What to do before you change jobs

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2014_2O1YuvurmMLX1The General rule for success is to do what you’re good at, not what you love. However, if you’re good at your job, but unhappy, then it’s time to look for a new job. There are many reasons to change a job: no prospects, do not you raise, you scream, etc. whatever the reason, the approach to the change of job needs to be skilled to work in the best way.

We will not tell you at what point you should change jobs, but we will give you tips on how to make this transition easier.

1. Update your résumé

And make him the top. If you leave it lifeless and uninteresting, you’re different from the mass of other faceless candidates with the same formulaic summary. Unemployment will not go away, and in our time for the same place fighting several extremely good specialists. The same place attracts you and who doesn’t have two higher educations, degrees and years of experience.

Therefore, we need to look at your CV from the outside and to consider how best to apply their skills and experience. Ingenuity and wit! Dispense with the fanciful design and WordArt, but the verbiage will not hurt us. Show in all its glory, its rich vocabulary, let it reflect your best qualities and talents. Don’t forget to save this revision and then check for errors. Even the best resume will corrupt a phrase like «experienced user Vord».

The cover letter should be short, just a few paragraphs. Write why you are suitable for this job, namely your own thoughts and not what he wants to read the personnel officer. If you are not confident or can’t write, ask someone to check your opus someone from friends.

2. Value yourself

Let’s say you hate your job. But that’s no reason to grasp at first his offer of cooperation. First think what are your skills and what jobs and money you can count on. Monitor labor market, see what salaries are offered to professionals on your level. Before agreeing to the work wherever it is, look for the organization in the black list of employers — it is easy to find on the Internet. Suddenly there are not paid a salary or load of extra responsibilities?

3. Think about staffing Agency

Looking for work is now your new job. The search will take too much time. If you don’t want to take the risk and resign, to apply to recruitment Agency that they were looking for you. Carefully read the contract and deal with relative prices.

4. Fasten connection with the those who you loved at the old place

Instead of the last day to say goodbye as usual, separately cute invite you to enjoy a coffee or a drink in the bar. This small gesture costs you nothing, but then will give you the opportunity to ask them about something — so about the same work! Let them know that you don’t want to lose contact, give them your address and ask them about the same. You can’t predict when this acquaintance again you need.

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