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Hey, bro, at first I wanted to Express my huge respect for that and help give life advice to all bro with the purpose of help and support.

Now a little about myself: I am a simple guy who finished University and went to work. A little experience and knowledge, I found quite a good company where a good schedule and paid a fine, but significant knowledge is needed.

So now my problem: I haven’t had time and months to work out how my employer, who was waiting for me a month and tested my knowledge, wants to fire me, giving me a deferment for two weeks, so I found another job.

The catch is that the reason for the dismissal of two complaints from my successors, which I was not satisfied from-for improper style of work, although they had to teach, show how and what I should do, but they wanted me to run them an errand. As for me, at least it is unprofessional on the part of the employer, because he saw me only three times in less than a month and then only in passing.

Now the question is: what can I do in order to stay on the job and to prove that I am a valuable employee?

The answer

Hey, man, thanks, thanks and thanks again, we will not crumble in gratitude, because time is short and we need to get you out of trouble. Will not advised to look for a new place of employment, as it is always time, and you try to resist.

Let’s first try to understand whether there is a chance to decide the outcome in a positive legal manner. Based on this information, carefully analyzed the situation (sounds cruel and scary as on the court, isn’t it?), we regret to inform you that no breaches of the employer was not allowed. Again, we did not quite understand your text.

Are you saying that your employer waited a month and check your knowledge. Now explain what you mean by that? So you call a trial period? This is very important, because if you pass the trial period now — the employer can easily say «goodbye» without explanation, and you didn’t have it.

If you have a contract, he still has the right to fire you. There is a point about the mismatch position, the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract on the basis of articles 71, 81 of the labour code (for example, in the case of unsuitability for the post — clause 3, article 81). Accordingly, to appeal the decision in the legal field would be difficult and probably inconclusive, especially if it’s not hanging, and the head is not running at the first computer (would work — would solve the problem myself).It remains to use the old proven method — to solve the question, that is, humanly. But first let me explain why you’re in this situation is not right. You know what they say lads in the 90s to those unfortunate, who by fate do not have time to pay the debt on time? They said, «It’s not my problem». Here, too, conflicts with your mate is your business. I’m sorry your employer that he is so busy that he can’t personally control you. Don’t want to scare you, but there are very few chiefs who tirelessly, from cover to cover are beginners. This only happens in small companies of 3 people, and the more offices the chief has his Consigliere, his guards, his Ministers, his company commander, for which they charge training and introduction to speed beginners, as well as evaluating their activities. This is a normal, common practice, and the boss does not have to personally deal with your accomplishments. He has the proven people, whose opinion he trusts, so that everything is correct.

And now to the successors. It is very sad that they were such assholes. Though not surprising: according to statistics 90% of people are assholes. When you come to any team, try to establish human and not a professional contact, try to win over people — it will be easier and the chance for a positive recommendation will grow by 70% (of course, if your colleague is not in love with his work a responsible citizen and a professional who can not allow such a scoundrel to knock down). Do not know how to establish communication, your problem. Assume and truly believe that they are assholes specific, and that conscience will not allow you to stoop to their level. Then, if you have failed to establish human relationships, had to run for them, run errands, bale and ask what and how. You know, in someone else’s house with its Charter, not necessary to climb, and in the new mess hut and bulls do not like.

Well, these clowns got to you, damn the luck, you bastard destiny. Once they are so — so, had to play by their rules, so if you want to stay here. What are they supposed to think? Sitting, his own mind, not learning anything in contact did not enter, — like that. We work as usual: white crows, who in the team do not fit, are treated as acne in a prominent place — trying to quickly squeeze out of the organization. Here you’re comfortable with people who behave radically differently and hold yourself? So all uncomfortable.

So all you need now is to talk to your employer without, however, placing blame on other employees. You still do not believe it: think about it, whose voice is more valuable — a trusted expert or a young man, crying: «I’m good, they bad». Come, tell me quietly that the adaptation period is slightly delayed, plus there have been some problems, but now you’re settled, the problems subsided, and you’re ready to work with a vengeance, just to prove that expectations have been assigned for a reason. You have to hope that the period of termination of the contract takes.

The remaining 2 weeks (or how many of them left) should be to you like a race for life and death. Imagine that if you don’t complete a goal, you your idiocy will bring to mind power Rangers. We always help. So Pasha these days like never chasing a mate like Bobby, asking and appeasing them on all counts, except the most wicked. You see, if people do not get along the doubt — he’s a bad influence on the climate of the entire company. So it’s easier to find a new employee than to suffer losses.As we understand, during this time, you’ve shown yourself as not the best employee. Don’t try to keep this from us, we all feel. This greatly complicates your chances. We believe that you will be able to prove their worth, although it may well be that the specialist you like this article, a diploma in physics. Therefore, the worst — to persuade. Do as we wrote, turn on the charm, which is certainly somewhere to sleep, and read our articles on persuasion and nonverbal subtleties.

And remember one thing: if you’re a bad employee, then nothing will not save you, even scapegoating on the other. Therefore, do your thing and don’t stay in places where the Feng Shui hanged himself, and the joy has withered.

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