friends. All the despised and cast — out here and hang long.

If this indulgence — there is a chance that he’d settle down, start a family and be like everyone else. Perhaps that will bisexuality on Thursdays, but not so much if you look at the scale of Alexei Panin. In any case, their rejection of you will make it worse. And will break his tender heart.

In the end, gays are always fun, unlike straight people. They say that even the party of gay Hollywood is always fun, and there so so love to go traditional supporters of love. All the sad straights, we are sad straights.

As he said of the chair: «Gay-gay, with them, the world wiser.» But remember this guy in 2016 is considered bad manners, so we give the conclusion more relevant to the formation of his relationship sentence:

All assholes — pederasts, but all pederasts — mudcake gay is normal, then you don’t have to pay for the friendship of anal punishment. Take care friends and do men things, like women and don’t be a dick.

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