What to do if you screwed up

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2014_hVJfj1NkjcsKPWe all screw up. Always and everywhere there is error, mistakes, inconvenience and so on. Bad if your school has only hurt yourself, even worse if it caused some harm to others. By the way, make no mistake: due to the fact that Homo sapiens — social animal, as a rule, screw it! not to hurt the other almost nobody gets it.

For you and other fucked up there are a few General rules which, of course, will take you back in time, but will help to endure the consequences of your failure, and perhaps even to avoid these rake in the future.

1. Apologize immediately

If you know what you screwed up, apologize and be human. One who is unable to admit his mistake and apologize, looks, depending on the context, a coward, a CAD, and if as a result of non-recognition of guilt you are suffering is innocent — and even the choicest scum. In any case, the joint will be consequences for your reputation, if you don’t apologize.

2. Make sure that your school will not happen again in the future

The main thing that your error is not in the habit. Think about what you did wrong, analyze the reasons why certain of your actions have led it to such result, and make every effort in order not to embarrass myself again. By the way, returning to the subject of an apology is important not only to say «never again», but really to make sure that does not happen again.

3. Take a break

The best thing you can do for yourself is to leave the environment in which a mistake was made. Give your brain the opportunity to relax and disengage from the offense. In case you remain in place, the stress associated with failure, guilt and other negative emotions will not allow you to function normally then that will increase the risk again to be humiliated.

4. Be kinder to yourself

OK, you screwed up. But you will have to live with it, so read again the first three points, and then pick up the snot and remember hackneyed, but it does not become less important truth: people make mistakes. Be kinder to yourself.

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