What to do if your ex became a lesbian…


All the fire of the Lord! And You, the editors of BD.

So, here’s the situation: two months ago fled with his girlfriend (all the sides, so to speak, sucked each other). No one has suffered and did not sincil. We keep in touch, hang out (although you strongly recommend), and then she says to me that he rolled over women, queers, love, and all things, talks about his friend and what they have there between. And here it is the last two days stubbornly wants me to meet her, «Went to people, including young children party». And I hear there’s some kind of trick! How to be? Though I’m afraid I just don’t know what. Need advice as quickly as possible, here full Achtung! Scheduled for 7.04, the evening, damn, it was already very funny.


And the fire for you, the traveler, although we always prefer the mages of water.

This is a great art to hang out with his ex. I knew I was not the only one! And that idea with me looked askance when I admitted this, especially my current girlfriend and current boyfriend of my ex. However, her boyfriend has a dick that’s why he didn’t want me to meet, or because at the meeting I said that he had a head like a camel’s ass. But it doesn’t matter.

So you brought your girlfriend to the point that after your relationship with her she doesn’t want to even think about the men’s field, and chose the other side of love. So to speak, drawn to vaginating.

You go to people, including young children. Convenient. That is not to drink at the bar as decent people, and in people, including young children. What am I, the fashion has gone. Just a gay couples love to visit people, including young children. I do not in any case do not want to offend the respectable audience, who prefer these hot spots, but the fact remains that the impact.

You hear the catch. What? Two lesbians will come at you agusut your mortal body and will offer joint exposure to erotic ecstasy? Congratulations, not everyone is so lucky. Just never take the strap-on! Do not, do not paint men anal plugs. Besides, perhaps addictive.

Well, seriously, let’s say that everything goes as scripted strange films: you will be offered sex. What are you afraid of? He couldn’t cope with two riders or that they are fond of fondling each other, and you lie around and read a newspaper? And you should be happy! I repeat: not everyone is so lucky. Although, if your new passion will be inflated hermaphrodite with a bald head, little joy. There is a small chance, after that your feelings with your ex will break out again, but decide for yourself.

And if we discard the illusions, then perhaps you’re the only person she trusts, the more man. With her female point of view, it has already appreciated (maybe even with the help of a friend). Maybe she wants to know your opinion. This often happens with guys of the friend zone which you ask an opinion about a new Beau. Although not ruled out the possibility that the «new guy» wondering your ex to look at you. What guys will laugh at you. You what, sorry?

Maybe she’s just bored with her (purely fun), so she expects you to make the company more fun. She can’t get you out of my life, and forms the circle closest. Many women do love the company, consisting of more than 2 people. Maybe the other friend your ex (if of course they are) began to fear lesbian tandem, and therefore do not communicate. So come to the aid of you. You maintain the relationship – now you suffer for it. Do not think we should really advise you not to communicate with ex?

In General, these women will understand Fig. Just like your question. How to be? Yes way, just go. Until you go there, you will understand. What are you afraid of? You obsmeyut two lesbians? Well, my dear, what nonsense! Women are incredibly strange. To the question «Why?» they have three standard responses: «Well, just» Because» and «Oh, everything!». I don’t think you will become a victim of some feminist conspiracy, the more that you are in a good relationship. Most likely, just hanging out with lesbians. It’s funny, trust me, really boring very quickly.

So dress nicely, Pat the shirt.

PS by the Way, I thought that the woman is gay is just the same heterosexual Madam.

P. P. S. My advice: never set up on 7.04. The most optimal time to meet with her ex and her personal lesbian 8.04. Because tomorrow is Alla Pugacheva birthday and 35th year in the USSR to criminal responsibility and to become involved children under the age of 13. And figure 8 is similar not only at infinity but also on the Boobs. I don’t know how it’s all connected. Maybe it’s because Alla Pugacheva vulgar woman, big Tits there are only women, and many of the disorder occur after psychological trauma childhood. Look for yourself link. Reschedule for tomorrow. We’re just afraid that you won’t have time to read.

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