What to do at dinner with a lady?


Most dates meant dinner in a restaurant or café. This gives you the opportunity to not only spend time but also to show when meeting your manners and character. Offer to your attention a few tips on what is necessary, and that in any case can not be done at the dinner with the lady. If you follow these tips and make it right, guaranteed to produce for their darling good impression. If you do something from the banned list — on a new meeting with a girl you can forget it.

What to do?

In front of the lady open the door and get her a chair so she could comfortably sit at the table.

Put the napkin on your knees.

Instead of take a huge piece of bread, break off from him a small piece and gently RUB it with oil.

Think over in advance a list of interesting topics for conversation.

When you serve, always say to the waiter «thank you.»

Before you sit down at the table, grab a menu yourself, facilitating the work of the waiter. This will show that you respect people who work in services, no less than all the others.

Pay the entire bill as a whole, and so that you don’t have to discuss this delicate subject.

Leave a generous tip to the waiter. It says a lot about your character.

What not to do?

To wear during lunch headpiece. To remove it needs to be in the moment when you enter the establishment.

Chew with your mouth open.

To do the work of the waiter is difficult and unbearable with their queries.

And, of course, to watch other women.

It should also be remembered that many of the above rules apply to dinner at home.

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