What to do about premature ejaculation


Are you tired of losing control of himself and the situation during sex? Your girlfriend must be tired, man! You have no idea what to do with this «I’m losing control and Oh, damn, not again!»? You feel like a real student, who had just gotten to the female body and already soiled pants? Well, okay, enough humiliation, man! In this article we will tell you how to cope with your body and specifically to the penis.

First tip: keep a positive attitude. When you have many times come too fast, each new sex you must begin with a sour mine and thought «Everything will be as before.» Don’t call trouble, man, think about the situation in a different way. So this time start with the utmost seriousness and concentration.

I must say that the situation can be serious. Perhaps you have erectile dysfunction you need treatment and a special approach to sex. The right choice for new sex positions, in which stimulation will not be as strong as you used to.

Foreplay can also be an important part of sexual relations and a great help you have sex. With a long foreplay you can learn to restrain themselves, if that’s not the problem. In the end, when was the last time you heard from women: «It is too long stroking me everywhere and kissing on the lips?» To be honest, I’ve heard that once, but only because the prelude is VERY much delayed. Fu to be so!

If you smoke, how he can’t finish, and it will not give. You will then separately to satisfy myself. Are you using your suitable hand, and she with the jets in the shower. A bit gruesome.

Work one-on-one

In this case, rather serious, you will need not only assistance, which can not hope. The only thing that will help you in this case — practice. In addition to practice, we highly recommend you… to masturbate! So, dude, you heard right, in order to properly satisfy a girl and to get pleasure from it, you need to learn how to pleasure yourself, alone. Try to extend your Masturbation session. Try to control your feeling. The strength of the muscles you can hold the urine stream in the toilet, so why do you think you can’t cope with sexual feelings? By the way, this simple exercise: it helps a lot in control over his senses. Keep the urine in the toilet forces of the genital muscles, and then let go.

Now we will tell you about the positions of sex that will help you quickly finish.


These positions reduce the effect on the penis friction. But that’s not enough, man, only an integrated lesson your Johnson can help you in this delicate matter. If they don’t help, talk to a specialist and do not be scared! It is important!

1. Missionary position


Old missionary position once again saves you from all the problems and sagging. Hell, she’s perfect for everything! This position, which was awarded the year prizes for «the Most unoriginal position» and «most popular» is the perfect solution for dudes who have problems with premature ejaculation. But here we must mention that it should be done in a certain order. First, you and your partner should lie on each other as close, don’t raise your hips and keep your feet girl, let the angle be sufficient for introduction of a penis in her womb of love. So the friction on your end will be as low as possible.

2. Girl on top

Also one important addition. The girl should not only be on top, she has to be both inside your feet. Hold her hips as she let him work. So she has control over his penis, but insufficient to make you come immediately. Basically, you can bend your knees a little, and Balk them, and the girl can sit on your hips. In order for the whole structure is not collapsed, rests in the hands of the bed, and the girl will take your hands behind your neck or put them to you and the shoulders.

3. Cowgirl

The positions on top of a lot of advantages for those who have problems with premature termination of sexual intercourse. You can be distracted by kisses and affectionate looks. The difference with this position is that the lady is up, but just lies on you, instead of having to climb over you. You slightly tilted to the side, one of your legs lying on the bed straight and the second slightly bent at the knee. Girl lying in the space between the two legs.

4. Polubokom

This position is perfect for morning sex, because she intended to sleepy creatures and pandas. Girl lying on her stomach, but the lower part of her body slightly turned sideways. You’re going back. This position is ideal for those who have bad control or for those who are just lazy ass.

General guidelines

Move slowly and do not rush things. Excessive stimulation will not bring you any good, so just stay in calm, slow, steady pace. She will be impressed by your ability to control yourself.

Obviously, these positions won’t work wonders, but they are certainly great for many bro’s and their girlfriends.

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