What to do if you can’t sleep?

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2014_jHaWVLocFKFGAInsomnia and sleep disturbances are frequent guests of the modern man. Bad ecology, nutrition and anxiety causes for insomnia a lot, really a lot. You went to bed early, but I understand that rolling on the bed for several hours. You take the phone to check the time and realize that it’s three in the morning, and stand you in a few hours. Perhaps closer to the alarm clock, you still sleep for an hour and a half, but Wake up phenomenally broken.

You have it often? Well, congrats, man, you have a sleep disorder. Statistics show that about 45% of Russians periodically suffer from insomnia — that’s nearly half of the country!

If you are reading this at two in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and decided to take, you have a problem, man!

Insomnia is not just the inability to fall asleep. Its symptoms include difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings, and periods without sleep (they are also called «window») during the night, waking early in the morning without the possibility to fall asleep again, daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, irritability. Insomnia can be acute (lasting from one to several days) or chronic (lasting from one month to several years). It is also the most common complaint of sleep disorders in the world (especially among women). But this does not mean that men do not suffer from it.

Trouble sleeping is often a symptom of another disease or condition, such as depression, chronic pain, effects of medications or stress. Most often insomnia is associated with a combination of factors, including medical and psychological problems.

To restore sleep invented a few working strategies, it is time to test them.

1. Watch yourself

Sleep disorders? Frequent? It’s time to start keeping track. You can record in a notebook, you can download a special app for that. Need to record the number of hours of sleep, to mark the days when you feel sleepy, when you’re full «nod off». It will help you to identify the problem and to monitor their progress in addressing it.

2. Set a constant time for sleeping

This will help your body to get used to a certain framework. Choose the most appropriate time to be able to do all things, but a good night’s sleep.

3. Before bed calm yourself anything

Any activity before bedtime should be soothing to not have sleep disorders. Not strange, many experts advise to avoid surfing the Internet at night because you’ll meet plenty of different, often useless information, which is spinning and trying to digest in your brain. Also before bed is not recommended to play in the comp. Just before going to bed. Thirty minutes before bedtime is normal. Fast switch from active to passive does not give you properly settle down. A good idea before going to bed to read a book. I either read a book or paint helps.

4. Do not drink invigorating beverages and it is highly desirable not to eat

It is not necessary at least three hours before bedtime. I understand that some have bad habits and strange folk belief says that a hungry man will dream of Gypsies. Nothing disrupts sleep, as the stomach works or invigorating caffeine in the blood. Once I drank a little more than dofiga mint mate, which was a few years ago so fashionable, I haven’t slept all night and was very willing, well that was the weekend. In mate, by the way, is four times more caffeine than coffee. Tea before bedtime, like Cola, don’t drink.

5. Choose the right mattress and pillow

If you think that the pillows for a different kind of dream are little more than dofiga, and represent some kind of perversion, you’re wrong. They are very well help us to sleep. IKEA and similar stores you can find and buy a pillow for sleeping on your side, stomach or back, and they are not expensive.

The same goes for the right mattress. If it in different directions stick out of the spring or it sags in different parts, it is definitely not a great mattress. The price of mattresses are very different, so to find a suitable will not be difficult.

6. Do not smoke before going to sleep

And do not smoke. Nicotine is an stimulant, so a cigarette before going to sleep can seriously disrupt your sleep. According to the who, smokers insomnia is seen much more often. This is a reason to leave.

7. Do exercises early in the day

A great way to cheer up, to Wake up the body and improve sleep quality. If you have trouble sleeping, start to train. Section the gym. A good strength training three hours before bedtime will give you a great sleep, and all because your body and blood will be saturated with oxygen, hormones, and joy. In addition, there are the most common reason for training — you’ll be tired, the body itself will push you to the bed. Tested!

8. Limit consumption of caffeinated beverages

First remove it before bed, and then to reduce the consumption of coffee and tea at least three times a day. This is especially true of coffee.

9. You should not NAP during the day

So, we think that it can help us to Wake up, to compensate for the amount of lack of sleep, but it is not so. Snooze is nadason, after which we often feel very overwhelmed. To doze in an ideal world, not later than three hours before bedtime, but after not: sleep would be anxious and excited.

10. Walk

At least a little. Natural light and fresh air will help restore the balance of melatonin. In addition, a walk before bedtime will give you the opportunity to relax a bit and… at the same time to get tired before bedtime to sleep well.

11. Include in the diet of more foods with high magnesium content

This products such as marine fish, almonds, cashews, spinach and foods high in B-vitamins: lettuce, green vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Some experts also recommend taking supplements of taurine, vitamin B6 and magnesium in the form of vitamin complexes. There are even systems such as «anti-Stress», they will be subject.

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