What to do if one joined a cult?



Hi! Thanks guys.

I’ll be brief and go straight to the point.

A little about myself: I’m 31, I’m an engineer, worked mainly on a specialty until recently. About a year ago I decided to radically change your life through what could no longer see the sense in this work due to many factors I will not go, the question of the topic is not related. I note only that I have been involved in design, yet a freelancer, but the target.

Though last year for me was really hard in connection with such a drastic change of profession, but I know where to go, what to do, hold and work to implement their goals. I knew it would be difficult, but me. To complain about the difficulties of the consequences of choosing not even thought of.

My question lies in a completely different field, namely in the search for the meaning of life, the basics and the answers to the eternal questions, if I may say so. Let me explain: I have a very close person, for example, my friend who is very important to me. He always helped and helps me selflessly, is the person educated, intelligent, interesting, a lot of reading and thinking.

We are friends, our relations have always developed so that in all things progressive, be it music, movies, even new whiskies, all this guy was ahead of me, constantly «educating» me, when we met. Important point — he lives in the capital of our Motherland, and I’m NOT there. In many ways, our tastes coincide, as we grew up together (in the city where I stayed and where he went), and any new developments that I told my friend, I am always open to perceive something taking, but something-no, in any case, I was interested. Here need to mention — I have an opinion. It was just, like, a cultural exchange or something. That is, simply put, my friend comes to me and says, they say there’s a new album from these guys, but great beer, let’s try it, and all that sort of thing.

But, a couple of years ago, my friend was fond of the so-called «concept of public security», popularly known under the acronym «BER». I remember that he stopped drinking alcohol and in my reasonable question about the reasons for this decision, he responded with a show of video lectures about the dangers of the same alcohol. It was interesting. As we like to talk sometimes, during our conversations he began to address other issues relating to very different topics, and designate their point of view have been read to them materials of the same «BER».

Not sure you guys heard anything about this «concept», but if not, then you should see a brief summary somewhere on the Internet. So as soon as you do this, you will immediately become clear why, the further we delved into the discussion of any question and the more I heard some reasons, based on the lyrics of this concept, the more questions I had. Although it is recognized that the authority of my friend I played my role and I began to listen to what he says. On reading these materials I haven’t had time because about this period came the so radical change of work and, as a consequence, the patterns of my life.Don’t want to bore you with long stories, friends, let me just say that the time went by and my friend became more fond of the ideas of this new doctrine, constantly, in any conversation, commenting on the raised issues from the positions of the read materials in the framework of this concept. There was something exciting to me, it seemed more than strange. In the end, to make up their minds, I began to read «kubovsky» literature. As it turned out, it is impossible to read because what is written is just hell confusing. As someone who was reading «the Double» by Jose Saramago, I thought that I have difficulty reading this new «doctrine». But this has proved impossible. In General, I made several attempts, and eventually it ended up that I got the text with a very loud statements and began to look for a link in it at least for some literature that would have these loud statements confirm. As you may have guessed, link is not there, or almost there. Next, I took the trouble to look for a given in-text citations in their original form and, true, I found that they are taken out of context and their original meaning distorted.

In General, ten pages of text, a lot of loud statements that cast doubt on a huge amount of what any person knows, nothing confirmed, no references to any studies, distorted quotes, and a very clever text just that was enough for me to understand that it’s a very skilful on#b@Lovo. I realized that each statement to test, I just can’t, because that takes a ton of time, and in this sense is not, because what I found in the text, is enough for me to stop wasting time on it.In the end my friend talked, I told him about my findings. There was a dispute and each remained unconvinced. I can make such a conclusion that those guys who reads all of these multi-volume works, very cool powdered head, and even in disputes they rely on some vague category about which even it is difficult to argue, because do not understand what was going on. What is clear is that the whole story is very well thought out, to admire, firmly stuck there. By the way, I started to find information about what is this some kind of new wild sect, but to convince my friend this will be well very hard, I think. Even more it is worrying me because he’s a good guy, smart, reads very serious books.

Guys like to be here? How to help a friend get out from this well is very tricky networks? And the accompanying question — where to start to form normal understanding of the world, to read, to put the basis of your knowledge of how everything actually works around. I studied philosophy and psychology at the Institute (base), all this was forgotten, hidden in a drawer due to total lack of time for even the slightest self-education. Now and have time and age such that I want and can fill themselves with the right things, and not some unprovable pseudo-scientific garbage.

Sorry for such long text. But it seems to me that this is a serious question, because the «followers» of this strange unknown thing now more and more, and among them many educated people. I myself almost fell for the bait, but that was before until I started reading these «works».

Thank you guys for what you do. I hope for your answer. Also I hope that for someone this topic will be useful.

