What to do after leaving work

Leaving work, on the one hand, it is liberation from the shackles of routine, and with another — dive in the terrible vortex of the panic of the unknown. Scary when the future is uncertain, and in the pocket and the purse is worn tumbleweed. And then there are terrible rumors that the market remained normal vacancies. How can you not clink?

For this you need only to accept the situation. Quit your job, or did you — so do not just so, then it was only worse. No need to shed tears, we need to rejoice in the fact that there were a lot of free time. Do not rush to search intensively for a job, you must prepare yourself, and that’s the best you can do in a bleak season.

Use your time wisely

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2016_F3MX3tbL2N8y2Burned out on his previous hard work? So use this time to recharge the batteries. You just need to unplug and unwind, if you don’t want to go crazy. Try to avoid any mention of your previous job, you don’t need to wonder how are they now and what are their prospects, what they are doing and who took your place, because it is not ex-girlfriend. Why frustrated once again in these troubled times?

Better spend precious days to their real needs: more sleep, eat well, get some rest.

If you had to leave the labour nest for the reason that it simply closed, mind you, this rule still applies. Lighten up and remember, so better use this time to focus on yourself and find a direction that you really want to develop. Pretty hard to take a step forward if you do not know where is the selected road.

In the measure of volunteering

I agree, not all of this may be more appropriate, especially because the money is not paid. But if you’re somehow connected with volunteer organizations, I believe that pulled a win-win. Volunteering is a way to be in the thick of things, to be constantly in the process of communication and the center of attention. This is your chance to find someone who will help get the next job. In the end, voluntary actions will help to cool down and understand what you really want, so to speak, will allow you to compare than a boring job in an office with boss-a bastard is better a permanent stay in the cold at public events.

In the end, that is not free labor, teaches useful survival skills? And of course, a volunteer is not forever, it’s temporary occupation to bring yourself to any kind of mental norm.

Reading, reading and again reading

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2016_rP9b767ePDWefReading is the one thing that is not always enough time. Well, now the time came, let not the best way. Reading improves vocabulary, turning you on more cultural references and expands thinking. Very useful and not very expensive. The years go by, and it was like, and remains the best of all ways interesting and useful to spend their leisure time. And don’t forget, books are good advisers, better than any forums for losers, so speak to him. What? We will advise you, just remember that you can do not only if you were fired.

Replenishment of losses and lack of experience

I do not mean «leveling skills» for future work, there is plenty of time. We are that you have a lot to go to concerts or look at Museum exposition. Go swim in the middle of the day. To do what you love and what inspires you. Being unemployed is a chance to experience what your body works in a mode from 9 to 5, no time to.

In the first place would not hurt to talk to old friends that don’t have enough time. If the communication involves buying decaliters of vodka to see them, in principle, completely useless. But with family you can meet, parents do not require you to come not with empty hands. What to see them? Well, you give them a little time, it’s time to compensate. In addition, they can support you, both morally and financially. Or at least products.

By the way, there is nothing that lifts the spirits and gives strength as support others such as unemployed comrades. This does not mean that you should go and comfort the homeless, just do support people that flooded in the same way as you. And then the world and social norms strongly assure us that the unemployed man is absolutely useless. But unemployment is not a defect. Unwillingness to work — that’s a crime, and if the job just didn’t work out, then hurry to get your hopes up, you have plenty of time for hardening of character and meticulous preparation of the daily working routine.

And even if you dumped her, do not despair. People are always looking for the best conditions, at least, should. And that’s absolutely fine.

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