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Zaradi.com.ua_29.04.2015_vUDuFsi469kF2On may holidays the employer under the yoke of the state gives you lots of days to rest. How to relax – you decide, we merely want to remind you that you don’t have to get drunk, and offer the following options. We tried to match what is possible on average to do on holidays in a typical city.

Option 1 training

The life of a student is extremely difficult, and scored. In the morning, study, night work and so on. And given the fact that the young organism demands attention in the form of various pleasures and amusements, to school, usually no time left. It is clear that for a long weekend, you’re likely to drink. But it is impossible to drink all 4 days. Rather, possible, but not necessary. Better to spend time on training. For example, do you remember what week to take kursach to which you didn’t even touch? Or what do you have in the end of the month diploma? How many goals have you written? Minus two? Gorgeous! But if you’re studying for Junior courses, it’s time to pull tails. Moreover, the exams are not far off. Yes, I know that cool guys don’t study for exams in advance. But trust me, it will be very useful. At least write the notes that was due 2 months ago. «Study, study and study again», – said Vladimir Ilyich. But do not forget that this holiday is directly connected with His Krasnalieva. Do not upset Leonid Abramovich… ugh! Vladimir Ilyich!

Option 2 labor

Our editor in chief Igor recently pressed himself Prime real estate on the Bay of Biscay. The warm ocean breeze, vineyard next door, azure blue water, bright sun… But he urgently needs help to unload the bags of expanded clay (for the construction of a torture). So we are looking for a free, no hands. If you are not willing to help distinguished man, take care occupational therapy in their land. What could be better than to do an honest, noble physical labor a day for all workers. For example, at the cottage, all grown over with weeds. Need to lick. Or there’s the closet door on snot dangles – screw. Anyway, so many free days! It’s time to Wallpaper, or whatever you wanted to do? In a word, all as in the old song: «Throw out the trash from the house and call old friends.»

Option 3, natural

Despite the fact that winter ended a few days ago, some regions quickly summer came, and the locals have changed down jackets on jerseys. What does this mean? This means that it’s time to go on nature, to yell the bird all sorts of vulgarity like «Bend of a guitar yellow», make a fire, roasting chickens in the marinade and just enjoy life. And you can go Hiking and go camping far away. Romance, few mosquitoes, not too cold, fun. Just beautiful! The only drawback is the distance from the office: to quickly arrive at the workplace, if necessary, will not work. In this situation it is better to warn the leader about their travel plans for the weekend that nobody expected and allowed to sign a letter of resignation before the holidays.

Option 4, crew

Four days is enough to leave the boring town somewhere far away. To go to another city, and even better to go Home to visit relatives living there, grandparents and other beloved characters. Because there is no place better than home, and no one will ever love you as much as relatives. Appreciate it until the terrible longing for the old days. Otherwise it will be too late.

Yes, I understand you don’t want to shake 6 hours in a cramped bus, and even when sitting next to a smelly grandmother and eats soup from a can. Everyone knows that there is no smell worse than the smell of a old Granny.

You can use the old hitchhiking risky. It is even more interesting.

But all this is more than kompensiruet meeting with loved ones or fresh impressions from the open city, because for all its similarity to the city abruptly different from each other. Of course, if you did not go to the village, which is 30 kilometers from his place of residence.

Another reason to put «courtesy» in the may holidays – seasonal discounts from transportation companies. For example, may 8 and 9, the services of railway transportation will be available with 50% discount.

Option 5, cultural

Spring! In the spring, after a long wait, the heat, even the most worn-Ust-Zvezdoy turns into Versailles, and the aroma of broken sewage and exhaust gas ennobled dope of flowering plants. Once configured in a poetic way and present myself as a resident of another era. Drawn to beauty, drawn to the sublime and easy! No, I’m not on a high distrofice. I’m talking about cultural life. It would be nice if we had a bit of free time to spend it to receive spiritual food. Again, I’m not about going to Church (although, if you want, then why not). I on visits to museums, theatres, performances and popular shows. The art work is not stupid people, so while you’re having fun, the servants of the muses are working hard, because I know that day will come more people.

In a big city will not have problems with the choice of location. This year especially, many kinds of festivals and performances had landed for the holidays. They are all good – choose on taste! Well, if you had enough of work, simply go to the main square or street of your favorite city N. there are hundreds of street musicians and «own artists» come out to show themselves, to give joy and to earn money. These days due to growing competition they are trying twice as hard, and with everywhere heard the sound of music, exhibitions of Amateur artists and the General atmosphere of fraternal unity all around like one big outdoor theater. And it’s very inspiring and makes to take another look at the familiar gray city.

Version 6, creative

We all want to be creative. Sooner or later, «ACE», creeps the realization that you need to leave a trace of themselves. And sometimes simply the body is suffering from the pangs of creativity, and bursting with inspiration, you feel a burning need to create. But everyday life, work and eternal employment of nonsense not allowed to do what he likes. Here’s the weekend – do what you want. Write, though obesity insanely. Spend the sea of free time for myself. Have you thought of anything unusual, remember how to play the guitar, you have six months in the hands did not take. Works even when you have a free minute? But if you come to the balcony, look at the drunken, you will be able to write a good story in the style of Zoshchenko.

Option 7, fun

Now let’s add in a little of the above is purely masculine emotions, such as fishing with the guys, hunting and, of course, sauna. Generally, in these pleasant soul sessions combines everything that we love so much. First, meeting with friends, and secondly, the good old ultraliberalism, well, and thirdly, you will finally be able to kill something, even a fish. And yet it is so useful because of its surrounding nature, a hot steam bath, the strokes of the broom from the other, the sadist will beat you not only illness, but also all the crap. The benefit is obvious, emotions – especially positive, leisure is exciting.

Option 8 that you can use

Lie down on the couch, sleep, read a book that I have long wanted to read. There is no book? Then just watch the show. You haven’t every episode of «Game of thrones» watched? Have a beer, go to sleep again, turn off the phone to another living soul’s bothering you. Bored? Come for a visit! Laziness – call guests. Just relax and enjoy the fun of settling in the new Mortal Combat.

Option 9 developing

It’s time to deal with it, because in other days the time is not enough. You want to put on muscle, to start to do something – so do that, and then other days once. Sluggish after the winter hibernation, the body will say «thank you».

If you wanted to hone your skills layout of the site, it’s time to sit down and practice. If we are to deal with them, thoroughly.

Option 10 friendly hike on the yacht.

Just to meet friends. Certainly in your list there are another couple of names of people with whom you have not communicated. Not necessarily a thump in the canopy of trees in Gorky Park. Armed with a bike ride, exploring the surroundings of the city (you can even plunge into the infernal romance by visiting an old cemetery; there is no shame, rather, and search wonderful in the beautiful tombstones). Watch the residents – is very interesting – and surrender to the pleasant memories of past achievements, go around the city, remember how he actually looks. Sooner or later you will require belokona and go on a tour of the taverns of the city. Why? Yes, because a sin not to drink for the meeting!

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