What to do if I have been too lazy to chat with people?



Hi, manygoodtips.com!

First, I want to thank you for the wonderful article, which sometimes help in difficult moments.

Secondly, I will try to be brief and concise.

I’m the average dude: it’s got a decent job, not to say that highly paid, but I chose because of the good experiences, have great friends and finishing College. Lately I have started to have strange problem: I was too lazy to chat with people, though with all this, I’m quite talkative. For example, when someone is calling me for coffee, I imagine that will have a long chat with someone, to talk, to listen to something. And so I just stay home and do stuff.

And I am well aware that being confined to anything good will not, but still try to protect yourself from unnecessary communication.

manygoodtips.com of course, I understand that you’re not my psychologist, but I’m asking for your advice on how I deal with it?

The answer

Hey, dude! In turn, say «thank you» from all our friendly team. Will delight you further. And remember: we love you Jesus, and therefore we are very concerned about your problem. But enough with the pleasantries – down to business.

So you’re too lazy to chat with friends. Dude, it’s okay. It occasionally happens to almost every. It does not even mean that you turn into a lazy introvert. You say you are working and finishing College, so you have to communicate with well and not so familiar people. For work, school communication, communication, communication… Here’s your tired of the sounds and continuously incoming information the brain wants to leave your body in the comfort zone. Rest, isolate yourself, stay single. This is very useful as prophylaxis. Believe me, after a while you yourself will literally run out into the street and call your friends. And just sit, relax, play at the computer, watch movies, catch up missed, read the book. Instead of other people’s problems and news listen to yourself. It is very useful. Why do you think Newton, Spielberg and Chopin became so large? Because all sorts of carousing and communication preferred mental activity and work. However, don’t get into deep reflection and try to get used to it. Measure to know.

There is another advantage of this «hold»: you will remain popular only to those who you truly appreciate.

Well, if you regularly stay in your home, you will understand that in this, as he sang the great singer Maxim, «your Heaven», then… Congratulations, you’re an introvert! But it is not fatal. Against nature not trample, as they say, but you should at least once a week to pay attention to your friends. And they will be offended and will tell everyone about you shit Friends to offend the good. Just take a rule and it will become a habit. Then without these weekly get-togethers can not live. There is even a chance that they’ll get you back to normal life. Even if this does not help, drink at these meetings! So it will be fun to survive, and it is likely that the friends themselves will no longer call you if you’re constantly upity.

Maybe you don’t like the topics you communicate? Maybe you just are not interested with these friends? Find another topic. Does not work? Therefore, it makes no sense to spend on these people the time. And if you just too lazy to go out, then you can thump on Skype or invite me to his home. Home feel cozier than the «neutral» territory.

Remember, Gazmanov sang: «Dance until the young.» Soon you will have a family, children. Will be just not up to it. You’ll be wanting to hang out like old… But your friends will have the same problems. Do you think Oleg lied to you? No, he warned, as he at the time was married. So think carefully and sazivi life to the fullest.

I hope you don’t have to talk about the importance of business meetings and business communication? You know, can very much lose. There is need to make an effort.

PS.: By the way, I will do roughly the same thing in a more Mature age.

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