What to do if you lost your job

manygoodtips.com_4.07.2014_qDymHiCFVrsTCLosing a job can be for various reasons: either you’re a crappy employee or the boss does not appreciate your effort, in General, as if there was not — it happened, you’re unemployed. Even if you worked not favorite work, still going to be an unpleasant thing. But dealing with this nuisance can and should be, for who knows how many more layoffs will have to go through.

1. Don’t panic

Count to 10, make a Cup of tea and calm down. Universe not imploded from the fact that you were fired. Even you don’t imploded.

You lost your job.

Unpleasant? So. Deadly? No.

2. Review your personal (or household budget

Warehouses a new financial plan, taking into account the lack of regular income. Cut costs wherever possible, refrain from costly entertainment and buying things which is not truly necessary.

4. Think about possible sources of income — temporary work, part time

Maybe you can try freelancing, or in the case of acute financial need, to get the loader or the seller and in parallel to continue to look really interesting for you.

5. Make a job search plan

As in the good old days, take a ruled sheet of paper and sign on it in detail, what steps and in what order are you going to do in the near future.

Write down the names of the companies with whom you intend to contact, as well as any other steps (to update your resume, register in professional social networks, etc.), rules you during your job search. Put your list on the fridge and cross out what you already did. This approach will allow you to comply with the motion vector and track

6. Googling how to write a summary

As well as interviewing, writing cover letters etc. Even if you think you are in fact Pro, there is a risk that some of the moments described in the articles, for example, manygoodtips.com everything will be new for you. After reviewing the actual information that interests you the question, don’t forget to renew — to extend, to add an old resume or write a new one.

7. Pump skills

Why not use your free time to work on yourself — learn a few new skills, improve existing ones, learn English, learn to cook soap soup in the end!

8. Tell all your friends and acquaintances that are looking for work

Friends can periodically throw up pick-up work, as well as information about the «hidden» job openings.

9. Go, find «hidden» jobs

We already wrote about the fact that not all vacancies have information online or in the media. About 50% of the vacancies have not been and will never be made public, and you can find them only coming in direct contact with the employer. Go for it!

10. Don’t panic vol.2

No, you’re not worthless creature — a good job for a couple of days go. And, no, you’re not a parasite. Noticed how much effort and time only need to compose a resume and write a few cover letters? Job search is work.

11. Rest

Seriously, for once in your life there is this nasty feeling called «tomorrow» which has ruined many a Sunday evening, once, no one is calling you with nasty questions, no one of you asks for nothing. Enjoy this moment, at least a week to devote to yourself.

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