Good luck in your difficult but gratifying work!


Your reader.

The answer

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_ltZzI5hho78rgOh, Jesus, how many letters! But it was very interesting to read them, so thank you. We will try to help, but don’t expect a miracle — it does not exist.

The question I took from not just. With my own eyes I have seen the destructive power of these teachings and organizations. I love to read «dangerous literature,» which many people crazy, but I, fortunately, had already developed a great protection from it, namely, the formula «nothing is true». This setting helps with deep analysis, mystical, religious, and ideological literature. But my old friends, unfortunately, such a shield was not so and let in your brain the things step by step devoured them «I».

One of them was a friend of the University. Not a very smart guy, terrible grades, and even brake in life. However, this was a good man with their principles — simple, but solid. It can be respected, but I don’t know how it happened that he became a religious fanatic. Just over six months. In his case it was a deliberate recruitment, which was carried out by «Christian» organization. In this company were the answers to all the questions, and, in contrast to monasticism, she never forced people to renounce the world; she promoted the struggle for the world. And when such organizations are engaged in the struggle with the world, then, certainly, appear around and Satanists, and atheists, and pagans. He probably saw the stories about the raids of art exhibits and the boycott of the rock bands from the «Christian community.» Funny, but all this gathering of community is difficult to name a very small layer of people that desperately wants to feel like soldiers of the Lord.

Most of all surprised by their system of arguments and assessments. It is very similar to what you, my friend, described above: out of context quotes, no sources; handling of extremely dubious texts that serious theologians are viewed as stages of development understand God. You know? These guys (and there are most of the guys, probably due to lack of sex) can easily justify murder by using the phrase, which was written by some crazy monk in VI century. And here is my buddy sank into the maelstrom, and to get him I couldn’t, because he found his rod, which revolved around a specific ideology, a perverted form of Christianity and, of course, around selfishness. All these guys think they are saving the world, and Russia from evil.The second mate, with whom I played hours of tennis, I found the meaning of life in the monster, which has proved to be a failure, but continues with the stench fuck the brains of idealists of this world. We say you to that form of socialism, which carries only emptiness, darkness and dictatorship. It’s funny that the guy falling in «party work» was exactly as smart and wise as your friend. But then he began to look for «truth», and brains survived. The more he dug, the weaker became his protection.

In the end, to him also came the «wise» man, who recruited him into the organization, which is engaged in the real brainwashing is simply infernal nonsense, which I do not want to talk. The point is that once there was a man that I call a «recruiter» who came in contact with my buddy. Of course, these people have their own selfish goals. And it may not be just about money. Idiots, brainwashed, everyone needs, especially people vying for power. What, in the end, it’s all over? The boy completely denied their future, not earned, spent much time on «Big Business», which, again, was there someone to save. They even had their own protection from such scum like me. They considered themselves the elite of society, which changed the future of their existence. Why listen to the person who does not belong to this elite? So, each again remained unconvinced.

These stories are impregnated with personal experiences and feelings, I catapulted for you to understand that I have to convince their friends did not. It’s not just because this whole topic borders on fanaticism. Are you trying to operate on the mind, but, my friend, is bigotry opposing reasonable arguments, logic will not help you in combat. Perhaps my analogy is false from the point of view of any people, but as for me, fanaticism is reminiscent of the addiction is in its advanced stage. Is it possible to cure the junkie word? Unlikely.On the other hand, drug addicts are treated in some countries it is doing well. And in the process of rehabilitation of their busy — namely, painting, sports, the works. Thus, they are distracted from their illness in the direction of constructive things. Why don’t you try the same? Stop trying to engage in verbal battles with your friend, to discuss with him questions concerning his «great concept». Instead, for example, go with him Hiking, fishing, hunting, everywhere. In other words, try to pull him out of the cave of illusions and the real world. Disgusting people who gave him the treatises of the «concept» brainwashed him, and you try to clean them. The other option I see.

And about books… the recipe can be completely different. And it depends on your mindset. If you literally want to know how the world works around you, no one invented anything better popular science books on physics, astrophysics, biology, and other creations from the «Hawking and company.» In philosophy I’m not sure, because all my friends who were taking doses of philosophy on the brain, eventually moved his head, but the works of ancient authors to build a strong personality. it will not hurt them to read it. Since we live in the modern world, not in the century of Montesquieu or Diderot, to understand reality it would be the reading of non-fiction literature. «Fear and loathing of the race — 72», for example, perfectly illustrates the essence of the election campaign. I do believe that the world can be formed not only «serious» philosophical literature, good art book can be more voluminous incomprehensible paths, believe me. You can start, for example, with the classics. Don’t you think at least one of my proposed books claims to be the truth. An honest book never does.

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