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Hey, guys! Studying your website for a long time, for that thank you, but I will not be distracted and go straight to the question.

It so happens that I live in the Donbass, and now we have a war. As a student, I think about the future and about where to take the money. Tell me, what kind of business, in your opinion, could open in the city, where there is a war?

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The answer

Hello, my friend! Very glad you are still reading — manygoodtips.com tries for you. Took question just because there is an answer. Not even a response, and the direction of reflection, there is a serious topic.

Most do not have the opportunity to attend «South-East», but there are a lot of friends who go there on business or just lived there. They all share the apathy about the region — so sad that nobody wants to talk about. Of course, now I will broadcast their experience, otherwise write stuff that any inhabitant of Donbass will bite in a second. So, let’s start.

«If he hoped that it would end soon, then I have bad news,» said a guy who experienced all the joys of military conflict. Indeed, you are unlikely to see stability for the foreseeable future. There is no help, salvation, peace, friendship and gum. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that all formal opportunities for doing business almost exhausted, because there is no stability and, as it seems, support from the government, too, will not they have other concerns. So if you want to become a millionaire, you better become a millionaire in another place. However, I am personally surprised by the fact that some places still keep afloat, work safely, and even earn something, but it is unlikely that their earnings can be considered a good income — is that «stay afloat».

On the other hand, there is a thesis: «war is money». And the money those people who can take the initiative adventurism. Someone will reproach me: «How to cash in on the war?». But I will say that the one who does not profit from war (especially if we are talking about the locals), sooner or later dying of starvation. People who saw the shells and heard the night of the explosions seen death in reality, not the television picture, understand what I mean.So, in the South-East there is a demand for goods. You better we should know what’s missing. Therefore, the most viable principle «buy cheaper — sell more expensive.» If you do not know what to sell, then spend monitoring the product symptoms the most, look at what’s most in need population, and then go to Russia to arrange the purchase. This offer gives a black, because there are a lot of nuances of customs clearance and delivery to Donetsk. Squeeze the product directly on the border, and may on the road — believe me, people who want to profit at your expense, a car and a rusty truck. If you have no ties to the border, then a 50% chance the item will be selected in favor of other workers, and you’ll be glad at least to go further. It’s sad but it’s true.

What product is best comes? Equipment for military soldiers will never give up on a good jacket, boots or clothing. But this is a complex business, which is not connected with arms supplies (to deal with weapons can only state, or prison — we are not in libertarian law, unfortunately). But if you decide to make deliveries across the border (even candy), then you need to enlist the support of people who will walk you through all of the posts. Any support is a part of the goods or money. A good word for you no one will help, even humanitarian aid is often not reaching in full, if you know what we mean. In principle, you shouldn’t be afraid — this is normal and even decent state of Affairs, if we talk about the «hot spot» on the map. At least, the opportunity of earnings is there, but this incorporates large risks.

If you do not want to risk, you can do as one girl from Donetsk. You might know her. She took the bike, put a small fridge in the front and went through the parks — and earn by trading ice cream. It’s a simple idea that is easy to implement, but it may well become a source of additional income. If you don’t want to save their nerves, it’s the kind of idea. But if you want serious and legally making money, then welcome to Russia, Poland, Czech Republic or any other place where there is no war.

So see for yourself what to do with my life. We wish you well, the end of the war (without dire consequences) and strength of the spirit — don’t give up there. Ask your question wording manygoodtips.com

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