What to do if you hate your friends your friends?


Let’s say that you’re Dating a new girl. All of you are amazing: sex in daring erotic fantasies, she loves the same as you, but sincere and not pretending. It’s cool, but to meet her is the same that of having a bro but who is so hot that you fuck.

But there is a drawback — her friend. All her friends are annoying, they drive you crazy, and you truly hate, is when you hang out with them. They compete for the attention of your friend like nonsense, but the situation may escalate and lead to the fact that you have to leave.

Your girlfriend constantly asks you to find her annoying friend’s boyfriend. Every time that annoying person comes to visit you, you have to listen to the details of her personal life. And you don’t want to. Girlfriend your girlfriend can be attractive until you open your mouth. Among the annoying friends are hvastushka, which will be constantly chattering about the great things and all the art cafe, which she visited this week. When you’re trying to insert one or two words, she let them pass. Probably because she likes to hear only his voice. Some of these pesky humans can write your passion posts throughout the day and she will have to answer all messages.

You tell her that you don’t like her friends?

This incredible, sexy girl who loves football and video games, has one serious drawback — annoying friends you hate. What you can do about it? I will say that you truly hate? You say you don’t want her annoying friends ruined the great moments of your life? Does it bother you that call her fat girlfriend ruined your watching «Space Odyssey: 2001»? So, you tell her that you hate her friends? No, you don’t do it. You’re afraid to hurt her. Talk to the girl about it. Tell him that you hate his girlfriend calling her every 15 minutes. Offer her a deal: you don’t answer your phone during your walks together, she does the same.

How to cope with her friends

First, you’ll never get rid of her friends. It’s not fair to force a man to choose between love and friendship. But it’s a great way to lose your girlfriend. Her friends are much more likely to outlive you, don’t you forget it! You may leave but friends will stay for a long time, that’s life. There is a great way to come to terms with her friends: try to have a good time. Teasing them, think them funny nicknames. For example, Katia is a chronic Complainant. Or «Olya-we’re-mother-great sex-envy. Deep down you can think of them more offensive nicknames, but only if they’re unrealistic enrage. Lera — Sloppy Tits, or lizka — Head Sausage. Teasing her friends can call your girl and make a joke in her ear about something stupid, which as always breccia lizka — Head Sausage (nothing disturb you, friend, is a real person!).

If you ever come to mind to say that you hate her friends, you will feel yourself as between the two of you formed a huge invisible wall mere mortal understanding. You can tell that her friends are funny, they are funny, they sometimes irritate you, but never say that they enrage you, and you them, ready to strangle with his own hands. Every girl wants this guy loved every part of it, and friends are also part of it, and do not say that female friendship does not happen, and these girlfriends are just girls, with whom your darling chirps in a cafe. But don’t pretend that you’re crazy about her friends that you just love them. Insincerity is perfectly visible! When you’re nasty to be nice to the one you truly despise, only the blind will not notice the grimace of hatred on your face! Show me what you funny pass for a cynical person, and it is fashionable. Pretend that these individuals slightly drive you crazy and terribly fun.

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