What to buy on AliExpress: 7 best products

What to buy on AliExpress: 7 best products

For winter pores can be treated differently. For some it’s a return to childhood, for someone — the days of sorrow. Someone did not pay attention to weather changes (poor freelancers). So, to brighten up these grey or black-and-white days, we have again dug deep into the bowels of crazy AliExpress to get something really good + cool + snow. Be sure that all of this legally and legitimately, and that many were scared when one boob put away for the purchase of a «bug» on you-Know-What Site.

The advantage of online stores is undeniable for many reasons, but most importantly, perhaps, cashback. A great option to return the money for purchase is Smarty Sale. It is cooperating with more than 600 stores, including AliExpress. So see our selection and shop with confidence.

1 Speedometer augmented reality

Unfortunately, he is not able to broadcast the message of Princess Leia to improve your tone («Igor, you’re my only hope!»), but perfectly able to acquaint with the performance of the car: speedometer, tachometer, fuel and other necessary things will be projected directly on the windshield, so you once again do not strain the muscles of the eyeball. However, Sunny day of use this thing will clearly be zero.

To buy speedometer discounted at 122 rubles →

2 Christmas kettle

Even if there is no green tree, a jug in the «green and fluffy» handmade makes a wonderful counterpart in this situation. A miniature cock and begs to return there even after the tea in the tank is over (okay, it’s more like a fetish). Remarkably, there are still at least funny Cup, so spending your winter holiday without this thing would be a clear disadvantage.

Buy kettle discount 153 ruble →

3 Dispenser wall mounted

Without this, winter will be obviously not as nice and snowy as before. Tea is all well and good, but if there is no alcohol, life at once is a bit dim. Even if you don’t have a mini bar, a similar setup would look good in the living room or kitchen. Moreover, it seems to us, better it will look in c-style loft. Any party worthy of such a thing, so if you like big companies, you know what to do.

Buy dispenser discount up to 80 rubles →

4 Portable burner

A very unusual thing, which combines a mini-grill and (judging by the photos) battery for your gadgets. It would be funny if the charge he received from energy, which secrete firewood burning in adjacent tanks. Warm up at this fire work is that a mug of tea, but the point of this burner is not so much practical, as in fanø vesterhavsbad, which created a small fire. This baby takes up very little space, but the heat have to give is enough to warm the hands.

To buy a burner with discount in 410 rubles →

5 Droid BB-8

Perhaps the one who saved the seventh episode of «Star wars» in the last New year. Before the next meeting with him exactly the same, and the humanoid robot with «Outcast» is very complicated to create, but do not worry — BB-8 sold since the premiere of the previous film. Unfortunately, its dimensions are slightly smaller to manage itself, he does not know how, and abilities in his resume just beeping and dance. But in terms of movement he is ready for these feats. If you don’t have someone with whom you can spend January holidays, best friend to find.

Buy the droid at a discount to 138 rubles →

6 Portable grinder

The dream of every coffee lover. It is not quite clear why a campaign to carry freshly ground coffee, but the possibility that right in the road you will get a fresh drink, pleasantly warms the soul. By the way, it’s a great expander, since pressing have to manually by pressing on a special lever on the side. You fall asleep coffee, pour boiling water and begin sifting it through the filter with the beans. What could be better than the aroma of a freshly made espresso? Definitely not coffee, preserved in the thermos for a few hours.

Buy a coffee grinder discount 247 rubles →

7 Snow scooter

If you’re going to a ski resort torn between snowboarding and skiing, then this thing will forever calm your inner conflict. Yes, this scooter in the winter version! With her, of course, also have to learn not to fall at the next bend, but you’ll be mega-cool look to this fixture.

Buy scooter discount in the 125 rouble →

And that you didn’t spend all money in pursuit of a winter mood, it would be better to take care of the so-called «cashback» is the sort of thing created for online stores. The service receives a Commission for purchase, of which gives you. When active shopping accumulate a considerable sum. Cashback does not reduce the amount, but only returns the money, so do not confuse. To get money you need to register and go to the store through the service or plugin. Anyway, this possibility works well on Smarty Sale — this service specifically for such cases was created. Each store has a payment term of cashback, the average is 30 days. And you can withdraw money in any convenient way (Bank card, e-wallets, a mobile phone). Pursuit of new stuff om should not overshadow the thought of losing half of the salary so that everything is in your hands!

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